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10 days ago

randika wrote:
Can you add Cross-Sell data resources to this plugin. It's Really needfull

Hi randika,

Thank you for your suggestion!

Please note that if we add such a data source it will not have a defined set of products and it will depend on the items in the shopping cart.
Where do you plan to use such a carousel if it existed i.e on which pages?

11 days ago

sds7 wrote:
Is it possible to use your plugins (regularly purchased) with a thema created by me?

Hi sds7,

Yes, of course you can use our plugins with other themes.
All our plugins are Themeable, which means that you can put everything that is theme specific into a theme folder inside the Themes folder of the plugin i.e Themes\{Your Theme Name}\. So you can override plugin views as well as specify theme specific styling only for that theme.

17 days ago

webprofitnl wrote:


The website is

I am looking forward to your response!



Hi Richard,

It would be best to Submit a ticket and provide access to your store so that we could take a look and advise accordingly.

20 days ago

christopherho wrote:
Hey all, I found some interesting behavior on the ajax filters, it seems when I am filtering by a single category, it will filter the others, but then if I select one of the items from the other categories (so that there are now 2 selected), it seems to enable others to be selected in the category that were not previously enabled. It almost seems like that filters are doing an OR filter instead of an AND filter and that's what's driving what options are available. Is this working as intended?

Hi christopherho,

Since the Ajax Filters do not support category filters, I am a bit confused by what you have written.
Could you please elaborate on this "when I am filtering by a single category, it will filter the others"?

If you are referring to selecting filter options from the same filter group then you are right as they work with OR and not AND. We use AND only between options from different filter groups.

5 months ago

mstuart wrote:
Looking at how the slider work, I'm not sure if it is possible, but I have a client that has multiple banner images and wants one of them to use an image map having four separate clickable sections within one of the banner images.

Hi mstuart,

Unfortunately it is not possible with the current version of the plugin.

VG wrote:
I know this plug-in couldn't define meta title and tags for the homepage (root page if you like) a few years ago. Is this still the case?

Hi VG,

Yes, you can't define meta title and tags for the Home page from the plugin.

6 months ago

TrexWebmaster wrote:
Hi!  I was actually able to use a view component to get my new settings this way (thanks to Anton at Nop Templates support for the idea).  

`var priceRangeFilterClassResult = await Component.InvokeAsync("NopAjaxFiltersSettingsExtend", new { CategoryId = currentCategoryId });`

Hi TrexWebmaster,

Yes, that is another way to do it! Good job!

6 months ago

TrexWebmaster wrote:
Is there a way to add settings to the Ajax Filters?  I can add a setting in the admin (e.g., nopAjaxFiltersSettings.somenewsetting), but I don't know how to add it to the NopAjaxFiltersSettings.  I could inject the settings service in the view, but I'd rather not.



Hi Jeremy,

You could not change the settings of the Ajax Filters plugin. To do so you will need the full source code of the plugin.

What setting do you want to add? You can always add a setting in the General Settings page and then use it via the Settings Service by key.

6 months ago

ActionWebsites wrote:
Extending Price Match to be a quote based system would be a good idea. For example Vendors receive quote requests from Customers and can reply back with a price offer. The Customer could then accept one quote from multiple Vendors or Site Owner and have it processed as a normal order.

Further enable customisation of the form fields and types/values as well as decouple from products so this could be assigned to a category or topic page or website header/footer as well.

It would be a very flexible and universal plugin then and could be used for Price Matching, Quote Requests, general enquiries fed into the usual online orders process and extend the nopCommerce Vendors system at the same time.

Thank you for your suggestions!

Regarding the Request a Quote functionality we believe it should be a separate plugin.

Thanks again!

melek wrote:
Hi ,
We are testing onepage checkout . We have extra some fields for adress area depends on states we showing another combo box . but plugin  app/ folder all js compressed and we cant manage and cant success . can you send to us uncompressed files for app/ folders js ( javascript )  files .
Also I send email but no one didnt answered .

Thank you

Hi melek,

Please submit a ticket with the version of nopCommerce you are using and the exact changes you need and we will advise.