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TimW wrote:
Hi! Is there a paid option for the SevenSpikes plugins that is open source?
Were really interested in some of the themes, but our company asks that we obtain a open source copy of the assemblies to include with our codebase.
Tried reaching out to, but no luck!
Any insight would be very appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Hi TimW,

Please check your email as we replied to you!

2 days ago

dursunkarabatak wrote:

Hi Boyko,
_CurrentPageClass.cshtml view Up-to-date.

There are no problems with the theme and plugin.
This plugin(HelpDesk) does not work with the Emporium Theme. Is this true?

Can you please help me. How can I integrate it into mobile navigation? Is there a way, can you show me? It doesn't make any sense that way.

Desktop View >
Mobile View >



The plugin does not have a specific styling for the Emporium theme but otherwise it should work with it.

Please check if you have this file in the HelpDesk plugin (if you update the plugin you should have it):

7 days ago

dursunkarabatak wrote:
We are using the Help Desk plugin version SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.HelpDesk, Version=4.3.579.33586. Emporium theme installed. Our problem is: In the desktop view, there are ticket and ticket options in the left menu. But there are no ticket and ticket options in the mobile view.

Desktop View >
Mobile View >

Hi dursunkarabatak,

Please update the HelpDesk plugin + _CurrentPageClass.cshtml file in the Shared folder of the Emporium theme. The menus should be available now in the mobile navigation.

p.s: Please note that the HelpDesk plugin is not styled specifically for the Emporium theme so it will get the default styling for DefaultClean theme.

one month ago

cebina wrote:
Hallo Boyko,

i did new error

Themes\Pavilion\Views\Shared\_Header.cshtml(13,37): error CS1061: 'IStoreContext' does not contain a definition for 'CurrentStore' and no accessible extension method 'CurrentStore' accepting a first argument of type 'IStoreContext' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Hi Cebina,

Please note that any old code customization you have done will need to be "upgraded" to the new version of nopCommerce. The easiest way to do it is to check where IStoreContext's CurrentStore property was used and see how it is used in the new version of nopCommerce 4.40. This way you will be able to "upgrade" it properly for 4.40.

4.4 Bugs
one month ago

shootingsurplus wrote:
Have you guys had a chance to do the same with the rest of your themes?  Pavilion in particular?

Thank you!


Hi Wayne,

Yes, we have done this for most of our themes and especially the most popular ones i.e Pavilion, Emporium, Venture, Prisma, Avenue, Uptown, Brooklyn etc.

4.4 Bugs
one month ago

Hi guys,

The default Ajax Filters that come with nopCommerce are already styled for the Venture theme so you can use them instead of our Ajax Filters plugin.
We have made them to look pretty much the same as our Ajax Filters so probably you don't notice the difference.
Anyway simply update the theme and you should be able to use both.

one month ago

cebina wrote:
i already update my site to 4.40 and install new version of Pavilion theme, if i put my View and Content folder in theme folder come error, where and what am i doing wrong?


Themes\Pavilion\Views\Shared\_Root.cshtml(13,32): error CS1061: 'IStoreContext' does not contain a definition for 'CurrentStore' and no accessible extension method 'CurrentStore' accepting a first argument of type 'IStoreContext' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

Hi cebina,

The error you get is a compiler error as there is no longer CurrentStore property but this code in the Pavilion theme has already been upgraded in 4.40.
Please make sure you are using the 4.40 version of the Pavilion theme.
If you have already had the Pavilion theme you just need to upgrade as explained here (no need to install anything again).

2 months ago

thurnau wrote:
All the product pages load slow, the category are mostly ok. It's when you click on a specific item and it's way too slow.

Hi thurnau,

I just browsed your website and the product pages load pretty fast compared to the other pages.
In any case if you are using nopCommerce 4.40.3 then I would advise to update it to the very latest nopCommerce 4.40.4.

4 months ago

If you have followed the documentation this means that you have done only changes that are persisted to the database i.e configuration changes to the Plugins like creating a Slider etc.
So all the changes you have done will be automatically available in 4.4.

If you have done modifications to the theme files i.e .cshtml files then you would need to make these changes again in 4.4.

4 months ago

thurnau wrote:
4.40.3 product pages are loading too slow. I had updated to the latest NOP theme per my webmaster.
The NOP Demo store is very fast without a theme, the demo store with NOP's theme is broken on the product pages.
In the NOP forums, there are 2 other people complaining about NOP running slow on the their 3.40.3 as well, and at least one of them is blaming their NOP template.  

Hi thurnau,

We haven't noticed any of the product pages on our demos (we have more than 40 demo stores) to be slow. We use the latest nopCommerce 4.40.3 version.
Could point out (provide a link) to any product page where it is loading slowly?