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ahmedfaramawy wrote:

I would like any one to help me to let the trending products in mobile view two products in each row. the defaulst is one product in each row.



you have to edit this setting in your administration (you can find it under "all settings"):


Use the filter to find it and then look at its value. The default value should be this one:


You have to change 425 to 300.

This will render 2 products on small screens for all carousels on your site. There is no way to make this change to affect only the "Trending" carousel, it will affect all.

one year ago

Hello KobJaiDer,

can you please open a support ticket and provide us with a link to your site there?


one year ago

can you please provide us with a link to your site (where there is a slider with directional navigation enabled) so we can inspect your current situation?

I tested the default slider on Google Nexus and Motorola G and could not reproduce the problem, the page was scrolling normally.


Yes, you can. Just paste this code into the custom head styles panel in your theme administration:

@media all and (max-width: 480px) {
.item-box {
  width: 49%; /*two per row*/
  margin-left: 2%;
.item-box:nth-child(2n+1) {
  clear: both;
  margin-left: 0;

If you have any further questions please start a support ticket.

one year ago


is your site online?

Please open a support ticket and provide us with a link to the site so we can inspect the situation.

one year ago

Please check the corresponding  support ticket.

one year ago wrote:
Hi support team,

We disabled both shopping cart and wish list in nop (Access control list  Public store. Enable shopping cart & Public store. Enable wishlist) however on a smartphone we continue to see both icons. How can I disable those?

tx a lot,

Rik Caerels

Hello Rik,

the shopping cart and wishlist disable option is working normally on our side. please open a support ticked and provide us with a link to and login credentials for your website so we can and inspect the situation.


this question has been answered in a support ticket. Please check there.

one year ago

OTH wrote:
One suggestion.
To be able to put a logo on both left and right side of the footer on the page (Same line a payment-sprite)
This would come in handy if you wanted to add a logo from "Symantec" for example on the right side to show the customer the website is secure.
And on the left side to put a logo from someone that has given the company a certificate to do some sort of business (Like dealing with animals or food).

Hello OTH & thanks for the suggestion, it makes sense.
We have to test the suggested layout with logos of various sizes and aspect ratios on various resolutions and will decide if it will be implemented or not. However this is going to happen after the 4.0 upgrade as our schedule if full right now.

2 years ago

dyrarikid wrote:
The image sprite file is "payment-sprite.png", you can find it in the "img" directory in your theme. If you edit this file you have to edit also the corresponding css code according to your changes. The code is located in the main css file ("styles.css")

I found out where to do this, thank you.

I was wondering if you could tell what code to put in the styles css file if I would want to put logos like "payment-sprite" but on the right or left side of the footer?

Odinn Thor

The code will vary depending on multiple factors so I can't really tell unless I'm working on an actual project.