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11 days ago


Please update the Quick Tabs plugin to the latest version and the problem should be resolved.

20 days ago


You will find the mappings in the SS_MAP_EntityMapping table. The Attachments EntityType is 5.

24 days ago


The Ajax Cart is replacing the Add to Cart buttons. There is a selector in the administration and a few required things like the product id.

Unfortunately, we can't tell you how to implement your custom logic. Try to beautify the Ajax Cart .js and you will find how we get the buttons from the DOM.

25 days ago


The input should have data-productid attribute.

one month ago


This will require modifications because the plugin integrates to the pages via widget zones but in the topic page, there aren't any.

You have to add a new custom widget zone to the TopicDetails.cshtml page and add the same widget zone to the AnywhereSliders SupportedWidgetZones.xml.

Here is the code for adding a widget zone in the topic view. It is for nopCommerce 4.1 if you are using an older version the code for adding a widget zone will be different but you can find it in the other views:

@await Component.InvokeAsync("Widget", new { widgetZone = "your_custom_widgetzone" })

and here is what you have to add in the SupportedWidgetZones.xml of the plugin:


one month ago

Hi Cédric,

Sorry for the late reply.

The grid doesn't support changing the items per page but if the "adminareasettings.defaultgridpagesize" setting is set to 10 and you have 11 articles there should be paging at the bottom of the grid list.

If the paging is missing or not working could you please tell us the exact version of the plugin you are using. You can find it in Nop-Templates -> System information.

Thank you!

one month ago


You should add something like this:


Please note we haven't tested this solution. In the TinyMCE documentation, you will find out more information about the additional configuration.

one month ago

This happens because of the nopCommerce Rich Text Editor. By default, it is escaping the meta tags. This editor is used all over nopCommerce administration including the Nop Html Widgets plugin.

The Rich Text Editor initializing can be found in the Views\Shared\EditorTemplates\RichEditor.cshtml. In the file, you will find examples of how to allow Javascript and Style tags. Use these templates to allow meta tags.

one month ago


Could you please submit a ticket and provide URL to your store so we can further investigate this issue?

The Ajax Cart requires some Kendo files which are included in nopCommerce by default. Have you made any custom modifications to the nopCommerce?

2 months ago


The theme has additional settings for the menu layout. You will find them in the Brooklyn theme settings.