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2 years ago

The image sprite file is "payment-sprite.png", you can find it in the "img" directory in your theme. If you edit this file you have to edit also the corresponding css code according to your changes. The code is located in the main css file ("styles.css")

2 years ago

Tommy wrote:
I want to show a count of items in basket, as customers can´t see the count when selecting Continue Shopping in the quick view.
This is confusing some customers so they add same items again.

Using nopCommerce 3.80.

Best regards

Hello Tommy,

an item counter has been already added to the header shopping cart link/button in Brooklyn theme and it is available via administration setting, but only for version 3.90. The same functionality is not present in 3.80

Hello Joster,

I don't think it's quite possible to split your css to "essential" and "non-essential", or if not impossible, then at least it will be quite difficult.

Besides, the Alfresco theme just has been refactored for 3.9, and the whole css code has been rewritten and optimized + some design improvements have been made, so if you are planning to upgrade to 4.0 it is pointless to do any modifications on your theme now. Keep in mind that if you already have custom modifications, you have to merge it manually when you update your theme, otherwise they will be lost.


you can't upload a second logo, there's no such option. There are two possible workarounds though if you are familiar with html & css:

1. you hardcode another logo element in the source code of the theme and then use css to keep one of the logos hidden depending on screen width.
2. use only css - add your secondary logo as a css background of the logo link and use css to hide the original logo image (<img>) depending on screen resolution. If you take this approach you will need to set some dimensions of the logo link, otherwise it will collapse once the <img> is hidden.


2 years ago


I can see your main function is defined but not invoked. As written in the previous post you have to initialize this script in order to get it working. You can invoke the function before the closing script tag:


msofia wrote:

How can I enable a 2 column layout in categories pages in a mobile's phones view? I want to see 2 products per line. The template is really great, but I prefer to see 2 columns instead of only one.

Thank you very much!

Hello Miguel,

there's no such option to enable or disable, but you can achieve that by adding a little extra css to your theme. Just paste this code into the custom head styles panel in your theme administration:

@media all and (max-width: 480px) {
.product-grid .item-box,
.product-list .item-box {
    width: 48%;
    margin: 0 1% 30px;
    float: left;
.product-grid .item-box:nth-child(2n+1),
.product-list .item-box:nth-child(2n+1) {
    clear: both;

This code will affect only product boxes on "phone" screen resolutions. Manufacturers and Category items will remain unaffected.

2 years ago

laloni wrote:

is it possible to put the icon for comparing products next to the icons for the shopping cart and the wishlist on the topright?

Best Regards,


there's no such setting to add a link to compare products page in your header, but if you are familiar with css you can add it manually and then style it. The section ("header-actions") you have to edit is placed in the "Header.cshtml" file (Themes\Brooklyn\Views\Shared\) and it looks like this:

            <div class="header-actions">
                @if (wishlistEnabled)
                    <a href="@Url.RouteUrl("Wishlist")" class="ico-wishlist">
                        <span class="wishlist-qty"></span>
                @if (shoppingCartEnabled)
                    <a href="@Url.RouteUrl("ShoppingCart")" class="ico-cart">
                        <span class="cart-qty">@T("ShoppingCart.HeaderQuantity", Model)</span>
                    @Html.Action("FlyoutShoppingCart", "ShoppingCart")

You can add your custom link (<a>...</a>) next to the existing links inside the "header-actions" wrapper and set its url to refer to compare products page. Also you can add a custom class name to it and use that to style the link to look like an icon. The css code needed can be put in your "styles.css" file or in the "custom head styles" panel in your theme's administration.

2 years ago

Yes, I do now.

Here's how to fix that. Go to the "custom head styles" panel in your theme administration (Nop Templates > Themes > Nitro > Settings), and paste this code there:

.master-wrapper-page.home .slider-wrapper {
    margin-bottom: 20px;

You can change the margin value (20) to whatever you like.

For any further bug-fixing or modification requests please use our support ticket system instead of writing on the forum.

2 years ago

subhajit01 wrote:
In nitro theme i need to adjust my slider with full view main slider because when i use full slider view that time in slider picture some text will does not showing because of the search and categories part of headline. I need to adjust this one after the slider.Please let me know how can i adjust the slider with full view.

Thanks in advance.


can you please open a support ticket about this instead of writing on the forum, and explain better your request there, possibly add a screenshot too. Because at this point I'm not really sure what you want to change.


2 years ago

swissy wrote:
It seems that the theme styling does not get carried over to any custom attributes.

I've noticed it in the product attributes as well as the customer attributes. Is there an easy fix for this or am I perhaps doing something wrong?

For example, a "required" form field has the green flag in the corner of the input in the theme, but a custom attribute input just gets the standard red asterisk.

Hello swissy,

styling should be inherited for the custom attributes too. can you please open a support ticket and provide us with a link to a page where the problem is present?