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Is this something you need to do from a CSS
or do the template have any easy way changing what main text color us used?

6 years ago

I have two questions

Do not know if the is an issue but using Jcarousels carousel on frontpage
adds around 1.2 mb to the frontpage  ( 18 products 6 at a time)
Does this sound about right, afraid that using it will make the page sluggish

Is it possible to  show a Jcarousel  on certain categories - but not on all off them
for example on a clothes main category i only want to show clothes products.

And having a jacorousel on certain text pages ?

I think my issue is mostly the navigation back after you are at the end of a category branch
For Example if you go here:

And now try navigate back to the layer/ category above, the Tools, Maintanance & Care category in a good simple way.

Ofcourse Breadcrumbs can at first sound as the easiest way doing this
Bbut do costumers really understand that they need to use that one ?
(we understand, but we do work within Ecommerce)

Try and use the main navigation to get to the layer above (think about doing that but only on  a much bigger store/category structure then the demo site

That is why i was asking regarding questions regarding menu :) and settings before i probably will have my developers to try to solve it :)

Would love seeing a solution something like this

If a subcategory ,do not have any subcategories  attached show the previous category menu before that one

Otherwise like the Template it gives many options and settings that works very good

Is there any setting in pavilion theme that let you control the the ability to keep showing  the left hand Meny on subcategories?

Reason that i am asking is that when entering into a subcategory on pavilion theme for example

Main category is clothes and  sub category is footwear, but i also have headwear, T-shirts etc under the same Menu

The only way now to navigate back is by using breadcrumbs trail or go trough top mega menu again  (Not very user friendly) When having around 15 main categories that contains around 200-300 subcategories and containing 25000+ products

But if i could keep the Main category menu even when into a subcategory that would help alot
this is how it looks when being in one subcategory now

6 years ago

Or actually they are now telling us now that it doesnt work work on 3.8.1097.23982. and they have no clue why

6 years ago

SDobrev wrote:

Yes, the plugin is taking into account the marked as new start date and end date.

Hello and thanks for the reply :)

Then our developers have done something in the code they should not have done :)

6 years ago

Does the ribbon automaticly out of the box use also the
Mark as new. Start date  
Mark as new. End date?

When assigning a product marked as new, when the product ribbon use marked as new as a condition?

6 years ago

anton_ivanov wrote:
Hello Freddy,

No, unfortunately, there is no other setting to make the side category menu collapse by default.

The prefered width of the pictures of the full-width slider is 1200px. The default dimensions for the slider are 1920x640. You can use larger pictures than that but they have to be with the same proportion in order to look good.

Hope that helps!

hello thanks for the image update .

I thought that the setting Show Categories In Side Menu from the Themes setting  did control it but :)
Could be a nice to have feature for this template :)

Thanks for the reply :)

Just wanted to let you know the demo site isnt up
only log in screen and you can not navigate to any category as well :)

This is the best i can get it
But as you can see it cuts the image at the bottom, is there any setting in the backend that controls this?