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5 days ago

amiralma wrote:

Thank you for your response but this does not solve the issue. The bug is still there and it is unresolved. If there is no need for the “configure” for this plugin in plugin’s list then at least hide the button.
Please check this issue and solve it.

Thank you for your work.

I suggested you a temporary workaround so that you can access the settings until we fix it.
The issues is already solved. You simply need to download and update the plugin to get the fix.

5 days ago

adca wrote:
I am using 4.1 since February. In my installation there is no setting key named sevenspikescommonsettings.lazyloadimages. When i add manually there is no difference.

I just download 4.2 theme. I searched this setting key and nothing.
I searched also emporiumthemesettings.lazyloadimages key and i found one usage at .\Emporium\Views\Shared\_ProductBox.cshtml

like this:

var lazyLoadImages = settingService.GetSettingByKey("EmporiumThemeSettings.LazyLoadImages", false, storeId, true);

Similar code is in 4.1 version. May be i am missing something but also there will be a bug in there. Because when i switched this setting something happening: dissapper all images???

Hi adca,

In the version of February, even though you have the setting in the view the code that does the lazy loading is missing (the javascript is missing in the theme). That is why when you enable this setting it does not work. So please don't enable it as the images will disappear.

We planned to have theme specific settings initially but then decided to do it as a general setting that will be automatically enabled and used in all themes and plugins so that you don't need to set any settings manually.
This is how the latest version of Emporium theme in 4.1 and 4.2 works.
The code for the theme specific setting in Emporium in 4.20 is there but not really used and we will remove it (sorry for the confusion).

Simply update the theme to the latest version in 4.1 (even better if you simply upgrade to 4.20) and everything will work fine just like in our demo store.

6 days ago

adca wrote:
Is this theme has lazy loading product images feature? I assumed there is, because theme demo looks good. But in production mode theme downloads all images same time. I have found a setting that named: emporiumthemesettings.lazyloadimages
Setting value is False. When i switched to true, all images show empty. I guess there is a lazy loading feture but i could not configure.

How to activate this feature?

Hi adca,

All our themes support lazy loading of images out of the box and they should work like this by default.
If you are using the latest version of our themes for nopCommerce 4.1/4.2 then this setting is automatically enabled. Here is the exact setting (it is not theme specific anymore):


Hope this helps!

9 days ago

amiralma wrote:
Thank you for your wonderful plugins. I was testing the trial version of “Knowledgebase plugin” for 3.90 nopCommerce. After installing the core and the plugin, by clicking the “configure” button in the plugins list a page with the title of Server Error in '/' Application appears.

We would recommend to access the Knowledgebase administration from the left side menu by going to Nop-Templates -> Plugins -> Knowledgebase

jslater wrote:

I've managed to add a google captcha to my contact form on my contact page via the CAPTCHA panel under General Settings.

I assumed it would of also added it to my contact form on my product page but alas it has not.

Is there a additional tick box that I need to tick? Or something else I can do to add it?


Hi jslater,

Please refer to this post about why Captcha is not supported in the Quick Tabs plugin, which is of course used in the Emporium theme:

qathar wrote:
There was an error parsing the query. [ Token line number = 1,Token line offset = 1,Token in error = IF ]   this is my error when install sevenspike.core

Hi gathar,

Please submit a ticket and specify the exact version you are using etc. so that we could advise!

one month ago wrote:

Hello Nop-Templates team.
Trying to upload Prisma Theme zip package to plugins screen but the following error happens:
  Access to the path 'h:\root\home\...\www\Nop420\Themes\Prisma\Content\css' is denied.
I granted read/write  to Theme folder but error still occurs.


I guess you have upgraded nopCommerce to version 4.20.
In that case you should not have existing Prisma theme in the Themes folder.
Anyway most probably some files are locked in that folder, which should not exist if you have upgraded only nopCommerce to 4.20.
In that case you can manually upload the theme and the plugins on the server.
You can stop the site and then upload the files and all should be fine after you start the site.

one month ago wrote:
Hello Nop-Templates team.

When Prisma theme will be upgraded to Nop 4.20?

All our products will be available for nopCommerce 4.20 till tomorrow.

2 months ago

jakubz wrote:
Hi! we are talking with our "SEO guy" and he show us big SEO problem with Nop Quick Tabs on product page. This is not visible for user, but for google robots yes. And we have duplicate content… because full desciption = tabs content and we have 2 Times same description / h2 etc. Is any possibility to change that?

Hi jakubz,

Unfortunately there is no way to remove the default description from the Tabs plugin and that is why the content is duplicated.
But you can manually comment the default description in the ProductTemplate.xxxx.cshtml file.

Search Sku
2 months ago

Hi Steve,

Please submit a ticket and we will advise what are the options.