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6 days ago

jbalmforth wrote:
Hi there

Can you tell me if there are any plans to make this theme work for NOP 3.9?

Many thanks

Hi jbalmforth,

We do not have plans to downgrade the Emporium theme to older versions of nopCommerce.

22 days ago

mazizovv wrote:
The current version of our online shop is 3.70. Could you please make clear some details? We are going to buy new template to upgrade the old one. We will upgrade it on basis of the current version of our online shop which is 3.70. So, the question; once we bought and upgrade the template and some time later when we decide to update our online shop version to newer version rather than 3.70, should we pay again for the the same template to operate? or it will go with subsequent versions of online shop?Second, Is it possible to edit the code and design of templates on my own, or I have to buy additional license?

Hi mazizovv,

You can edit the code of the templates and the design since all the Razor view files (.cshtml) as well as the .css and .js files are open to modification.
If you purchase a template from us now you will get all the currently supported versions of the template i.e 3.7, 3.8 etc. up to 4.0 (at the time of writing 4.0 is the latest version) and also you will get any newly released version in the next one year i.e 4.1, 4.2 etc. If you want to continue to get free upgrades and support you can renew your license at half price but it is of course optional.

one month ago

cgalimbe wrote:
When i add to cart a multiple product changing the quantity the asked quantity is carried only in the first item of all items grouped in the multiple products.

I think it would be better to carry the asked quantity into all items grouped into the multiple product (or at least do not carry any quantity into all the items grouped into the multiple product)

Š¢hank you for your suggestion!

Actually we can use only one of the multiple products to build the quantity box as we can't use both or if there are more.
I will give you an example. Let's say you have 2 associated products and the first one has a minimum quantity of 3 and the second one has a specified list of available quantities i.e 2, 4 ,6 etc. On that catalog page we always use the first associated product and we will show quantity 3 by default in the quantity box and this number does not make sense for the second product.

So that is why we do not try to carry the same quantity to all products as it may not make sense for them.

Hope this makes sense!

one month ago

Bliangta wrote:
Can we get any thoughts on this issue.
Thank you

Hi Bliangta,

As far as I understand you need to hide the Edit button and you are saying that it does not appear  in the One Page Checkout. What exactly is the problem here?
The "shopping cart" products in the One Page Checkout could be found in this file in 3.70:

It is Angular code but it is pretty clear if you want to remove/hide something should be pretty straightforward.

Hope this helps!

one month ago

Bliangta wrote:
Thanks Boyko for the reply. And for edit on the one page shopping cart page? I don't need any link to edit the product once on the cart page.

Hi Bliangta,

The One Page Checkout plugin does not have its own shopping cart page (it is the integrated in nopCommrece shopping cart page).
You can hide the edit link either with css (i.e display:none) or remove it from the code (comment the code). Simply search for it in the .cshtml files.

one month ago

Damir wrote:
OK, thank you for the answer, I'll try asking the same in nopCommerce forum. It's weird though that regular price is not shown together with discounted one...

Hi Damir,

Yes, you are right. For example on our website (at the time of writing runs on nopCommerce 3.90) we have modified the code to show the old price and the discounted price when using discounts (not old/new price).

ishpejti wrote:
Hello can you help me to create a new template for new costumer message

i want to make one like this

waiting for your response

Thank you

Hi ishpejti,

You will have to modify the message templates that are part of nopCommerce.
There is no integrated message builder so you will have to create the markup and the styling manually.

one month ago

Damir wrote:
Hi, I've got an issue with the theme when working with discounts. When I lower the price on one product both old and new price are shown in product listings. However, if I create a discount and apply it on a category for example, only the new price is displayed. It's bad because showing an old price too helps selling more products... People like discounts.

On detail page the old price is also shown, but what I can see it doesn't play well with variants. If I have some price-changing attributes, only the discounted price is changed when I choose one of these. It looks very weird with those price differences. So I guess my questions is what I can do to show both prices in listings so people can see they got discount, and also, what to do to show old price with price-changing attributes chosen.

Hi Damir,

I don't think this is a problem in the theme but this is how nopCommerce show prices in general.
You can try switching to the DefaultClean theme and you will see the same behavior.
Please note that our themes are consistent with how nopCommerce works and we do not change any of the price logic in the themes.

one month ago

Bliangta wrote:
I am curious that default nop can skip the page and edit the package on checkout page. But this feature are missing from plugin. Am I missing any configuration?

Hi Bliangta,

Default nopCommerce does not support skipping the Checkout as Guest page so regardless of the plugin you are using you will be redirected to that page anyway.

2 months ago

joaotiago wrote:
That reply. Wow.

Q: *question is asked*
A: "Please elaborate"
Q: *elaborates*
A: *links to documentation*

time waster.

Hi joaotiago,

I appreciate you feedback!

Please let me explain that when we don't understand what the customer wants we better ask him to elaborate rather than trying to help without understanding, which will be a real "time waster" as we will point him in the wrong direction.
I have described what needs to be done with an example and of course I pointed the documentation since many people miss reading it before posting, while their problem is already explained there. It will a "time waster" if we don't point the documentation at all.