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15 days ago

ActionWebsites wrote:

When will an update for the free API Plugin be available for NOP 4.20?

Hi ActionWebsites,

We don't have plans to upgrade the plugin any time soon.

p.s: the plugin is available in GitHub so every developer that has some free time should be able to upgrade it.

one month ago wrote:

In the meantime, I realized that the plugin presents attributes in the filters that are associated with a product but with no stock, and they are still listed.

How can I hide attributes that are not in any product available in stock?



Unfortunately you can't load only In Stock products by default. There is a separate In Stock filter that you need to enable that will show you only the In Stock products and the available attributes respectively.

one month ago wrote:

Where do you set those values?

Thank you.

You need to go to the Catalog -> Attributes -> Product Attributes page (where you create the Product Attributes).
Then find the attribute that you want to have sorted values and edit it. Then you will see the Predefined Values and add them with the corresponding display order.

one month ago wrote:
Hi, I am having an issue ordering the values in the Ajax Filter Plugin. I am not able to get ordered the different attributes of the sizes of the shoes:


Anyone has an idea how can I order this list?

Thank you.

You can set some Predefined Values for that specific attribute i.e Size. There you have Display Order and order them in the way you want them to be ordered. Then the Ajax Filters will check if such predefined values exist and will use them to order the available attribute options in the same order.

tarekmahran wrote:

I know that this question is not related to your theme, but I am sure that you can help me achieve it. Currently, we are using RTL NopCommerce v4.2. in adding products in admin side everything is working as expected except Categories list which populated with the default categories names (in English) not the expected one (in Arabic).

Any recommendations for filling Categories list in the admin side when adding products with the proper Names according to the selected language.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Mahran,

The list of categories is built via a stored procedure called "CategoryLoadAllPaged".
Unfortunately the stored procedure does not take any language parameters so it will require customization of the Core code in nopCommerce.
In other words there is no easy way to do it.

one month ago

jakubz wrote:
Hi! is any posibility to set:
On mobile - use only "mobile css", and on desktop use only "desktop css"?

I guess with some customization in the Razor view files by checking every time if it is a Mobile device or not and include the appropriate files only you could achieve that.
But I won't rely on this as the resolutions of the devices could change and some mobile devices have higher resolution so you might need the desktop styling even for a mobile device (some tablets with higher resolution).

one month ago

jakubz wrote:
Today again it's changed… And element theme settings.lazy load images was set to false…
Is it normal behavior? when second set we have True?

Unless you are using some very old version of the theme for 4.10 (before March) then you should't use the theme specific setting for the lazy loading as it won't be used anyway.
You only need this setting to be set to True:


And it is set by default to True from the theme settings file in the theme plugin.

p.s: Maybe you have some mix of older and newer versions between the theme plugin, the theme and Core plugin.

one month ago

jakubz wrote:
Hi! i don't want use css bundling and start thinking to make one css where i combine all this files:

If i create file "styles2.css" and overwrite code and write:

This should work? or maybe you need this css also in other places / code? Do you try this?

PS Maybe you can tell me, where plugins have link to css? i check few and can't find place where you place link to css.

Maybe someone from you can help? our gogle insight  is weak, because we have too many files "blocking". After changes we should have 1-3 css…

Hi jakubz,

You should simply search for .css in the plugins Razor view files (.cshtml) and see where we reference them (it is a different view for each plugin).
I don't think it is a good idea to combine all css files into one simply because on some pages certain plugins are not included at all and this way you will end up with a lot of unused css that will be loaded (at least the page speed tool will complain about it for sure).

2 months ago

amiralma wrote:

Thank you for your response but this does not solve the issue. The bug is still there and it is unresolved. If there is no need for the “configure” for this plugin in plugin’s list then at least hide the button.
Please check this issue and solve it.

Thank you for your work.

I suggested you a temporary workaround so that you can access the settings until we fix it.
The issues is already solved. You simply need to download and update the plugin to get the fix.

2 months ago

adca wrote:
I am using 4.1 since February. In my installation there is no setting key named sevenspikescommonsettings.lazyloadimages. When i add manually there is no difference.

I just download 4.2 theme. I searched this setting key and nothing.
I searched also emporiumthemesettings.lazyloadimages key and i found one usage at .\Emporium\Views\Shared\_ProductBox.cshtml

like this:

var lazyLoadImages = settingService.GetSettingByKey("EmporiumThemeSettings.LazyLoadImages", false, storeId, true);

Similar code is in 4.1 version. May be i am missing something but also there will be a bug in there. Because when i switched this setting something happening: dissapper all images???

Hi adca,

In the version of February, even though you have the setting in the view the code that does the lazy loading is missing (the javascript is missing in the theme). That is why when you enable this setting it does not work. So please don't enable it as the images will disappear.

We planned to have theme specific settings initially but then decided to do it as a general setting that will be automatically enabled and used in all themes and plugins so that you don't need to set any settings manually.
This is how the latest version of Emporium theme in 4.1 and 4.2 works.
The code for the theme specific setting in Emporium in 4.20 is there but not really used and we will remove it (sorry for the confusion).

Simply update the theme to the latest version in 4.1 (even better if you simply upgrade to 4.20) and everything will work fine just like in our demo store.