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6 years ago

Where do you locate the "new " product page on this template?

I have activated it from the Settings --> catalog settings,
But it do not show anywhere on the page

My hope is to get all products that is marked as new into that page, is that possible?

Valentin wrote:
Has anyone any good tips on how to make it so the pavilion theme will show 4 products per row instead of 3 on normal category view ?


you can achieve that, by adding the following code to your Custom Head Styles section, located in your theme administration panel -> Nop-templates -> Themes -> Pavilion -> Settings:

@media (min-width: 769px) {
.item-box {
    width: 23.5%;
.item-box:nth-child(3n+1) {
    clear: none;
    margin-left: 2%;
.item-box:nth-child(4n+1) {
    clear: both;
    margin-left: 0;

Thank you very much

Has anyone any good tips on how to make it so the pavilion theme will show 4 products per row instead of 3 on normal category view ?

6 years ago

anton_ivanov wrote:
Hello Freddy,

The GA plugin should track all page views on your store. It wouldn't be able to track all your searches, however, since your clients can directly select a product from their search without going to the search page. It will only be able to track the searches that go through the search page, unfortunately.  

There isn't really a way to handle this unless you write a custom script to target the drop-down of the instant search.

However, since that isn't related to our products we cannot really help you.

Hope that helps!

thank you for the reply,
Have question do the instant search usually register in analytics if they go to search page instead of clicking a product on dropdown?

Reason i am asking is that my analytics now only gives me 253 unique searches since launch
But in the backend in nop
place 1 - 5 of 6499 items is over 6000 but will research it more :)

6 years ago

Hello we just launched a new page using pavilion theme and Instant search.

We are using pre configured Google universal settings in the backend

But for the  moment it seems not to show all searches done on the homepage, anyone have any suggestion on what can be / or do i need to add something in the code to make it register?

6 years ago

More and better options for mobile
For example a spesific Mobile Logo
As of now
and even worse one landscape mode

On a normal category page the company takes up unneccesary space and detracts costumer for seeing products (which is what we are selling)
One solution is a placing something like this

6 years ago
link was not working

6 years ago

For example

some filter option gets a + (open more)
here they have show only 10 options then click to show more on the list.
look at filter: Farg

6 years ago


Is there a setting in the backend in the Pavilion making the Ajax filter
To show the first 10-15 results and then have a  "show more / show less function?

When checking the
I do see that some shops using that module are having that function, but i can not find it in the regular backend demo Is that a Pro Ajax filter function?

6 years ago


Is it  possible getting the same function show only top level categories on the Instant search dropdown on the basic/standard Nopcommerce advanceed search page?

I have ten main categories and abit over 150 subcategories

So having both the searches showing the same amount of categories instead of one is showng top levels and one is showing all of the categories.