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9 years ago


Wouldn't it work if you set your default page size to a bigger number - so that all products get returned instead of just 12. Would it be possible to let us know how would you exactly want to customize it.

Looking forward to your reply!

9 years ago

optimido wrote:

Wonder if you could give me a quick pointer in the right direction. I have Ajax Cart installed and it works fine adding to cart in the ProductBox view, but doesn't in the ProductDetail view, can you see why?



Hi optimido,

As the markup differs from the default nopComemrce markup, you need to configure the Nop Ajax Cart selector settings according to your markup. In your case open the admin -> plugins -> nop ajax cart -> settings page and under the Ajax cart selector settings change the value as shown below:

Product page "Add To Cart" button selector: button.add-to-cart-button

Hope that helps!

9 years ago

jburke wrote:
I would like to utilize ColumnsThree on my site but it appears that the right column is not defined in _ColumnsThree.cshtml in the Smart theme it is instead 2 columns. I attempted to add it myself to no avail. Can the column be added back fairly easily? If so, please let me know how this can be achieved! Thanks!

Hi Joshua,

The Nop Smart Theme is two columns by design. That is why we have changed the _ColumnsThree to be two columns so that we do not have to change all pages that use _ColumnsThree to use _TwoColumns. If you wish you can create _ThreeColumnsReal.cshtml view (copy the View/Shared/_ColumnsThree.cshtml to Themes/Smart/Views/Shared/_ColumnsThreeReal.cshtml)and use it as a layout page for the page you want to be three columns,but you should have in mind that you will have to adjust the theme to three columns as it is not intended to be three columns by design.

Hope that helps!

Best Regards!

9 years ago

rentio wrote:

I am customizing the Nitro theme and i want to add a logo to sticky menu when we scroll down and as i see i need to change the "SevenSpikesExtensions.js" to add some javascript but the problem is there is only minified version available with the theme no "modified" version there so editing is little bit difficult.

so can you guys provide full version for that same or instruction to do this like guys.


Hi Rentio,

The Nop Nitro theme has a functionality for sticky navigation. Just add the following in the Themes/Nitro/Content/css/980.css file:

.header-menu.stick {
position: fixed;
top: 0;
width: 100%;
z-index: 10000;

You can very easily make the logo in the menu - just move the .header-logo element to be inside the .header-menu and the logo will be placed in the div with the menu, which sticks.

However if you need to write some js, you can do this in the Themes/Nitro/Content/scripts/nitro.js file, without changing the existing js there.

Hope that helps!

Please let us know if you need any further help!

Best Regards!

9 years ago

deselt wrote:
Ajax filter is enabled but not working. I try reinstate couple time but did not help.
I also see some css issue with paging on search page and blog page
please try type SKULL on search page

Hi deselt,

Thank you for your feedback with the pagers. We have fixed that issue and uploaded on our site. In order to fix it just download the theme again from your My Downloads section and replace the following files with the ones from the downloaded package:


As I see you have made css modifications, so I will not make you use the latest css from the downloaded package, but just add the following class to your admin -> plugins -> nop jewelry theme -> settings -> custom head styles textbox

.blog-page .pager {margin-top:-2px;}

Hope that helps!

Please let us know if you find any other issues!

Best Regards!

9 years ago


We have replied to you in our ticketing system.

Best Regards!

9 years ago

vaheyev wrote:
Hello there,

I am using nopcommerce 3.30. I want to add an accordion style of the same style of the ArtFactory theme in the FAQ page, but I couldn't. I've tried to change the "Source" of the text but it was not successful. Is there anyone who can help me in this issue?


Hi Vahe,

We have already answered you via email, but I will post the reply here so that other customerscan benefit from it too.

You can use the accordion tabs for your FAQ section and achieve a similar styling as the Nop Quick Tabs. You can add the following in your admin -> plugins -> nop artfactory theme -> settings -> custom head styles textbox

.topic-page .ui-accordion h3 span:last-child{
color: #fff; background: url(../img/bg-block-title-top.png) no-repeat center top,url(../img/bg-block-title-bottom.png) no-repeat center bottom; font-size: 24px;

.topic-page .ui-accordion h3 {
background-color: #8bc8ca !important;
padding: 10px 6px !important;

Best Regards!