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17 days ago

Hi! is it possible  to add, just "text" dropdown? Without link? we want make dropdown list without any link?

i have few graphics (shippment logo) where lazy loading not work. I add pictures direst to html columnstwo, and try with <img class="lazy" ....> but google insight still show this pictures are download at start and reduce our result...

Is any easy way to "connect" lazy loading from theme with custom graphics?

20 days ago

Hi! is it possible to change in ROPC to open "first step" on mobile? With shipping data? Now on mobile CLient need click, but maybe is easy way to make Billing address default open?

20 days ago

Hi! i disable NopAjax on local machine to check something, and again enable... but it's stop works :/ (popup don't show...).

Is there some option in theme configuration (element theme variant 1) or somewhere else what i should enable?

one month ago

Hmm… i see it's change when i click save in theme settings. Is anyway to disable this rule in element script or other place? I can't make now upgrades...

one month ago

Well… when we have set:
sevenspikescommonsettings.lazyloadimages True

Lazy loading not works… download all files, and google insights score is low…

When we set
elementthemesettings.lazyloadimages = True

It's works fine... but some stupid rule on theme, or i don't know where… change that to "false" for some reason…

So lazy loading not works...ech...

one month ago

Hi! yes, we have 4.1 from february (i think). Ok. Thx!

one month ago

Boyko wrote:

Hi jakubz,

You should simply search for .css in the plugins Razor view files (.cshtml) and see where we reference them (it is a different view for each plugin).
I don't think it is a good idea to combine all css files into one simply because on some pages certain plugins are not included at all and this way you will end up with a lot of unused css that will be loaded (at least the page speed tool will complain about it for sure).

Hi! i remove, from element shared head… /Themes/Element/Content/CSS/styles.css but when i go on firefox i still see this link. I try ctrl + F5 :/ Google insight don't show me this link in result. But on firefox ctrl + F5 nothing change :/ i rename thi sfile so it's not downloaded again… but i'm little worry there is some mechanism to add this? Maybe you know? I change razor file \Themes\Element\Views\Shared\head… and don't find in other places styles.css:/

Maybe you can ask collegue is maybe another place to check?

one month ago

Blog author? Maybe is possible to create (or maybe it's actual added) possibility to create "authors"? Small bio about author below posts created by him and possibility to "look" all posts this author? It's make blog less "anonymous"

Ok. Product is somewhere else. We combine css'es and move jcarousel css to the same file where we have cloudzoom… so jcarousel "hide our" galery. After remove this code, all works fine. :)