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24 days ago

That's the settings. It's the "HTML minification" we are talking about.
Don't forget that after you disable it and click "Save", you also have to restart the application from the admin, otherwise the change will not apply.

25 days ago

"There is no </head>, </body> or </html> tag if you view the source on or"

That's a false alert from the browser inspector due to source code minification - the html markup is minified on the Avenue demos.

I can't tell why nopCommerce minification behaves like that in browser inspectors but that has nothing to do with the theme, it's in the framework (nopCommerce) which we don't have control over. If you inspect the nopCommerce demo you will see exactly the same thing (unclosed html, head and body tags). In fact you will see the same on every nopCommerce-based website that has minification enabled. But anyway, with or without HTML minification, the <html> &<head> & <body> tags validate normally.

"Compare Avenue and Voyage demos"

You see a difference only because Avenue has HTML minification enabled, and Voyage has it disabled. If they both have it enabled you will see no difference, and if they both have it disabled you will see no difference either.

26 days ago

Hello JRon.

As you can see on the demo, the <head> tag is closing properly.
If it doesn't close properly on your site, you have to check any modifications you have made and find out what's wrong.

4 months ago

flimflap, yes, you are right, thanks for reporting it. It is now fixed, so you can update your theme (version 4.5 only), or you can change it manually in your Footer template file if you prefer (Themes\Emporium\Views\Shared\Components\Footer\Default.cshtml)

9 months ago

Hello janurva.
Unfortunately we were not able to reproduce your issue.
I tested various products with Tier Price enabled in Pacific 4.4 and they work as expected - I can add them to the cart from anywhere, including from carousels on Home Page.
If you are still having that issue please start a support ticket and provide us with admin access to your site so we can log in and inspect what's going on.

one year ago

cebina wrote:

i add a X category + a subcategory for X>X1 and X>X1>X2>X3 here subcategory "X3" cant show!!!
i tested it with Default Theme work and Show.

Hello Cebina.

You can't have more than 2 levels of subcategories in Pavilion theme's category menu.
Typically, there are two different templates for menu items in the Mega Menu plugin - "List", and "With Pictures". "With Pictures" template will render only 2 levels of subcategories, and the "List" template will render unlimited level of subcategories (all will be rendered).

However, in Pavilion theme the "List" template is not available (the "List" setting is available in the administration, as it is a shared setting for all themes, but even if selected it will not activate for Pavilion theme). So the maximum level of subcategories in Pavilion is 2 levels.

This is theme specific, and is explained in the theme documentation.


one year ago

manager wrote:
Why is the forum design so bad? Your site design is great, but our site design sucks? We paid and bought the theme. I hope the forum design can be improved.


The nopCommerce "forum" functionality is not available for Pacific theme. The theme is released without a forum. Eventually we may add it in some of the future versions of the theme.

one year ago

Hello xiahrj.

Avenue theme is not using images for icons, they are implemented as vector shapes coming from a font file.
You can't edit the font file, but if you are familiar with CSS you can override the default code for that specific icon and refer some new image icon that you can put into the theme "img" folder.

2 years ago wrote:
if my product have a lot of picture images, there is no carousel displayed, and the images are all displayed, so the look is not ok?

The thumbnail carousel on product details pages is available as a part of the Cloud Zoom plugin. However the Cloud Zoom in Avenue theme can be used only when the Product Pages Layout is set to "Standard Gallery" in the theme settings. If you are using the "Extended Gallery" layout, the Cloud Zoom will not be integrated to the site.


Ok, I checked on your website.
You can try to add this code (put it either into the main css file, or into the custom head styles panel in your theme administration):

.item-box {
  z-index: 0;

This should fix your current issue but it may (or may not) trigger some other problem. You have to test it throughout the entire site.