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9 days ago

Alan Stark wrote:
Hi Stoyan,

Do you have any plans to make the search provider swappable?


Hi Andrey,

We don't have such plans simply because the plugin is designed to work with nopCommerce and is quite coupled with the nopCommerce infrastructure i.e services and database. If we were to create the plugin for other ecommerce platforms it would make sense to abstract all the code (which will quite a lot of work) but for now we don't have such plans.

10 days ago

santoshbpathak wrote:
We have applied nop ajax filter on our live site and it was working fine, but before few days it was not working on one page  and giving error like "TypeError: $(...).attr(...) is undefined[Learn More] in  Filters.min.js file" in browser

console.  Page url is "" on which it shows error. Need help to resolve this issue as soon as possible.


We have already replied to your other post here.

Please don't duplicate forum posts!

18 days ago

Freddy1234 wrote:

Have question do the instant search usually register in analytics if they go to search page instead of clicking a product on dropdown?

Reason i am asking is that my analytics now only gives me 253 unique searches since launch
But in the backend in nop
place 1 - 5 of 6499 items is over 6000 but will research it more :)

Hi Freddy1234,

As Anton explained, Google Analytics tracks only page visits. So it will track when the customer is on the search page but it will not track the searches in the Instant Search since they are not separate page visits (the client has already visited a certain page i.e Home page, when they do the search in the Instant search plugin).
In other words the information in GA shows you the page visits while the nopCommerce backend will show you the actual searches either via the search page or via the Instant search plugin.

I hope this makes sense!

23 days ago

wombat wrote:
Is it possible to check the demo site together with a certain theme? To be specific I would like to see how OPC works under the Pavilion theme or other responsive themes. A link to an existing prod site is Ok if there is one.

Hi wombat,

The OPC is styled for all our themes since it is one of our bestselling plugins.
We could not add the OPC on the Pavilion theme demo as it will be misleading for anyone looking at the demo and they may believe that this plugin comes with the Pavilion theme out of the box.
But there are many live stores that are using the Pavilion theme.
You can see our Pavilion theme Pinterest page that contains link to sites using the theme. I am sure many of them are using the OPC.

one month ago

bcdiesel wrote:

It would be nice if there was the ability to have the plugin update the “UpdatedOnUTC” record in the products that are in each template. 

The reason I say this is so that the sitemap.xml file will flag google to update the product/category listing to show the new data that SmartSEO produces. I assume that Google won’t go through the re-crawl process for items that don’t have a recent update/change date. 

Am I wrong in this? Is there another way I can “force” google to do a complete re-index?


Hi Travis,

I am not sure if Google rely too much at the sitemap. I don't really know exactly what their algorithm is but I believe they re-index the whole website every 3-4 days based on my observation in our website.
I am not sure if it is correct to change the updated time of the products from the Smart SEO plugin as we are actually not changing the actual products.
I think a better solution would be to have a setting for the Sitemap to show a specific updated time for everything and not rely on the updated time. This way you can "force" the whole website to be re-indexed assuming google uses that information to re-index the site of course (which I really doubt).

one month ago

ecommercefactory wrote:

Is this possible to do in version 3.80?

The code stops at line 45 so I assume the page has been updated as you said to paste it at line 206.



Hi Peter,

Yes, the code has changed since 3 years ago. Also it may vary from theme to theme so I would advise you to submit a ticket and specify the theme that you are using and we will advise what needs to be done exactly to have the related products into a tab.

ChrisKaun wrote:
I'm still struggling with this.
I tried to add the 'closed' class to those toggleControl via javascript but adding/removing this class does not trigger the hide/show effect of the filter.
How can I achieve this?

Hi ChrisKaun,

I believe you want to completely hide the two panels until the client selects something from the first filters. You can simply hide the two panels with css as I suggested i.e set the style to be "display:none" directly in the css or Custom Head styles in the administration. Then after the filtration you can set "display:block" to those two panels and they will appear.

one month ago

lellenburg wrote:
Can the cross-sell section be formatted? The layout is not great and I can't find the source code for that section in the 'added to cart' pop-up. I updated /views/product/CrossSellProducts.cshtml but the layout did not adjust. Is there source code for Ajax Cart?


Hi lellenburg,

The Ajax Cart uses it own Razor view for the cross-sell products.
Inside the Views folder you will find PopupCrossSellProducts.cshtml that is used for showing the cross sell products in the Ajax Cart.

ChrisKaun wrote:
Any hints how to achieve this?
I would write some javascript to remove the "closed" class when a list-item is checked. Is there any event that I can use from ajax filters in my script?

Hi ChrisKaun,

Yes, there is an event after each filtration that you can use:


Hope this helps!

ChrisKaun wrote:
example of our shop (
We sell printer catridges but not every catridge is available for every printer.
We want to close the filter options for "Füllmenge" and "Farbe" on page load. When the customer picks any filter in the "Druckertyp" option, we want to unfold "Füllmenge" and "Farbe".
We will soon have ~50+ attribute values in "Füllmenge", thats why we first want the customer to select a printer so that the number of "Füllmenge" values that can be picked is reduced.

Hi ChrisKaun,

There is no such functionality out of the box so you will have to make some customization to have it working this way. You can hide the two options by default with css and show them only when the client selects "Druckertyp".