Using Jcarousel on Front/page

6 years ago
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I have two questions

Do not know if the is an issue but using Jcarousels carousel on frontpage
adds around 1.2 mb to the frontpage  ( 18 products 6 at a time)
Does this sound about right, afraid that using it will make the page sluggish

Is it possible to  show a Jcarousel  on certain categories - but not on all off them
for example on a clothes main category i only want to show clothes products.

And having a jacorousel on certain text pages ?

6 years ago
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The images of the items in the carousel are resized according to the "Product thumbnail image size (catalog)" setting in the category settings. You can try to change the default image quality or check the image size.

It is not possible to filter the carousel items based on the category. The solution is to create manually different carousels for each category.

If by text pages you mean topics in the moment it is not supported by default. You can add a new widget zone in the SupportedWidgetZones of the file and include this widget zone in the topic view only if a condition is true (topic name equal to something).
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Stoyan Dobrev