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Thank you for reporting this!

It has been fixed and deployed so you can update the theme to get the fix.

officialreseller wrote:
We are yet to renew our theme and plugin licenses so I'm unable to submit a ticket.

The nopcommerce version is we have is 4.50.3 and the plugins match that version.

You can contact our sales team if you are about to renew as they can have some offer for you.
Then you could download the updated version (with the fix) and be able to submit a ticket etc.

officialreseller wrote:
Can anyone look into this, please?

Please submit a ticket as this is probably fixed (we need your exact version etc.)!

one month ago

Nowfal wrote:
we were using 3.70 version and brooklyn theme with colorconfigurator now have upgraded to 4.60 and purchased the latest theme and plugin as well but i am unable find the colorconfigurator so that some of the pages are getting an error is there any other plugin with this functionality or any work around to be done. Thanks

Hi Nowfal,

This is a custom plugin we have created for a client.
Simply upgrade the 3.7 source code version of this plugin to 4.60.

one month ago

Hi Ron,

If it was possible we would have added it as a setting into the plugin.
So it is not possible without some modifications to the plugin. wrote:
We are having similar problems.

Basic description: If you would like to migrate your DB from AWS to Azure (or similar) The migration tools ('Export data-Tier Application' or 'Data Migration Assistant') give the follwoing error:

One or more unsupported elements were found in the schema used as part of a data package.
Error SQL71564: Error validating element [dbo].[ProductLoadAllPagedNopAjaxFilters]: The element [dbo].[ProductLoadAllPagedNopAjaxFilters] cannot be deployed as the script body is encrypted.

So People will need solution. Please help.

Hi Omer,

That is because the stored procedure we use in the Ajax Filters is encrypted.
Please refer to this post.

Music Theme
2 months ago wrote:
When ive loaded our site a few times recently, I have heard music.Is this the normal behaviour on loading Emporium?

Typically, our Emporium theme does not include any automatic audio or music upon loading the site. It is designed to provide a seamless user experience with focus on visual content and easy navigation.

However, if you've customized your template or added any plugins or widgets, it's possible that one of these could be causing music to play. Alternatively, it could be an advertisement or embedded media on your site that is set to autoplay.

3 months ago

obineckoo wrote:
Hello, iam trying to follow guides , but with no luck

I have nopcommerce 4.4.3 source intalled, After I upload the theme, and try to build/run it, iam just getting error

Return type in method 'SevenSpikes.Nop.Conditions.Areas.Admin.Models.OverridedProductModel.<Clone>$()' on type 'SevenSpikes.Nop.Conditions.Areas.Admin.Models.OverridedProductModel' from assembly 'SevenSpikes.Nop.Conditions, Version=4.4.593.34178, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' is not compatible with base type method

thanks for any tips, or is there any way I can update theme to current version ?


You should use VS2019 with nopCommerce 4.40.

alpos wrote:
How can I auto-post my website store products to Instagram?

Hi alpos,

Unfortunately we don't have such a plugin that allows doing so.

DrDray wrote:
Hello -

Could someone guide me on how product specific Tab data (which appears to be stored in dbo.SS_QT_Tab) is mapped to products (dbo.Products)? I cannot see a simple mapping table in the database.

I want to produce product specifications and store them as a Tab.  I want to do this in bulk via the SQL Server but I cannot figure out how Tabs are mapped to products in SQL Server.

Thank you in advance

Hi DrDray,

Our mapping library uses a table called "SS_MAP_EntityMapping".
Simply map a tab to several products and then examine the records added into that table to get an idea how to do that with a script.