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Hi I am using Traction Theme. How do I edit the bottom of this theme?

Is it possible to change from the admin panel? Also I want to add and subtract something from the bottom. For example, I want to put something in column 3. What should I do?
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Hi, this post is a duplicate of support ticket #13427.

It has been answered in the ticket:

"From the administration you can do this:

- change text
- disable the "new products"
- disable the "homepage news"

For any other changes you have to edit the source code.

About columns 1,2 and 3. In default nopCommerce there are 3 footer columns available for links. In the topics administration you can set any topic to appear as footer link in footer column 1,2 or 3. However in Traction theme the footer is different and only "column 1" can be used from the topic administration, the others are unavailable. The links attached to "column 1" will render inside the second footer column in Traction theme because the first one is reserved for contact information.

If you want to revert this behavior back to default, you have to replace the current column code with the default code from "Default Clean" theme."
Hristo Gospodinov