Client Reviews

  • Clients - Gardavita

    uses Nop Allure Theme
    After working many years in E-Commerce development; I have tried and tested more templates than I care to remember (when on time sensitive projects, always a good idea to spend a little to get a head start.) I have to admit that templates have come a long way (both ASP and PHP) especially in relation to responsive design, admin and config. I cannot express how delightful an experience it has been to deal with Nop-Templates on two fronts.
    Firstly, their customer service is exemplary - I had numerous questions, and they respond with concise accurate answers in a timely fashion - rest assured they not only stand behind their product once purchased, but too are there before you become a customer to ensure you are getting what you are looking for.
    Secondly, the quality of their product and ease of implementation, use and configuration was astounding. Once installed, everything was intuitive and I do not believe I have had once a reason to research how to do something - it is simply there in the admin area to test on and off, and set to your requirements. In the past, I have dealt with companies and products that once you have bought and installed leave you perplexed with the thought of where to go next... This is so not the case with Nop-Templates.
    If you are in need to a template for nopCommerce, do not hesitate in trying out. Yes, their products are paid, not free. BUT, you get MORE than what you pay for, and in today's world, that kind of value is hard to find. I highly recommend. And yes, this is a glowing review for a reason; I truly have faith and satisfaction with the product we have purchased.

    Thank you, Nop-Templates!
    Jason Burke, DRM Resources / Alpha Health Research
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  • Clients - usnautic

    uses Nop Alfresco Theme
    Hi Nop-Templates,
    When I started my E-Commerce, I wrote down my objectives. I wanted a good and complete ecommerce solution at the best price as possible. After looking at a lot of products, my choice went to on nopCommerce. Before I find your Alfresco template, I started to try to create my own theme. It has been very difficult and I wasn't able to do the design I was looking forward. Then one day, I find you guys. When I saw the electronics template, I already knew it was exactly what I was looking forward. It was more expensive that the other NopCommerce Templates available on the market, but your template was so closed to my design objective; I decided that it should worth it.
    I was looking for a pure design something different that all the E-Commerce sites I was visiting. Your template was exactly what I needed. From there, I've been able to easily customize it for my business. You give me the framework to succeed. I have so many good comments about my web site.
    Then, I discovered your service. I was already very happy about the Theme; I had all the options I was looking forward, the design, the stability and you even had on the top a 5 Stars service. As you know, nothing is worst in IT than someone who thinks that knows what he is doing. So that's me. You took me and my web site under your arms and you applied all the corrections required, answer all my bizarre questions, answer questions that wasn't directly in relation with your products like a real business partner.
    To end with, you have a super service team and so far you are my best business decision. I hope you'll be with us for a long time and I wish you all the success for the future. Don't lose your soul, you have a winning receipt. My French writing is much better than my English and I hope I've been able to transmit my message. You are looking for great service, fantastic products and Add-On, don't hesitate a minute you are at the right place, Nop-Templates is the place.

    Best regards and good success!
    Yves Lechasseur
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  • Clients - lovekidsbooks

    uses Nop Motion Theme
    We have been working for a number of years on a number of different ecommerce systems before coming across nopCommerce. What compliments the product perfectly is the products and work done by the team. Their products are excellent, well thought out and robust with zero bugs, as well as being incredible value for money.
    One of the main reasons for choosing nopCommerce for our next project was that all the features we felt we're missing were available through nop-templates. We currently use the Nop Motion Theme which is clean and easily customizable. We use all the nop-templates plugins on our website. We are especially impressed with the Nop Ajax Filters, which we feel has greatly increased our conversion rate and our overall ecommerce revenue.
    We highly recommend their nopCommerce plugins, if you have nopCommerce it's the best investment you can make. Well done to the team. Keep up the good work. We look forward to your next offering.

    Declan Feely
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  • Clients - winerack

    uses Nop Ajax Filters, Nop Anywhere Sliders, Nop Ajax Cart and a custom Discount nopCommerce Plugin.
    As a web development agency we've always used .NET so NOP Commerce was the logical choice for our shopping cart platform. Although nopCommerce offers quite a lot of features out of the box, we were quick to realise that we needed to invest in some robust nopCommerce plugins. After researching the market we found NOP-Templates to offer the best solutions for us – both with their diverse product range and competitive pricing structure.
    Our development team have found their nopCommerce plugins intuitive to use and install. With a knowledgeable tech support team to boot, NOP-Templates are the best investment any business could make for NOP-Commerce.

