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tarekmahran wrote:

We face the same issue in nopcommerce 4.2 when trying nopajaxfter pro trial version. We have two languages English and Arabic. But in Arabic the drop down list for categories and manufacturers still get the English values.

Hi tarekmahran,

Everything is working properly on our demo store.
You can see that we have the Books category named Books RTL and the HTC manufacturer names HTC RTL in the English RTL language and they are properly loaded in the Ajax Filters Pro on our demo store when you change the language to English RTL.

26 days ago

Vanja Vlaco wrote:

I have an issue with JCarousel. I have set a carousel in widget zone homepage_slider_after. It is working as expected most of the time, but every once in a while it just disappears! It is a bit difficult to reproduce because it only happens every once in a while, just by refreshing the page. It does not render in html at all. Like the widget is not set at all. Nothing changes in the admin panel, and when I clear cache through the admin panel it appears again.

Can anyone help me with this issue? Thanks!


Hi Vanja,

That is really strange.
Please submit a ticket and provide access to your store administration so that we can see how you have setup the JCarousel and what might cause this issue.

one month ago

puneet.009 wrote:

We purchased the theme from Nop templates for a domain. But for now we are trying it on a staging link. is it possible that plugins will not work properly as the domain is not matching with the actual domain we purchased the theme for?

Hi puneet.009,

You need to submit a ticket so that we can check what the problem is.

one month ago

Andrea.Saedi wrote:
Daer Anton Ivanov
Unfortunately, I could not submit any ticket on, because I see this message: "You can submit a ticket only for the products you have a valid license for.

Here is the list of products for which you have valid licenses and for which you can submit a ticket.

Please select the product(s) from the list below by clicking on them!"

I purchased my nop products from a local reseller, and the local reseller did not give me the licenses, because the local reseller, ownself registered my purchased nop products directly.
By the way, for further information:my nopCommerce version is 4.20
Please give me some advice.
Best regards.

Hi Andrea.Saedi,

What do you mean by local reseller? We do not allow anyone else to resell our products.
If some other company has created the website for you then you need to ask them to submit  a ticket on your behalf since they are the license holders i.e Multiple Domain License.

Also if you don't have account with us you need to ask them to provide you with the latest version of the plugin where as Anton explained the issue is fixed.

mrabjohn wrote:

My client required that I add a "Product Sub Title" field to the site. Obviously this is not a nopCommerce field so I popped it into GenericAtttributes and modified the LoadAllProducts (nopcommerce 4.0) procedure.

I have recently been weighing up how to get this to work with FULL TEXT SEARCH, and so I have also saved a copy into LocalizedProperties, and hard coded a search in EN-US into LoadAllProducts.

Whilst this works on a bare NopCommerce site, the client complained that the search is not working in the live site. I have discovered that Ajax Filters doesn't seem to sit on top of LoadAllProducts, and worse it's content is secured and not editable.

How can I get Ajax Filters to function in a system that has already has custom search logic - is there somewhere I could implement this logic for Ajax Filters?



Hi Mark,

Please submit a ticket providing more information about your changes etc. and we will advise what to do!

p.s: This is a public forum and it is not suitable for file sharing or code sharing

2 months ago

ActionWebsites wrote:

When will an update for the free API Plugin be available for NOP 4.20?

Hi ActionWebsites,

We don't have plans to upgrade the plugin any time soon.

p.s: the plugin is available in GitHub so every developer that has some free time should be able to upgrade it.

3 months ago wrote:

In the meantime, I realized that the plugin presents attributes in the filters that are associated with a product but with no stock, and they are still listed.

How can I hide attributes that are not in any product available in stock?



Unfortunately you can't load only In Stock products by default. There is a separate In Stock filter that you need to enable that will show you only the In Stock products and the available attributes respectively.

3 months ago wrote:

Where do you set those values?

Thank you.

You need to go to the Catalog -> Attributes -> Product Attributes page (where you create the Product Attributes).
Then find the attribute that you want to have sorted values and edit it. Then you will see the Predefined Values and add them with the corresponding display order.

3 months ago wrote:
Hi, I am having an issue ordering the values in the Ajax Filter Plugin. I am not able to get ordered the different attributes of the sizes of the shoes:


Anyone has an idea how can I order this list?

Thank you.

You can set some Predefined Values for that specific attribute i.e Size. There you have Display Order and order them in the way you want them to be ordered. Then the Ajax Filters will check if such predefined values exist and will use them to order the available attribute options in the same order.

tarekmahran wrote:

I know that this question is not related to your theme, but I am sure that you can help me achieve it. Currently, we are using RTL NopCommerce v4.2. in adding products in admin side everything is working as expected except Categories list which populated with the default categories names (in English) not the expected one (in Arabic).

Any recommendations for filling Categories list in the admin side when adding products with the proper Names according to the selected language.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Mahran,

The list of categories is built via a stored procedure called "CategoryLoadAllPaged".
Unfortunately the stored procedure does not take any language parameters so it will require customization of the Core code in nopCommerce.
In other words there is no easy way to do it.