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Hello JustinE.

Actually the link above is leading to a ticket in which we say we need more information, admin setup examples etc. As we are not sure what the problem mentioned is.

However the previous user never responded, so we didn't investigate the issue any further. Please start a support ticket on your own and provide us with enough information and specific examples.


one month ago

Hello Oddin.

Currently there is no such functionality, it's just an image.
To add some action to it, like hyperlink or call, you have to modify the source code.


Cardiopets wrote:
I have added square images to the mobile version on the anywhere slider but it is still only showing a small version of the desktop image (I am using the avenue theme)

Hi, the problem was specific for Avenue theme. It is now fixed and deployed online so you can download your Anywhere Sliders plugin again. The file you have to replace is NivoSlider.cshtml for Avenue theme only, or just replace the entire plugin folder. You may need to restart the site (application) after that.

2 months ago

fazarmnia wrote:
Hi everyone I work with nopCommerce version 4.10 with nop-Template Poppy theme. I need to add address and phone number in the home page footer but every change I made in /nopCommerce/Themes/Poppy/Views/Shared/Components/Footer/Default.cshtml doesn't take affect!?

Does anyone know the reason?


Hello fazarmnia,

did you read my answer to your post on the nopCommerce forum about that?
Did you check if the new html is present in the browser and the missing text is a css problem ("font-size: 0")?
If you did, but still have troubles with your new text in the footer, then something is preventing your markup to be refreshed, like server cache, etc. As I said, you are doing your changes in the correct file.


Hello sksoni,

as I answered to you on the nopCommerce forum, the jCarousel.css is the right file you need to edit. In case you have multiple themes installed, make sure that you are editing the correct jCarousel.css for the theme you are using (there will be more than one jCarousel.css files in your plugin directory). Also clear your browser cache after doing any changes.

If you still experience some problems and have a valid license, you can start a support ticket.

2 months ago

aesmitty23 wrote:
Hello. Does anybody know the recommended min / max height and width dimensions for the logo?

It depends which of the two variants of the theme you are using. If you are using the second variant ("normal header"), the one shown on the second demo, we recommend to follow similar dimensions to the demo logo, approx. 160px width, and 35-40px height.

If you are using the first variant of the theme ("mobile header"), as shown on the first demo, you can experiment a bit more with the dimensions. width can be between 150 and 250px, height can be bigger too, although we recommend to not exceed 40px for best results.

The idea is that the theme works best with a low profile landscape logo. If your logo is a square, or portrait, you have to make some tests on your own and see what works best to you. The container limits the size of the logo image - if the image is too big, it will be scaled down to fit the container. We recommend to use actual size image and avoid scaling, sometimes scaling introduces bluriness.

3 months ago

akin.odeyale wrote:
Mobile view of this shows the resource/localised key instead of title.

Attached image

Hello Akin,

both SevenSpikes.Themes.Common.MenuTitle and SevenSpikes.Themes.Common.CloseMenu text resources  represent elements that are not present in nopCommerce, and since they are not present in nopCommerces txt resource list, they will render as system string values when the Universe theme is installed. Then their text values should be set manually.

The same is valid for the list titles in the footer.


3 months ago

paesh wrote:
Hello NOP,

Can we move this currency selector on the top of the page rather showing inside the menu?


Hello Paesh,

you can't do that via admin settings, but you can implement it yourself in case you are familiar with HTML, CSS, and JS - the code is open for modification.

If you are not familiar with coding, you can hire us to do it for you:

4 months ago

Yes, the sitemap footer link is not available in the Element theme because the footer is modified, but the source code can be taken from the default theme or any other theme that uses the default footer source code.
Please keep in mind that your modification will be gone if you upgrade your theme in the future so you have to merge that code manually in case you upgrade the theme to another version.

6 months ago

Hello Jakubz,

this is not theme specific or Nop-Templates related, the social media buttons are structured like this in the framework (nopCommerce).