3 years ago
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I have a problem with the shipping costs. When changing the number of order items, the shipping costs are sometimes not recalculated. The shipping costs shows the costs of the previously selected number of items. The shipping costs should be recalculated considering the weight of the number of ordered items.  

Can you help me with this?

regards Ian  
3 years ago
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Hi Ian,

Could you please submit a ticket with more information about your problem?

We need to know which version are you using, have you made any custom modifications and URL to your store.

Thank you.
Best Regards,
Stoyan Dobrev
9 months ago
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Does anybody find any bug or issues in the client validation? I've installed ROPC, everything is fine, double checked all features and configuration (even code) but client validation is not working properly. (it's not working at all...) I can pay without any required data typed!

I opened a ticket as well, waiting for a feedback.

Thanks guys.
2 months ago
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Hi! we have problem with random situation, when w ROPC see monit like: " sorry something wrong please contact with administrator".

I tried to find this string and translate it, but without success. Where can i find this error?