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Hi, maybe you know is it possible to don't show in ROPC tax, in order total?

2 days ago

Hi! i have question about lazy loading. I have enable it but...

elementthemesettings.lazyloadimages: false

sevenspikescommonsettings.lazyloadimages : true

Is it normal behaviour when i try change elementtheme settings and set to "true" it's not saving? and after relod again set is false? Maybe set only in sevenspikescommon setings it's all what i need to change? or both of them should be set True?

4 days ago

Hi! is any posibility to set:
On mobile - use only "mobile css", and on desktop use only "desktop css"?

10 days ago

Hi! again i want increase our result in Google Insight Element Theme Variant 1, version 4.1 (on mobile only 28 points).

Most points we lose because we don't have boundling CSS / JS. We don't want do this by "nopcommerce" because i receive information it's wrong for performance and "can stuck" because .net have problem, and can operate with "only one user" and until one user don't download it, next can't do it? (If i good understand… ;] but i don't know is it problem with css or JS).

I start thinking to change in element theme head file, and move all css to one file styles.css... Is any reason why you don't do this? I think it's easier to develop and change, but maybe it's something more?

17 days ago

maybe you can add feature to give possibility show "reviews of products" in quick view? i think this can be cool thing :)

19 days ago

Hi! thx! yeap… i resign from this. I really don't understand why nopcommere team make "pickup points" put in address step... I think this should be first, or in delivery options step...

I think i check almost all OnePageCheckout available for nopcommerce and don't found nothing better than ROPC. But angular without "source code" is hard to change :(

By the way, is possible to receive source code to ROPC? or you don't sell it? (some developers give that option with higher price)

Maybe something change in this topic? ;) We love it, but... angular really block us with make any customs...

24 days ago

I'm thiking is it possible move Pickup in store to "shipping". I think, i know how to do this (where cut and paste code), but ROPC is very sensitive for any changes (sometimes show errors when we change html etc) and i'm a little afraid about stable...  

Do you have any information (or make something similar) about similar change and how ROPC work after this?

24 days ago

Hi! i have strange situation.

In Element Theme Variant 1, Mini Shopping Cart i had "<a href=/cart>1 item</a> items in cart". But i do something and this stop showing (link to cart). Possible it's because i disable "cart step" in ROPC.  

But i enable cart page again, clear cache... but still this don't work? I think to change there "link" from cart to ROPC. I think it's looks pretty ;)

Maybe you can give hint where i can look this? and confirm it's stop work because i "disable cart page"?

one month ago

Hi! is any way to add to include in sitemap RichBlog Posts?