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20 days ago

dges58 wrote:

Possible Bug: Tier Pricing not showing

i had this problem in version 4.2 and it still exists in 4.3
i was unable to verify on the demo site, as i could not find a product with tier prices.

Scenario: simple products contained in a group product. The simple products have tier pricing. The tier prices are not showing. My investigation showed the font-size was set to zero.


Thank you for reporting this!

We just released a fix for this. Please update the theme and the issue should be resolved.

Please let us know if you need any further advice.

5 months ago

dasroggel wrote:
we made in 3.8 version the specification attribute  and we could add in few clicks several specifications

in 4.2  emporium
I can specify only one at the time.

to add several it is not possible the selection area is becoming grey

how can i resolve this??


This change was made in nopCommerce 4.2. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do on our end in order to bring the old functionality, as this comes from nopCommerce itself.

5 months ago

OTH wrote:
Thank you very much, everything worked like a charm!

That's great. I'm happy I was able to help!

bosadomkt wrote:
Can someone help me show a color in the product availability depending on the quantity?

In Stock - Appears in green letters when the quantity is greater than 100
Out of Stock - Appears in red letters when the amount is less than 5
Pending confirmation: appears in orange letters when the quantity is greater than 5 and less than 100

Any help would be well appreciated!

Best regards


unfortunately, there is no such feature in nopCommerce by default. However, we might be able to assist you with that. Just raise a ticket and we will advise you further.

5 months ago

OTH wrote:

We are using the Emporium theme with nopCommerce 4.10, however we are planning on upgrading nopCommerce over to version 4.20 this weekend.

Am I correct in understanding that your upgrade script includes upgrading the following?:


I saw this information here:

I just wanted to be sure what I have to do before I upgrade our nopCommerce. Just wanted to know of this will only upgrade nopCommerce and the theme or if it also includes your plugins?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Yes, the guide in our documentation shows you how to upgrade the nopCommerce, our theme and the plugins that come with our theme (as they are contained in the Theme archive that you download on step 6).

However, if you have any of our plugins that don't come with the theme archive (but you bought separately or have the plugin collection), you would have to download the given plugin for 4.2 and install it before you install the theme version 4.2 on step 6.

6 months ago


You can change the

Layout = "_ColumnsOne";


Layout = "_ColumnsTwo";

on the Home page or Product page layout files in /Themes/THEME_NAME/. This will display the sidebar.

If you need further advice on this, please let me know.

6 months ago


Please raise a ticket and let us know what is the nopCommerce version and the URL address, so we can investigate further.

6 months ago

majid.mahmoodi wrote:
when I select any options of ajax filter list, show popup error "Loading the page failed."

Please help me

Please raise a ticket and provide us with the website URL address, so we can investigate further.

GreatDane wrote:
The bullets are not working in custom tabs.  Cellpadding doesn't work either for tables.  


It seems that the cellpadding attribute is deprecated in HTML5.

"The cellpadding attribute of <table> is not supported in HTML5. Use CSS instead."

The HTML editor that we use in our plugin is the default HTML editor for nopCommerce and we cannot change that.

You can use the class custom-tab and select the table cells to edit the CSS padding for each cell in our Quick tabs plugin.

fatih12 wrote:
hello we have the same problem we have received your theme, but it gives error while post to the bank


could you please raise a ticket and provide us with the URL of your website so we can investigate further?