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one month ago

The Rich Blog sprite has a Facebook icon but doesn't have YouTube icon. Take a look yourself, if you own the theme you have that sprite in your Rich Blog files. If you don't own the theme you can check in on the Element demo.

one month ago

Hello chrisod.

No, but there is a sprite that has both Twitter and LinkedIn icons, it's in the Rich Blog plugin for Element theme.
Also please note that Twitter icons update (replacing them as X) is not coming for current versions of our products, it's coming for version 4.7 that will be released in April.

2 months ago

Hello tonysar.

In order to work properly, Anywhere Sliders plugin is forcing a 100% width for all images, relatively to the available space for the slider container. This means that if you upload images with smaller dimensions they will be scaled up to fill the available space. Eventually you can change the default behavior by adding extra css code, but the slider may not work properly. You have to test it on your own. If you only change the size of the slider container without changing anything else, then the slider should work normally.

3 months ago

Correct, this is a part of the Ajax Cart plugin, not Quick View.

3 months ago

Seems like a problem with your setup. Unfortunately I can't tell more until we are able to inspect your site and setup. Please start a support ticket and provide us with login credentials there once you bring the site online.

3 months ago


It seems like there is some sort of problem at your end. Do you follow the requirement to not have blank spaces in file names for slider images? Such images are known to break the "Mobile Picture" functionality. If you have some, remove them from the AS administration and reupload them with correct file names (use a dash or underscore instead of blank spaces).

3 months ago


It has been fixed in version 4.6, and it is not "number of slides" related.
You need to add this code into your AS css file:

.anywhere-slider img[data-lazy] {
    max-height: 1px;

3 months ago

Not really, the only available functionality is the classname "disabled" for combinations that are out of stock. This is useful for color squares for example where you can add some "not available" icon through it by using CSS, but not really helpful if your attributes are dropdown lists, etc.

3 months ago

You have to edit the Product Page template files for single and grouped products.
For Venture theme the files are here: Themes\Venture\Views\Product\

Just copy the line of code for some existing widget zone to your desired location in the file, and then change its name with the name of your new widget.