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8 days ago

Markus_AT wrote:

I'm completely new to nopcommerce and learning.
We are planning to set up a multi-vendor-marketplace. nopcommerce looks really good to us. But I'm missing a feature.
I want to show the locations of vendors.
So Nop Store Locator looked good to me - but I need a Nop Vendor locator ;-)!
It just should link to vendors. Do you think this might be possible?!
Generally, I miss the option to link the Store locator to a store to show products for example. Doesn't that make sense?! Maybe I missed it. And this should also map to a vendor.
Do you think, that could be possible?!
Kind Regards,

Hi Markus,

The Store Locator plugin allows you to enter any kind of information (free text) about the store, which means that you can easily call the stores to be "vendors" and put any information about the vendor there as well as a link to the Vendor's page in nopCommerce where you can see all their products etc.

22 days ago

timchallies wrote:
This error appears, please help me:
An item with the same key has already been added. Key: Nodes
System.ArgumentException: An item with the same key has already been added. Key: Nodes
   at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.TryInsert(TKey key, TValue value, InsertionBehavior behavior)
   at Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.ViewFeatures.TempDataDictionary.Add(String key, Object value)
   at SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.Knowledgebase.Controllers.KnowledgebaseController.Category(Int32 id)

Hi timchallies,

Please submit a ticket providing your exact version and access to your store so that we can check what is wrong!

22 days ago

Hi hongdandan001,

Please submit a ticket and we will advise you how to modify the stored procedure of the Ajax Filters.

devadmin wrote:

To reproduce 1) Add different products to cart 2) Go to checkout [just before confirming] 3) Now from cart drop down remove a product. Changes will not get reflected in cart. Ideally if you are in these pages if a change happens e from the drop down cart a force refresh might be a quick fix. I think this is a bug.

Hi devadmin,

I agree with you that it looks like a bug and it should refresh the page but at the same time the idea of the Flyout cart is to work with Ajax and not to refresh the page.
If we make it to refresh the page then some people may complain as they like the current behavior that does not refresh it.
Let's see what the others think about it and we might change this to trigger a page refresh when items are removed from the Flyout cart.

jakubz wrote:
Hi! we see blog posts are not included in sitemap? Is any way to fix that via RichBlog? or maybe we can change somewhere this set to include blog posts in sitemap?

Hi Jakub,

The Rich Blog does not add this ability as it is a Core functionality and should be part of the Blog functionality in nopCommerce.
The nopCommerce team has added ability to add the Blog posts to the sitemap in nopCommerce 4.30 (still not released at the time of writing) - you can see the github issue.

23 days ago

Hi guys,

We have been discussing this internally since Instagram was moved as part of the Facebook apps.
Updating the API is not a problem the problem is the process of approval of the Facebook apps and now Instagram respectively.
We have been submitting our Facebook app for review approval many times and they always reply with some new reasons to reject it. It could literally takes months to get your app approved by Facebook.
This is not OK since we can't have you(our clients) to go through so long process as it makes the plugin very unpractical. We are looking for some alternatives but most of them are quite unreliable and having an app with API access is still the best way to ensure that the plugin would work without any problems.

We seriously consider to deprecate the plugin until we find a solution.

If you guys have any ideas then we will be glad to hear them!

one month ago

hongdandan001 wrote:

Yes,We use “Ajax Filters” in search page and “Instant Search” in search bar,If we want
If we want the effect of the search box, who should we suggest

This is the URL of our website:

Have you modified the nopCommerce stored procedure that searches for products?
I guess you have done so and that is why there are differences in the search results as the Ajax Filters plugin uses it own stored procedure for the filter search, which by default should return the same results as the nopCommerce one.

one month ago

dological wrote:
i activate emporium theme.. with an SSL enable and now i have mixed content
do y know how can i fix that?

Hi dological,

You need to make sure your store URL in the Stores menu is with https i.e

Also it is good to set "Force SSL on all pages" from the General Settings.

Hope this helps!

one month ago

bdmizanur wrote:
Using your theme with plugins in nopCommerce 4.1 getting error of entity framework randomly and site stopped running. I think you already knew about this as about this already have git and nopCommerce forum post. Please give a solution, what we can do asap.

Error message: Operations that change non-concurrent collections must have exclusive access. A concurrent update was performed on this collection and corrupted its state. The collection's state is no longer correct.

Got errors in two times on last 8 days. Both times site stopped and came back after restart from IIS.
One is for Anywhere slider plugin and another is for Rich blog

I have added screenshots for both times.

Hi bdmizanur,

This is an error from the EF Core 2.1 that nopCommerce 4.1 uses.
It seems like a known issue that we can confirm is not present in nopCommerce 4.20 as it uses EF Core 2.2 (not 2.1 which has this issue).

one month ago

rchild wrote:

I am also having this issue with our website. Was there any solution to this?


Hi rchild,

Every case is different so we can't be sure if this is the same issue or not.
It would be best to submit a ticket so that we can investigate it further for you.