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2 days ago

Hi! i check changelog and don't see change from GDPR law. In my plugin also i don't have checkbox to this... so... i ask:

I want send emails to Client who abandon cart... to do this, i need have permision from client to send newsletters/promo... but nowhere in Nop Customer Reminders i don't have checkbox with information "Send only to active newsletter subscribers" without this i broke a law? so? is it possible to set this in this way?

25 days ago

Hi! ok, thx!

28 days ago

Hi! i think we found a reason slow loading(third part widget).

We still work with performance and i have question:

Is it possible to add lazy loading pictures to your theme?

In our case this can give us possibility to increase speed about 1,8 s in category pages.

29 days ago

we are looking a reason, why our page works slow. One proposition we received is to turn off all plugins, and try open nopcommerce default theme, and see how then all work.

I'm wonder if we chane our theme to nopcommerce default, we lose informations from Element responsive theme? Element using different size images etc. and i'm little afraid when we swap theme to another, it's can broke something?

one month ago

bcdiesel wrote:
Please add the ability to select whether a slider can be desktop only/mobile only/both. This would be awesome as sliders designed for desktop views can be difficult to see on a mobile screen. 


Yeah! i'm here to give this sugestion. :) It's really necessary!

2. Second feature give possibility to copy slider, with all conditions, widget zones etc.

one month ago

we use ELement Earth Variant 1, and we work with google insight, and try make our page faster...

One Recomendation from google is remove blocking css and we have there 3 fonts. Oswald, Monsterrat, and Raleway... Main font out theme is Oswald. I'm wondering where are used another 2 (Monsterrat and Raleway?)? I delete them in console... but on first sight i don't see difference, so here i am ;) and maybe can someone explain, where it used? Or tell me why i shouldn't remove them?:) Maybe i can move them on a bottom page if this not a "main" font?

5 months ago

we want send to each registered user 1 message to order, after some time after we change status in to completed.

If we write here "Number Of Messages To Send Per Customer" = 1, is this means, customer receive only one message ALWAYS? Even he make another order? or only 1 message to one order/change status into completed?

9 months ago

Oh! thx! :) that's looks great :)

9 months ago

We start with element theme and have one problem.

I think in Ajax Cart we lose important information about stock (in our scenerio, when we disable add cart buton, when product is out of stock), User don't know why can't add product.

Maybe in feature it's good solution show information about stock (with subscription).

What you think?:)

9 months ago

we change a little our page, and want show 4 subcategories in line. We have make that products, but Admin panel support only 2-3 category in line.

Is this hard change to show there 4 subcategories?