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11 days ago

jakubz wrote:
Hi! we are talking with our "SEO guy" and he show us big SEO problem with Nop Quick Tabs on product page. This is not visible for user, but for google robots yes. And we have duplicate content… because full desciption = tabs content and we have 2 Times same description / h2 etc. Is any possibility to change that?

Hi jakubz,

Unfortunately there is no way to remove the default description from the Tabs plugin and that is why the content is duplicated.
But you can manually comment the default description in the ProductTemplate.xxxx.cshtml file.

Search Sku
11 days ago

Hi Steve,

Please submit a ticket and we will advise what are the options.

one month ago

wombat wrote:
Can anyone recommend a PayPal payment plugin that works within the ROPC plugin and only creates an order after successful payment?

The default Nop Paypal Stardard plugin creates an order before taking the payment, which will reduce the stock quantity without payment.

Hi wombat,

You basically need a payment plugin that does not make a redirect.
So that it allows the customer to enter their credit card details directly on the checkout page and if the payment is not successful i.e wrong credit card numbers etc. then the customer will not be able to place and order at all.
Most PayPal plugins i.e PayPal Standard uses a redirect to the PayPal site which requires the placing of an order. You can try any PayPal plugin that does not require a redirect i.e PayPal Direct. But as far as I am aware PayPal will stop the support for their API later this year and they recommend using Braintree instead (PayPal bought Braintree some time ago). Braintree is the payment provider we actually use on our own website ( for Credit Card payments along with our One Page Checkout plugin and yes it does not allow the customer to place an order if the payment is not successful.

one month ago

jakubz wrote:
Ok. we have oldest version. Hmm…

I check changelog on your page but there no information about changes. Do you have somewhere information what changes you made / bug fix etc?

Hi jakubz,

Unfortunately our changelog for 4.10 is not updated yet.
But the changes you are referring to were done in the Core plugin so you had to update it.

2 months ago

randika wrote:
Can you add Cross-Sell data resources to this plugin. It's Really needfull

Hi randika,

Thank you for your suggestion!

Please note that if we add such a data source it will not have a defined set of products and it will depend on the items in the shopping cart.
Where do you plan to use such a carousel if it existed i.e on which pages?

2 months ago

sds7 wrote:
Is it possible to use your plugins (regularly purchased) with a thema created by me?

Hi sds7,

Yes, of course you can use our plugins with other themes.
All our plugins are Themeable, which means that you can put everything that is theme specific into a theme folder inside the Themes folder of the plugin i.e Themes\{Your Theme Name}\. So you can override plugin views as well as specify theme specific styling only for that theme.

2 months ago

webprofitnl wrote:


The website is

I am looking forward to your response!



Hi Richard,

It would be best to Submit a ticket and provide access to your store so that we could take a look and advise accordingly.

2 months ago

christopherho wrote:
Hey all, I found some interesting behavior on the ajax filters, it seems when I am filtering by a single category, it will filter the others, but then if I select one of the items from the other categories (so that there are now 2 selected), it seems to enable others to be selected in the category that were not previously enabled. It almost seems like that filters are doing an OR filter instead of an AND filter and that's what's driving what options are available. Is this working as intended?

Hi christopherho,

Since the Ajax Filters do not support category filters, I am a bit confused by what you have written.
Could you please elaborate on this "when I am filtering by a single category, it will filter the others"?

If you are referring to selecting filter options from the same filter group then you are right as they work with OR and not AND. We use AND only between options from different filter groups.

7 months ago

mstuart wrote:
Looking at how the slider work, I'm not sure if it is possible, but I have a client that has multiple banner images and wants one of them to use an image map having four separate clickable sections within one of the banner images.

Hi mstuart,

Unfortunately it is not possible with the current version of the plugin.

VG wrote:
I know this plug-in couldn't define meta title and tags for the homepage (root page if you like) a few years ago. Is this still the case?

Hi VG,

Yes, you can't define meta title and tags for the Home page from the plugin.