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7 years ago

Paul_FL wrote:

When I click the below link to view the Brooklyn Demo it sends me to a "Page Not Found" . Yesterday it was allowing me to choose from 2 different "sets" but something seems to have broken. Just thought i'd alert you all to it. Thanks!

Hi Paul,

Sorry for the inconvenience. We are currently upgrading all our demos to the latest nopCommerce version 3.80 and there might be some delay until all the demos are fully functional, but it should not take us more than an hour.

Thanks for the feedback.

7 years ago

nopadmin wrote:
Hi, just a general question here.  I have a client whose manager selected the shop all theme to be applied to the project when the project first got started.  The project has many view files and such in the shop all theme that have been modified to provide custom functionality.  However, the manager has been let go and the company owner would rather use another theme.  

How complex would this task be?  Do many of your themes roughly share the same set of view files and the look and feel are changed primarily in the css files?  Would it work to get the new theme and replace the shop all css files with the new theme css files?  I understand it may not be a perfect drag and drop replacement but it seems like it would have to be easier than putting in all the custom functionality into the new theme's view files.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Hi Shawn,

Although it may look like a simple drag and drop, but each theme and especially the latest ones use fairly a different structure for the layout pages, header and footer. So most of the partial views and small pages will be the same across all themes, but again you will need to adjust the css to follow the new structure and the javascript that comes with each theme, which I think will be quite hard and time-consuming.
My suggestion is to choose another theme and merge your custom changes in the new theme. This sounds more like a copy and paste, because the custom functionality will be the same, but just put in a different theme. Thus you will move to the new theme very easily and without any issues.

Hope that makes sense.

Should you need any further information, please let me know.

7 years ago

kennyorr wrote:
I am displaying 12 products per page (3 rows of 4) on the category listing. On scrolling down to page controls when I advance to the next page cursor position is maintained at the bottom. My client would like it to return to the top and I have tried inserting javascript to do this. It appears after returning to the top, the theme is automatically returning to the bottom of the page. What is the best way to achieve this? Thanks

Hi Kennyorr,

If you are using the Nop Ajax Filters plugin, there is a setting in the administration of the filters called "Scroll To Element On The Page After Filtration (Desktop)" - you need to check it so that when the new page is loaded via ajax you are scrolled to the first products on the page.

Please let me know if this fixes your issue.

7 years ago


Yes this applies to all our products. So they will be released very soon.

Thanks for your kind words.

7 years ago

soheila2014 wrote:
I created a slider for each of the categories in pavilion theme (by Nop Anywhere Sliders), but when hover next to the subcategories, pictures (categories and banner) not showing up on banner.
All of settings is ok. For example widget zones are set on: mega_menu_categories_before_dropdown_end_1, mega_menu_categories_before_dropdown_end_2, ....

the megamenusettings.numberofcategoriesperrow setting is set on the value of 3.
What is the problem?

Hi again,

The configuration you have provided looks correct. Would it be possible to double check the following:

1. The Nop Anywhere Sliders plugin is enabled as a widget.
2. The Mega Menu Category setting "Show categories in a single item" is not checked.
3. When adding the pictures to the sliders, they are marked as "visible".

If any of the above does not fix the issue, please provide a URL to your store and optionally an admin credentials in order to see what might be wrong.

7 years ago

Hi soheila2014,

It looks like you are using an older version of the SevenSpikes.Core plugin. Would it be possible to update both plugins SevenSpikes.Core and SevenSpikes.Theme.Pavilion to their latest versions by downloading them from your My Downloads section and replace your plugins with the newly downloaded. After that just restart the application from your administration and the issue should go away.

Note: always update the SevenSpikes.Core plugin when you update any other SevenSpikes.* plugin.

7 years ago

Paul_FL wrote:

We just launched a new website built on the pavillion theme and have come across an IE11 related bug when we enable the "CSS Bundling and Minification" setting in admin. What happens is the category names are shown in the top "banner" area instead of being hidden until clicking on "all categories" to reveal the menu. This only happens on category pages.  Has anyone else had this issue when the CSS bundling setting is enabled? Thank you for the input.  

Hi Paul,

It looks like you are using an older version of the Nop Ajax Filters which had a typo in its css that was making the CSS bundling break in IE 11. In order to fix your issue please download the theme package again from your My Downloads section and replace the Nop Ajax Filters plugin with the one from the theme package. This should fix the issue.

Please let me know how it goes.

7 years ago

Hi izivanovic,

Thank you for your feedback. The issue occurs because the Nop Ajax Cart plugin is disabled. We will fix that and will let you know once it is ready.
In the meantime you can enable the Nop Ajax Cart plugin which will fix the issue and the Details button will be displayed where it should be.

Thanks again.

StephDep wrote:
I'm testing the plugin as trial with a basic nop installation.
I'm unable to switch off (as we don't use it) the Gift wrapping option.
Currently users are forced to choose the yes (+10 €) option to be able to proceed.

Is it influenced by the Show Gift card box setting ?
What can I do to get rid of it ?

PS: Would be nice to be able to attach/upload images to a post, and have the most recent posts appear first (same sort order as the topics )

Hi there,

You can remove the Checkout Attribute from admin -> catalog -> attributes -> checkout attributes. When you delete it from there it will disappear on the Checkout page as well.

Hope that helps.

7 years ago

sapphire wrote:
Is it possible to add some custom CSS to the image slider found on the main page?
I've started creating a new site and instead of embedding the text "CONTEMPORARY" and "Sleek lines and sizeable windows....." into the image i would like to add it via CSS so it looks cleaner when viewing on a large screen.

Hi saphire,

One thing you can try is add the required HTML as a Title of the image. When adding a new image you have a Rich Text Editor for the title, where if you switch to Tools -> Source Code you can enter any HTML. So just enter your content with some css class. Then you can easily add your own custom css in the admin -> plugins -> 7spikes themes -> nop uptown theme -> settings -> custom head styles.

Hope that helps.