Image size is very large

2 months ago
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I need to add few slider in home page. I have created test images ( 900px, 300px )  when using with anywhere slider , images are very large.

using CSS i can contain image into the size , but I can not locate the slider in centre of home page . any way to fix this issue.
2 months ago
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Hello tonysar.

In order to work properly, Anywhere Sliders plugin is forcing a 100% width for all images, relatively to the available space for the slider container. This means that if you upload images with smaller dimensions they will be scaled up to fill the available space. Eventually you can change the default behavior by adding extra css code, but the slider may not work properly. You have to test it on your own. If you only change the size of the slider container without changing anything else, then the slider should work normally.
Hristo Gospodinov