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10 hours ago

Hello Jakubz,

thanks for reporting this bug, it has been now fixed.
Please update your theme JS file ("element.js") to get the fix.

7 days ago

Hello randika,

the scroll is working normally. When the slider is touched on a mobile device, the browser is expecting you to swipe the slider images so the page scrolling stops.

15 days ago

itinnovations wrote:
I am using nopC 4.10. I have a strange issue where I have the pavilion theme. A quick view at the page source reveals an h1 tag at div.side-2 > > h1. And then again at > > h1. I think "side-2" is the side menu. Any suggestions?


this is specific for Pavilion theme - the designer of the theme wanted to have page titles in the side column, but only on catalog pages. As the page title source code defaults to a single markup position for the entire site, we used a "duplicate" to achieve the desired layout.

Regarding SEO, this is no problem as one of the titles (on pages where there are duplicates) is always hidden by CSS, and thus is ignored by search engines. So from SEO point of view there is only one page title.

one month ago

asha.chaudhari wrote:
I am using this theme in my website and it's really great theme. But issue with i am using Previous-Next Plugin in website and when the case is Created on then it's not worked in the situation it's give different result in Next product.

Hello asha,

can you please start a support ticket and provide us with a more detailed explanation about the problem and probably a screenshot.


3 months ago

Hello Tom,

the HTML widget plugin provides integration of 3rd party content via widget zones, it doesn't deal with layout formatting or elements positioning. In order to achieve your desired layout you have to be familiar with css.


Paulz wrote:
Hi Guys,

Could you help me with a new theme class similar to banner-small in nivo.css so i can have 2 banners same line banner1 792px width & banner2 384px width.

Best Regards


Hello Paulz,

I'm not really sure what you mean. You can set a custom class name in your plugin administration and then use this class to apply css to it. You can put the css either in the css file of the plugin or in the css of theme. And if you are using one of our themes then you can put it into the custom head styles panel in your theme administration which is the best was as no files are being changed and you can use your custom code in future nopCommerce upgrades without merging.

If you are having any trouble please start a support ticket instead of writing in the forum.

4 months ago

jakubz wrote:
we use ELement Earth Variant 1, and we work with google insight, and try make our page faster...

One Recomendation from google is remove blocking css and we have there 3 fonts. Oswald, Monsterrat, and Raleway... Main font out theme is Oswald. I'm wondering where are used another 2 (Monsterrat and Raleway?)? I delete them in console... but on first sight i don't see difference, so here i am ;) and maybe can someone explain, where it used? Or tell me why i shouldn't remove them?:) Maybe i can move them on a bottom page if this not a "main" font?

hello jakubz,

Montserrat and Raleway fonts are used only in the "Air" variants of the Element theme. As long as you are using one of the "Earth" variants you won't need them. So you can remove them from the _RootHead.cshtml file.


5 months ago


can you please start a support ticket and preferably provide us with login credentials so we can log in and inspect what the problem is?


6 months ago


the category image dimensions are determined by the corresponding setting on the "media settings" page in your administration. When a setting is changed there it is also necessary to clear the cache from the admin panel otherwise the new setting will not be applied on the website (as the images are all cached).

If you have a persisting problem with image dimensions please open a support ticket at

8 months ago

LaurenIFM wrote:

I am using NopCommerce 3.80

Ok, then move the corresponding code:

@Html.Action("Social", "Common")

from the footer cshtml file (Themes\Smart\Views\Common\Footer.cshtml) to the header cshtml file (Themes\Smart\Views\Shared\Header.cshtml)

And to make it clear again - don't expect it to look good. once applied, you have to style it on your own.