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bigtopmultimedia wrote:
Is it possible to specify an existing image for the anywhere slider, either by browsing a gui or entering a text path?

Hi bigtopmultimedia,

Unfortunately, the only way to add images is to upload them via the administration. I think your suggestion is a nice one, so you can propose it in our User Voice Portal.

Thanks in advance.

7 years ago

embryo wrote:

My client wants to renew his theme license so I can download the newest version.

An employee of my client originally purchased the Electronic theme about 2 years ago using his email address. He no longer works for my client and his email is no longer valid.

The domain that is registered to use the theme and plugins is:

How can I obtain the login info? What must I do? Can you send the password reset link to another email on this same domain?


Hi embryo,

Would you mind sending an email to our sales [at] account in order to resolve the issue.


7 years ago

kwestground wrote:
Id is missing in StockAvailability span resulting in no update when using Attribute combinations.


@if (!String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(Model.StockAvailability))
     <div class="stock">
-        <span class="label">@T("Products.Availability"): </span><span class="value">@Model.StockAvailability</span>
+        <span class="label">@T("Products.Availability"): </span><span class="value" id="stock-availability-value[email protected]">@Model.StockAvailability</span>


Thank you very much for the feedback. The id is indeed missing. We will double check for other missing ids and will fix it a.s.a.p.

Thanks again.

7 years ago

deselt wrote:
We using this extension with  Pavilion theme and when you try share blog post on Pinterest it getting error. it looks like post only end of url without the domain name.

Parameter 'source_url' (value /7-woman-best-biker-rings-that-will-make-you-indulge-biker-wear) is not a valid URL format.

Hi deselt,

Thank you for your feedback. We have fixed the issue and uploaded it on our site. You can download the Nop Rich Blog plugin again and replace its folder on your store with the one just downloaded. We have fixed the issue for version 3.80. Please let me know if you are using an older version in order to merge the fix in that version as well.

Thanks again.

7 years ago

Hi Domenico,

I think in your case will be easier just to include the store id to the locale resource name, so that you can have different locales for each store. The disadvantage for this will be that there will be no default setting and you will have to add these locale resources for every store. But I think that this was what you needed.
Soin order to achieve this just open the Themes/Motion/Views/Common/Footer.cshtml file and edit it as shown below:

<ul class="footer-menu">
   <li class="phone">@T("SevenSpikes.Themes.Motion.Common.Phone" + storeId)</li>
   <li class="mobile">@T("SevenSpikes.Themes.Motion.Common.Mobile" + storeId)</li>
   <li class="email">@T("SevenSpikes.Themes.Motion.Common.EmailName" + storeId)@T("SevenSpikes.Themes.Motion.Common.EmailAt" + storeId)@T("SevenSpikes.Themes.Motion.Common.EmailDomain" + storeId)</li>
   <li class="skype">@T("SevenSpikes.Themes.Motion.Common.Skype" + storeId)</li>

So you will then need to go to your Language and add the following resources depending on the store id. They will look like:


Please let me know if that will work for you or need any further help or information.

simonyan wrote:
Hi Stefan,

we downloaded the plugin again and checked it with all themes. It looks it still not work with thems "Beauty" and "Nattive".

Could you please check?

Best Regards,


Hi Simon,

Thanks for the reply.

Would it be possible to give us some more information on which products the sales campaigns are not visible. You should not that in the Nop Native Theme, the products that are displayed in the footer will not have the countdown timer displayed, as they are not intended to have any functionality like quick view button, add to cart button, countdown timer, etc. The timer will still be displayed on these products pages and also for the products in the home page grid.
When it comes to the Nop Beauty Theme, you can see that the featured products have some custom design in circles which makes it harder to add a countdown timer in these boxes. That is why we have decided not to render any buttons and additional information like sales campaigns in order not to spoil the featured products design.

Hope that helps.

Please let me know if this is the case.

Hi Iva,

This issue had been fixed and uploaded on our site. If you are running an older 3.80 version of the plugin, you will need to download it again from your My Downloads section and replace the plugin folder in your nopCommerce website with the newly downloaded.

Please let me know if the issue still exists after the update.

simonyan wrote:
Hi there,

We installed the clean nopcommerce 3.7 with "Seven Spikes Core","Nop Sales Campaigns" and your themes ALFRESCO, ALICANTE, Beaty, Fashion, Jewlery, LightHouse, Naïve, NeoFashion, Playground, Uptown.

"Countdown time" not shown in the product box of "Features Products" of the main page.

Did I miss some configuration? please let me know if you want us to raise a ticket.


best regards,


Hi Simon,

I ma glad to let you know that we have fixed the Nop Sales Campaigns display in all our themes. So will need to download the plugin again and use it in any theme.


7 years ago

Hi Domenico,

You are right that locale resources cannot be used in a multi store scenario while settings cannot be used in a multi language scenario. So that is why we have decided to use locale resources. Unfortunately, nopCommerce misses locale resources per store. So if you can let me know what is the case with your setup I can either let you know how to transform the locale resources into settings or can think of another solution depending on your configuration.

Hope that helps.

7 years ago

Hi Manon,

Unfortunately, there is no way to use some kind of tokens in the topic pages as they are plain HTML. But you can use the "/" symbol for a store URL. So instead of you can just write /standard-plan and it should work. But what is more interesting is that you need to change the links after an upgrade - how the links are changed after an upgrade. They seem to have nothing in common.

Hope that helps.