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one year ago

Hi few requests.

1. Give new column on sale list. If we have 3 x title "SALE" we don't know which is which one.
2. "Title" should have option to add there link... in our case category with sales (like black sale).

2 years ago

Up. We want exclude out of stock products from results...

2 years ago

Hi! i think data source should have some update.

Data source: bestsellers - here we should show only products on stock. Now we have situation whre first 4 products are out of stock O_O
NEW DATA SOURCE proposition: bestsellers from category.

2 years ago

Hi again! in rich blog img (home / blogpost) maybe we should have option to add alt / title for them?

2 years ago

Hi, maybe it's possible to add in admin feature to show (or not)  5 mostly searched words?

How this should work:

1. We click on search, and before we write something "window" is open like in normal instant search... with 5 mostly popular search in our shop?

I see in Admin Panel we have that information, so maybe it's be easy to add.

2 years ago

jakubz wrote:
Hi! maybe it's possible to add in ribbon field with "custom class" like in Anywhere sliders?

Nevermind. I see ribbon name = class.

2 years ago

Hi! maybe it's possible to add in ribbon field with "custom class" like in Anywhere sliders?

2 years ago

To earlier post. We add it to: _ProductVariantOverview in NopAjaxCartCatalog

2 years ago

Hi, we actual change theme to pacific... and when Client miss information from ribbon... not see after Add to cart information "product is out of stock".

Maybe it's possible to add on this pop up window also information about availability? I found something old

 @await Html.PartialAsync("_Availability", Model)
                if (Model.DisplayBackInStockSubscription)
                    <script type="text/javascript">
                        $(document).ready(function () {
                            $("#back-in-stock-subscribe-@Model.Id").on('click', function() {
                                displayPopupContentFromUrl('@Url.RouteUrl("BackInStockSubscribePopup", new { productId = Model.Id })', '@T("BackInStockSubscriptions.NotifyMeWhenAvailable")');

                                // Close the Quick View window.
                                var kwindow = $(".quickViewWindow").data("kendoWindow");

                                if (kwindow != undefined && kwindow.content() !== "") {

But i'm little worry to use it. Is easy way to add this to add to cart view? maybe this should be "option" to enable/disable i admin settings. Earlier we do theme tweak, but now it's not possible.

2 years ago

Hi maybe it's possible to add this feature:
1. Problem: we have lots of reviews our variant product (visible only in grouped products)... Unfortunately it's not showing in Quick Tab of grouped product... Maybe it's possible to enhanced functionality and add all reviews from "variants" to grouped products (maybe with name of variant there)?