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13 days ago

DarioV wrote:

as I said in my last post, MegaMenu is working on other Themes, but not in Emporium Theme. But never mind. I reorganized links, so it is not important any more

Hi Dario,

Sorry, I have missed your post where you mentioned the Emporium theme.

Actually, in the Emporium theme, we have forbidden the third level of menu items on purpose.
This is because the menus would go "out of the screen" since the menus are aligned on the right side of the main menu by design.

13 days ago

DarioV wrote:
Here you can see picture with example:!AvsqjmDfPhONjSjJRBNmYAfXfIBk?e=i2Cr4m

Hi Dario,

I just replicated the same Custom Link menus on our demo store and it is working fine.
Could you provide a link to the store where you have set this up so we can inspect the markup of the Menu (in case it is a styling issue for example).

14 days ago

DarioV wrote:

I am not asking for support. I am reporting that your product is not working and there is obvious bug.

Hi Dario,

You have reported this:

"it seem that Mega menu is not working properly. When I want to nest link on main menu, there is none."

I don't think this is an obvious bug as this functionality is working fine on our side (we can't reproduce it).
Please note that many websites are using the Mega Menu plugin and we are not aware of such an issue that the plugin is not working in the scenario you have mentioned so we can't know if there is a bug or not until we manage to reproduce it. Maybe it is an issue on your side which we need to further investigate.
There are many issues that we have already been reported and fixed thanks to this forum (that we have created) and the posts from our clients and we appreciate that but in your case, we can't help you without access to your store and investigate it.
I am sorry but if you don't want to renew your license and submit a ticket providing us access to your store where you experience this issue then we won't be able to help you much.

15 days ago

Hi Dario,

Please note that we offer 1 year of free support as part of your product purchase and we can't afford to provide free support forever (no company in the world can).
I understand your frustration since your license has expired but we can't investigate the issue you are having without access to your store and it is not OK to share access to your store here in the forums. That is why we requested you to submit a ticket.
If you can demonstrate the issue without the need to submit a ticket please feel free to do so and we will advise.

22 days ago

ventsypopov wrote:
Okay, thank you a lot for your helping, Boyko. As for 2. -> maybe there is some bug, because I have one more nopCommerce site and there my addresses are showing both on Default but on Emporium theme.

It would be best to submit a ticket and specify your nopCommerce version and provide access to your store (in the ticket) so that we can check and advise.

28 days ago

ventsypopov wrote:
Hi, I wonder if there is a way to make the following 3 tasks in Emporium theme:
1 - To reorder sections in checkout - i.e billing address section to be after shipping
2 - To be able to choose from my existing addresses when I am on checkout/billingaddress, because now I have 2 existing addresses but they are not shown as options to choose from
3 - To show the customer the remaining amount for reaching free shipping

Hi Ventsy,

1. Unfortunately, this is not possible. nopCommerce requires the billing address to be always first as otherwise the nopCommerce checkout logic won't work properly. It is also quite hard to be changed so I would advise you no to mess with it.

2. That is strange. Recently we had another customer having the same issue but it turned out it is not theme-specific. What happens if you switch to the Default Clean theme? Do you still have the same issue or not?

3. I don't think this is possible in nopCommerce (it is not theme-specific) so it will require some customization.

28 days ago

jkrauss wrote:
Do you have a release date for the 4.40 version?

Hi jkrauss,

We are actually already working on the Pacific theme and hopefully, if all is good it will be ready by the end of the day tomorrow.

one month ago

Hi David,

The Avenue theme was just released for 4.4 so it is available for download now.

4.40 support
one month ago

fadigio79 wrote:
is there a release of the theme for 4.40?

Hi fadigio79,

We just released Avenue, Emporium, and Pavilion themes.
We are working on the Prisma theme and the rest of the themes and we should release them at the beginning of the next week at the latest.

one month ago

artcorner wrote:

When using ajax filter on a grouped product with 50+ associated products, pagination shows additional empty pages which I believe it's taking into consideration the associated products.

Note that the associated products mentioned above are not shown individually, nor do they have a category. is this normal behavior?

Best Regards,

Hi Alaa,

Thank you for reporting this!
We have fixed this and you can simply update the plugin and it should be fine.