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2 months ago

benjaminm wrote:
Hi there

What Message Template is the Contact Us tab using for sending the messages?
I believe it's not using the existing one and rather having its own.
Is there some way to customize the message template?
My main issue is, that the shop is a multistore setup and each store sends Messages in a different design and using different E-Mail addresses, so I need to be able to customize the the contact us message template for each store differently.

Hi benjaminm,

Unfortunately we do not use a message template as we simply build the body of the message directly in the controller.

6 months ago

chess1926 wrote:
Instant Search randomly selecting/highlighting first item in items dropdown with HighlightFirstFoundElementToBeSelected set to False.

Instant Search is randomly selecting/highlighting the first item in the Items list when entering a search word.  We want the search to always go to the Search Results page on Enter key instead of the first item.

Highlight first element is unchecked.

NopCommerce Version 4.50.4
InstantSearch Version: 4.5
Theme:  Pavillion

Usually I use search words like Green, Blue, Black, Glass


Hi chess1926,

It looks like it would highlight it when the search keyword is found in the title of the product. I guess you also have the search in Desciptions enabled and thus some of the found product names do not contain the search term while others do.

6 months ago

groundzero2010 wrote:
I've noticed this on a couple of our sites running Venture and Traction themes. If I post a URL to our site in Facebook messenger, it attempts to show a preview of the page, but instead it returns the image ie_warning.jpg which is located in Themes\Venture\Content\img\ie_warning.jpg
We share a lot of URLs on Facebook and would prefer it share correctly. Do you know why this is happening?

All our themes follow the nopCommerce logic and already have open graph meta tags (og:image:url) where appropriate i.e product pages etc. as you can see here for example on this product.

Probably you are trying to share some pages that don't have open graph tags.

mhatef wrote:
Hello everyone

I using Uptown theme from and based on their demo , I want to show my product color attribute in product card in main page and category page, like below image:

I add some color attribute to one of my products but not working and not showing any color squares in my product cards.

Is there anybody to know that how can I use this feature in my website ?

Hi mhatef,

You need to select the attribute from the theme settings (Additional Settings tab) as you can see on the demo.

Thank you for reporting this!

It has been fixed and deployed so you can update the theme to get the fix.

officialreseller wrote:
We are yet to renew our theme and plugin licenses so I'm unable to submit a ticket.

The nopcommerce version is we have is 4.50.3 and the plugins match that version.

You can contact our sales team if you are about to renew as they can have some offer for you.
Then you could download the updated version (with the fix) and be able to submit a ticket etc.

officialreseller wrote:
Can anyone look into this, please?

Please submit a ticket as this is probably fixed (we need your exact version etc.)!

8 months ago

Nowfal wrote:
we were using 3.70 version and brooklyn theme with colorconfigurator now have upgraded to 4.60 and purchased the latest theme and plugin as well but i am unable find the colorconfigurator so that some of the pages are getting an error is there any other plugin with this functionality or any work around to be done. Thanks

Hi Nowfal,

This is a custom plugin we have created for a client.
Simply upgrade the 3.7 source code version of this plugin to 4.60.

8 months ago

Hi Ron,

If it was possible we would have added it as a setting into the plugin.
So it is not possible without some modifications to the plugin.

[email protected] wrote:
We are having similar problems.

Basic description: If you would like to migrate your DB from AWS to Azure (or similar) The migration tools ('Export data-Tier Application' or 'Data Migration Assistant') give the follwoing error:

One or more unsupported elements were found in the schema used as part of a data package.
Error SQL71564: Error validating element [dbo].[ProductLoadAllPagedNopAjaxFilters]: The element [dbo].[ProductLoadAllPagedNopAjaxFilters] cannot be deployed as the script body is encrypted.

So People will need solution. Please help.

Hi Omer,

That is because the stored procedure we use in the Ajax Filters is encrypted.
Please refer to this post.