Peppi wrote:

i have seen that in the "Anywhere Slider" there is the option to set conditions. For me this is a great feature.

I will reach that i can display for loged-out users some specific banners in widget zone 1 and for loged-in users also in widget zone 1 an other feature like the "JCarousel" or "Smart Product Collections" or "Sale of the Day".

Is this possible?


Greetings Peppi,

yes, you can achieve this but you need to set conditions to all the plugins you want to use, not only the sliders.

For example, you can set an Anywhere slider to appear in widget-zone-1 only if the is user has a role of Guest and you can set a Jcarousel in the same widget zone but set it to appear only if the user is registered.

Hope this was helpful.
Have a nice day!