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17 days ago


Please submit a ticket with more information about your problem.

Thank you!

23 days ago


You can suggest your idea about adding the Rows settings in the JCarousel in our UserVoice portal. The main problem is that there will be styling issues on most of the pages if the carousel is in multiple rows.

24 days ago


Find the "Store" table in your database and manually set the "SslEnabled" to false.

24 days ago


If you want a specific carousel to be in 2 rows you can set the raw parameter only if the carousel is with specific Id. In the JCarousel.cshtml view you will find the Id in the Model.Settings.Id

25 days ago


The images of the items in the carousel are resized according to the "Product thumbnail image size (catalog)" setting in the category settings. You can try to change the default image quality or check the image size.

It is not possible to filter the carousel items based on the category. The solution is to create manually different carousels for each category.

If by text pages you mean topics in the moment it is not supported by default. You can add a new widget zone in the SupportedWidgetZones of the file and include this widget zone in the topic view only if a condition is true (topic name equal to something).

26 days ago


Unfortunately, the source code of the JCarousel plugin is not open for modifications so you cannot modify the "JCarouselEntitySetting" class.

You can create a hidden setting from the All Settings page ("JCarouselCustomSettings.NumberOfRows" for example) and use it in the "\SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.JCarousel\Views\Components\JCarousel\JCarousel.cshtml" view.
Code example for nopCommerce 4.0:

@inject ISettingService settingService
@inject IStoreContext storeContext

    var storeId = storeContext.CurrentStore.Id;
    var numberOfRows = settingService.GetSettingByKey("JCarouselCustomSettings.NumberOfRows", 1, storeId, true);


The Category filter is not added by the Ajax Filters plugin. It is nopCommerce functionality and this is the reason why the plugin can't hide it.


Please suggest your idea in our UserVoice portal and if the users vote up for it we will consider implementing this feature.

29 days ago


The resource is missing. By default, it is added by the theme automatically on installation.

You can manually add it from Configuration -> Languages -> Edit -> String Resources. Create a new one with "Sevenspikes.Themes.Admin.ManageResources.Traction" name and "Manage Resources" value.


There are no problems if you have added new methods.

If you have modified the constructor of the ProductService you should revert your changes and resolve the dependencies using property injection.