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hwarmstrong wrote:
I'm looking for a way to hook into the creation/modification of shipping and billing addresses during the checkout process, so that I may validate them using a 3rd party address verification service.

The way in which I normally intercept the creation and modification of addresses is by using Nop's "IEventConsumer" to suscribe to the "ModelReceived" event.

Thanks in advance!

Hi hwarmstrong,

We have replied to your ticket regarding the same questions above!

one month ago

nethumans wrote:
good morning I have a problem with the main currency of the store which is in Mexican pesos to put it is not achieved the connection with Fedex is not due this.

since if I put the dollar as the main currency if the connection is achieved.

Thank you

Hi nethumans,

As far as I understand from your post you can't use Fedex when your main currency is not dollar, right?
If this is the case then I think it might be some requirement/limitation of the Fedex plugin rather than a problem in the theme itself.

Please let me know if I have properly understood you and if not please submit a ticket with a link to your store so that we can take a look and advise.

Freddy1234 wrote:
Did anyone try this out andif that was the case how did it work any issues regarding loading times?

Hi Freddy1234,

If you run this script as part of a scheduled task then this should not impact the performance of the filters at all.

2 months ago

sorano wrote:
Could you please let me know size of the images for category as per your demo air 1 and ideal size of a product picture.


Hi Sorano,

You can click on the View Admin button in the upper right corner on the demo site and go to the Media Settings to see the exact settings as they are on the demo site.

bmoc2 wrote:
Hi there. I'm just wondering is it possible to install the theme locally before using it for the url I am actually going to use.
What concerns me is that when I go to purchase the theme I have to give the url I am going to use. However currently I am working on the store locally.
Is it possible to enter the url of my website but then edit and use it locally before making the website live?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi bmoc2,

Yes, it is possible to use the theme on a localhost without any problems. Please refer to our FAQs.

3 months ago

partspsc wrote:
I have a couple questions as far as UPS shipping methods are setup..

I have been selecting products for free "Ground" shipping but when I do it no longer estimates pricing for 2nd Day or Next Day Air.

Could it be set up so it still estimates and customer can still chose 2nd or Next Day for parts that are set up for free shipping?

Also could we have it just say "Ground Shipping" instead of "UPS Ground" ?

Hi partspsc,

Could you please submit a ticket regarding this as we might need to have access to your store administration and see how you have set this up?

3 months ago

Bellgate wrote:

1.  One Page Checkout worked perfectly until I upgraded to v3.90.

From what version did you upgrade the plugin? Actually the plugin works much much better in 3.90 as we refactored its implementation between 3.80 and 3.90 release of nopCommerce. So a later version of the plugin for 3.80 was already refactored/improved.

Bellgate wrote:

2.  I mostly see this behavior when Guests are checking out.

The guest customers definitely do not have an address and a country respectively but if the pre-select country option is enabled then this should work. Does the shipping providers have a requirement to have something more than just a country selected for the address?

Bellgate wrote:

3.  When I disable the plugin the default NopCommerce One Page Checkout works perfectly.

The default one page checkout forces you to add a shipping address before you are offered with the available shipping methods and that is why it works. Guest customers are forced to add a shipping address (with all the required fields) and then the shipping methods are shown (based on this address). While on our checkout you can choose a shipping provider first and then select an address or any other possible combination based on the customer's individual preferences.

Could you please submit a ticket and provide us with access to your store administration?
This way we will see how the plugin(s) are configured and what happens during the checkout and will be able to advise and resolve this.

Excel import
3 months ago wrote:
Did this feature ever get added?

Hi Bob,

No, this feature is not available in the plugin.

4 months ago

Alan Stark wrote:
Hi Stoyan,

Do you have any plans to make the search provider swappable?


Hi Andrey,

We don't have such plans simply because the plugin is designed to work with nopCommerce and is quite coupled with the nopCommerce infrastructure i.e services and database. If we were to create the plugin for other ecommerce platforms it would make sense to abstract all the code (which will quite a lot of work) but for now we don't have such plans.

4 months ago

santoshbpathak wrote:
We have applied nop ajax filter on our live site and it was working fine, but before few days it was not working on one page  and giving error like "TypeError: $(...).attr(...) is undefined[Learn More] in  Filters.min.js file" in browser

console.  Page url is "" on which it shows error. Need help to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


We have already replied to your other post here.

Please don't duplicate forum posts!