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yesterday wrote:

We have Nop Emporium 4.0 and we are planning to upgrade directly with 4.3.
Does it create any issue?  
Does dB upgrade script will work?.
Do you have any guidelines for the upgrade?


Hi Bhavik,

Sure you can upgrade without any problems by following the instructions in our online documentation.
Simply run the upgrade scripts one after another starting from the ones for 4.10 and till 4.30 in the order they are found in the article.
And then use nopCommerce 4.30 with the Emporium theme for 4.30 pointing to your upgraded database.

Madhukar wrote:

I am trying add the themes to my code base so that i can work on my local machine with the same theme and do customization and changes as per my requirement and check it out immidetly how it looks in my UI. But so far i couldn't able to figure out how to add them to my code base and use it using Visual studio.


Hi Madhukar,

Nothing has changed in 4.30. You still need to add the Pavilion theme in the Presentation\Nop.Web\Themes folder and the plugins in the Presentation\Nop.Web\Plugins folder.

oboboy wrote:
Is this theme still available for Version 3.90 Nopcommerce

Hi oboboy,

Yes, the Jewelry theme is available for nopCommerce 3.90.

15 days ago

jirwin wrote:
I attempted to set up the facebook shop using Nopcommerce 4.30.

No products show up on my facebook page and instead I see a couple of errors in the console as follows:

Has anyone encountered/fixed this issue?

- Refused to display '' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin'.
- puLnu6Boe-j.js?_nc_x=k-fjsMawAWG:108 Uncaught TypeError: a.isEmpty is not a function
    at a [from isFacebookURI] (puLnu6Boe-j.js?_nc_x=k-fjsMawAWG:108)
    at a [from isFacebookishURI] (-TaJSwvYO7Z.js?_nc_x=k-fjsMawAWG:7)
    at Object._verifyWindowMessage (-TaJSwvYO7Z.js?_nc_x=k-fjsMawAWG:8)
    at Object._handleWindowMessageToParent (-TaJSwvYO7Z.js?_nc_x=k-fjsMawAWG:8)


You need to remove this line from the Web.config file:

 <add name="X-Frame-Options" value="SAMEORIGIN" />

19 days ago

cbaldo wrote:
A customer aks me to use the category shortdescription text and to shows it after the subcategories list in category page. I tried but the text is never displayed. Is there a way to satisfy this request?
The nop-commerce version is 4.10

thank you


Hi Claudio,

You should simply use the information from the category model to show the short description.
If this model is not present where you want to show it then you can use the category model factory to build it.

19 days ago

deventegrasyon wrote:
I have an e-commerce site where I use the nopcommerce infrastructure. I want to use seo module on this site. For this I bought a plugin from nop-templates. I can't use this plugin. Can you give me a video document about how it is used? Or can you teach?


I don't see any Smart SEO licenses under you account to check the version etc. but you can always refer to the documentation of the plugin or submit a ticket if something is not working for you or you are not sure.

19 days ago wrote:
I am looking to purchase the Venture theme and apply it to my site that is currently using a test. url. Is this an issue or should I just put the non test url in when I buy the theme? With that can I apply the theme to the test. site now?


You should put the live site URL but you can apply the theme on a test site or localhost without any problems. Please note that you can always change the live site URL later on in case you need to.

24 days ago wrote:
Is it possible to manage the search sequentially in the Instant Search plugin? For example, handle the search in such a way that it first manages the SKU and if present shows it as the first in the list, then manages the title and if present shows it subsequently in the list and finally manages the description?


The Instant Search uses the same search functionality that nopCommerce provides on the search page for consistency.
Unfortunately the search functionality in nopCommerce does not support the sorting of the products the way you want them to be returned.

Joe-JPIT wrote:
Hi, I have a emporium theme installed on nopCommerce 4.2

I made a multi-store installation and selected emporium for one of the stores, but on the "Administration -> Nop-Templates" the option "Themes"  option is not available, so I cannot reach the theme settings to change the theme colors and so on.

How can I access that page settings?

Hi Joe,

Please make sure you have the Emporium theme plugin installed and then you should get the Themes menu.
Also check if your account have permissions from the Plugin Access Control menu to manage the theme plugin.

29 days ago

gruddle wrote:
I'm upgrading from 4.1 to 4.3 (via 4.2).
I have the Anywhere Slider working OK in 4.1.
I have applied the database upgrade script to the database, but it seems to be looking to Alter a table called SS_AS_SliderImage. This table does not exist. What script do I need to create it?
The plugin will not install (obviously) into the later versions because it is expecting this upgrade to have occurred.
Thanks for any help.

Hi gruddle,

You should do the upgrade like this:
1. Run the upgrade scripts from 4.10 to 4.20 and then 4.20 to 4.30. You can find them in this document here. You should run them starting from script number 26 to 30.

2. Then use nopCommerce 4.30 + the theme package for 4.30

Then run nopCommerce and it should be fine.