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3 days ago

kwestground wrote:
When data source is custom you should be able to validate the products through ACL.

Hi kwestground,

We no longer support custom data source but even if we did the ACL check should be done as part of the custom data source.

7 days ago wrote:
Our company is on Nop 4.20 and were still getting loads of these error every few seconds

nopCommerce version 4.20
15 January 2020 14:15  

Error Mesage "Resource string (reviews.fields.rating.notgoodnotexcellent) is not found. Language ID = 1"

Can this be resolved
Best Regards

Hi Steve,

It is a problem in nopCommerce 4.20 as described here.

mkratzer wrote:

After testing, on initial category load there is no call to the ProductLoadAllPagedNopAjaxFilters SP. The SP is only called when selecting an attribute filter. The result being that the specification attribute filter options are not displayed on initial category page load if the user is not explicitly assigned a role associated to the category products.

So I assume we're back to the initial cause in that the AjaxFilters class methods are using the CustomerRoles virtual property instead of the GetCustomerRolesIds() extention method.

If you can contact me directly via the email in my customer profile, I'd be happing to discuss pricing for a customized build of the class DLL.

Hi mkratzer,

Please send us an email (it could be found on our Contact Us page) as we have disabled the PM functionality to prevent Spam.

one month ago

jdavisZebco01 wrote:
I am looking into adding a POS plugin to our nop site.
We are running nop 4.2 and considering the Venture theme.

Would your theme be compatible or would we need to have some custom work done

Hi jdavisZebco01,

You should check the nopCommere marketplace for POS plugins since we don't offer such a plugin.
Usually the integration with a POS system should happen in the nopCommerce backend so it should not affect the theme that is used.
In other words I don't think you will need to change anything in the theme when integrating with a POS system. In any case you can always submit a ticket and we will assist.

mkratzer wrote:

I appreciate the response. Unfortunately the use of CustomerRoles virtual property on the domain model makes it difficult to intervene in this case.

Its it at all possible to get a custom version of the v3.9 plugin DLL that uses the GetCustomerRoleIds() extension method in Nop.Services.Customers.CustomerExtensions as is used with the default Nop.Service.ProductService.SearchProducts() method and subequent ProductLoadAllPaged stored procedure.

Hi mkratzer,

You can actually override the execute stored procedure method and if it is a call to our stored procedure you can simply change the customer roles parameter.

mkratzer wrote:
Is there a way to get the Ajax Filters plugin to ingore product ACL for users with Administrator role?

We maintain our own custom application based on NopCommerce v3.9 and use your Ajax Filters plugin as part of this application, particularly for Specification Attribute filtering. As well, we make extensive use of customer roles and ACL permission to control product access as well.

We have two administrator type roles; a the default NopCommerce admin role and a second and somewhat restricted admin role. However, for both roles we want to effectively ignore catalog/product ACL restrictions for these users so that we don't have to explicitly add or otherwise maintain additional roles for the associated users.

In testing, I've modified the Nop.Core.Customers.CustomerExtensions.GetCustomerRoleIds() method to not only return the roles actually assigned to the user, but also include all other role Ids if the user is an admin. But it appears your Ajax Filters plugin doesn't utilize this method to get the customer roles Ids as I don't see that they are passed to the Ajax Filters stored procedure in the database.

Is there another core method that can be modified to pass all role Ids to Ajax Filters to accomplish the ACL override for admins?

Hi mkratzer,

Actually we do pass the allowed customer role ids ( AllowedCustomerRoleIds - comma separated list of ids)  to the stored procedure and here is the code that we use in nopCommerce 3.90 to get them:

//Access control list. Allowed customer roles
var allowedCustomerRolesIds = _workContext.CurrentCustomer.CustomerRoles
                .Where(cr => cr.Active).Select(cr => cr.Id).ToList();

Hope this helps!

venkatgoud143 wrote:

I'm using Minimal theme version 4.0 in this country and state not working properly in checkout process billing and shipping address.

Venkat Goud.

Hi Venkat,

Please submit a ticket and provide a link to your website so that we can check!

one month ago

rardVof wrote:
i am from Italy hello. Can you help me translate? /rardor

Hi rardVof,

Can you please elaborate on what you want to translate exactly?

If you want to translate the theme specific resources you can easily do so from Nop-Templates -> Themes -> Pavilion -> Manage Resources (see the page on our demo). Simply select your language and translate the resources.

2 months ago

Hi jkeeler,

Please note that the Loin popup uses Ajax calls to make the login.
So you need to make the redirect in the javascript instead.
Currently if the login is successful we simply reload the current page.
If you want to redirect to a specific page you need to change that code.
In the Pavilion.js file you need to find this function handleLoginModalPopup and change this line of code:

if (dataObj.find('#login-modal-window-static-resources').length > 0) {
                } else {

You need to change the code in Bold with something like this:

window.location.href = "https://your-new-location";

Hope this helps!

2 months ago

armscar wrote:
I have looked through the forum postings but can't find a solution. I have installed Pavilion theme and set up Mega Menus for two menus, one for categories on the left column, and one for header items. Both are working fine in VS on my local computer, but the menus are blank on the hosted site   Do you have any suggestions where to start looking for the problem?

Thank you,

Hi Chris,

Please note that any changes to the Mega Menu are kept in the database.
So if you are doing your changes on a local database then they will not be automatically available on your production database. So I guess this is the case and you simply need to setup the menu again on your production site.