    Stella Odysseos, Managing Director SO-Design Consultancy Limited, UK
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  • Clients - bjbarns

    uses Nop Fashion Theme
    You can tell the difference between a half baked and a finished user interface. The plugins for the admin configurations in their product are very easy to use and well thought out.
    You need to go to their site and check out the theme roller, it is very slick, and very simple. I love it. I was frustrated using windiff for changes I made in my theme? Huge time saver. I already saved time in my nopCommerce upgrade to 3.2. Plus it's a pleasure to use theme roller, it's actually even fun!
    Features galore! I got so much with the theme, I was really surprised. I use Mega Menu, banners, Cloud zoon, anywhere slider.... too many to list.
    We tested the Nop Mega Menu with a 170 subcategories spread across 4 main title categories with two child categories under each of the 4 main menu title categories with about 6000 products. The bulk of weight being under one family tree, just make sure we kicked it hard enough. We had no performance issues with the menu. But, a foot note, we did not run stats, just as user sitting at the terminal we saw no need to balk, and elaborate on testing. We just finished reviewing the product in the nopCommerce multi-store mode. We beat it up pretty good to ensure features can be turned on and off for various stores. We had no issues and are pleased; we will be using the product in multiple stores in nopCommerce multi-store mode going live next year.
    Very happy with the product(s) and the support has been excellent. Great products at a great value!

    Jeff Hart, BJBarns LLC
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  • Clients - emigem

    uses Nop Fashion Theme with extensive design customizations
    I looked for over a year and went through six web developers until I finally found a company that could create the template which suited our business. NOP is a great backend for an ecommerce site but the standard templates didn't match our business needs. Boyko, Stefan and the team did a fantastic job creating a custom template...they stood by their word and are extremely professional and pleasant to work with. They delivered everything on time (very uncharacteristic for the IT world).
    Their array of plugins totally changed the site functionality. Every feature I asked for was implemented with next to zero bugs. I'm continuing to use their services on an ongoing basis and would recommend them to anyone considering NOP.

    Richard Lewis
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  • Clients - towelradiator

    uses Nop Electronics Theme
    I have been running an ecommerce site since 2004 and only in 2013 we have decided to update the platform. I have first found nopCommerce then found nop-templates. I cannot stress enough how helpful these guys were at Nop-Templates even before my purchase. I knew nothing about MVC but by using the css files, I was able to modify the theme look easily. It also has quite a few good plugins and Filtering is one of my favourite.
    The only downside.... since we got the Electronics Theme, they now have more themes available some of which looks great. We will carry on using the Nop Electronics Theme for a while and perhaps get a new one down the line. Thank you again to all at Nop-Templates, and also a big thank you to all at nopcommerce.

    Vinnie Ozer, Pyramid UK Trading Ltd
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  • Clients - iowish

    uses Nop Smart Theme
    I want to thank you and your team for the fantastic products and customer service you provide! I started looking for a new shopping cart system about 2 years ago and saw enormous potential in the nopCommerce platform with its rich feature set, vibrant developer community and its vision for future releases.
    I still needed a well-tuned, clean and user-friendly theme for my site, as well as solid feature plugins to help drive user-interaction and re-circulation through the site and my search led me to Nop-Templates, where I found everything I was looking for and features I could never have imagined on my own that are proving extremely important to my customers and my business. I'm a fan for life!

    Matt Brummett
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  • Clients - mpdirect

    uses Nop Electronics Theme
    When designing MPDirect we came across NOP-Templates and really liked one of the designs with some small amendments. The help we received from Boyko was outstanding and nothing I asked for was too much trouble, we installed other plug-ins including the tabs on product details to maximize the potential and ended up with something we are delighted with at incredible price. I would recommend NOP Templates to anyone looking for quality, service and value.

    Paul Sandison, MPDirect UK
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  • Clients - bestelkantlers

    uses Nop Ultimate Plugin Collection
    NopTemplates has been a pleasure to work with. They have excellent customer service and fast response times for most questions or alterations of their code. We purchased the bundle and have had no problems with upgrades or request for new functions. They have listened to our suggestions and implemented most of them in a relatively fast amount of time. These are great tools to extend the base nopCommerce platform. Well done!

    Justin Morris
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  • Clients - seraphita

    uses Nop Ajax Filters
    As NopCommerce integrators we used Nop Ajax Filters successfully. Service and tech support are wonderful, and integration was easy. Best of all is the online support offered.

    Mario Revuelta
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