3 years ago
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Thank you for your reply,

I downloaded a fresh 4.0 Emporium and extracted just the Anywhere Slider plugin.

I saw your warning about if hosted on Azure there not to follow that documentation.

I then instead made a back up of the Anywhere Slider I am using on my website and then overwrote the plugin folder with my new fresh downloaded plugin.

I restarted the application but it did not seem to make a difference, is there something I am doing wrong?

3 months ago
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When the Preload First Image option is selected in Settings, the first slider is rendered as a <picture> tag with  media query for mobile sized browsers. The other sliders are rendered as <img> tags. However, the <picture> tag doesnt seem to work, and just displays the default <img> tag. This means my mobile size image in the slider never gets shown