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7 years ago

Hi there,

Unfortunately, these icons are used for the design of the theme and there is no way to store them in the database. What is more, it is not even close to recommended, because it will take way too long to load them and display them when a page is opened. This is the same with every theme. When a new version is released, the new theme should be used.
One way I see you can avoid copying these icons every time, is to add them on your root folder of your domain for example and then in the "Custom Head Styles", you should add the css for referencing them via url. This will work in case that when upgrading your store, you do now delete the entire root folder with all files.
The other way is to convert the icons to base 64 format and add the css for using them in the "Custom Head Styles" textbox of the theme. Thus on each upgrade the custom head styles content will remain and the icons too.

Hope that helps.

dwright71 wrote:
I should imagine most implementations would be using custom colors instead of the six presets available to choose from.  However, when using custom colors, we get 354 lines of CSS rendered in the head for every page request meaning there's no caching or bundling support available which is a significant limitation.

I've tried to copy the generated css and place it in a file of its own but there's no way of preventing the custom css from still being generated.

I would appreciate any help in resolving this issue or perhaps it might be possible to add the option of disabling css generation in a future release.

Hi dwright71,

I understand that it is not a recommended way of adding css, but we have implemented it in that way because of the multi-store support. We wanted to avoid generating a css file for each store in case of a multi-store scenario and that is way we have done it that way. You can get rid of the generated css by choosing the default color scheme (the first option in the administration) and save it. Then no additional css will be generated. You will just need to use your custom css file with your colors.

Note: you should check that you have the following settings present:

name: PavilionThemeSettings.DefaultPreset
value: f74258, 00a1b1

If it is missing, just add it from All Settings admin menu, clear your cache and then save the first default color scheme from the administration of the theme.

simonyan wrote:
thank you Stefan for you reply.

According to my last comment, I mean "Countdown time" not shown in the product box of "Features Products" of the main page with the themes ALFRESCO, ALICANTE, Beaty, Fashion, Jewlery, LightHouse, Naïve, NeoFashion, Playground, Uptown.

I am sorry to mention different issue in the same post.

I already create seperate forum post for that. you can consider this topic closed


Hi Simon,

Thanks for the info. I have replied to your post here. As I mentioned, we identified the issue and will be fixed soon.

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the feedback. We have identified what the issue is and it will be fixed in a day or two. I will let you know once it is done so that you can merge the fix.

Thanks again.

7 years ago

cooperchen wrote:

I have a problem about add all product category to mega menu, I try to limit product sub-categories with 2 for good PC browse view, but number 2 of sub-categories also limit mobile sidebar view in only 2 categories can see, it was unreasonable.

Hi cooperchen,

Thank you for the feedback. It looks like an issue that we will be fixed soon. On mobile you should see the same set of categories as on desktop.

We will let you know once this is fixed.

7 years ago

Hi Marko,

Sorry for the late reply.

Would it be possible to let us know what language is used on this website so that we can check whether the font used in the Nop Traction Theme supports that language. If not we can tell you how to replace it with a font that supports the particular language. As you know every font has support for several languages and it can always turns out that a given language is not supported.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi Simon,

I have explained the situation in this forum post.


Hi Simon,

The reason why you are experiencing these issues is because of the fact that the Smart Product Collections plugin is included only in the Nop Pavilion Theme. Thus it is styled for this theme only except the Default Clean one. Please note that plugins that are not part of a theme may not be designed and styled for that theme. As we have 24 themes and more than 25 plugins, it is really hard to have all plugins styled for all themes. So that is why plugins not included in a theme are designed and styled upon customer requests.

Would it be possible to submit a ticket and let us know if you intend to use the Nop Smart Collections plugin in any theme different than the Nop Pavilion Theme and Default Clean.

Thanks for your cooperation.

7 years ago

coco.m wrote:
We turned the feature on for you, check the demo again:


After buying 1 license of a theme, can I install it both on the live server and on a test server. The test version could be even localhost, or a subdomain of the live site.

Thank you !

Hi again,

Yes, you can purchase a single domain license and when placing the order just write the live domain on which you are going to host your site. The theme can be used on a dev site or even localhost without any issues.

Please let me know if you need any further information.

7 years ago

Paul_FL wrote:
Thanks for the update Stefan. All seems to be working again with the demo. Great job updating the themes to 3.8 so quickly.


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the kind words. We always try to deliver the best products in a timely manner.

Should you need any further information, please let us know.