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23 hours ago


I guess you have used the demo database for your store, right?
The errors you have are from the Scheduled Tasks in nopCommerce.
They make requests to the Store and your store URL seems to be set to the urban theme demo instead of your real Store URL.
Please update the store url from the Stores in the Administration of nopCommerce.

These errors are not related to any shut down of the website.

p.s: You should not use the Demo database for a production website.

fundamentalav wrote:
Hi,in the version
That all sounds great. How do I enable these in the version I purchased? There is no mention anywhere about these features not being available in the 4.0 version when I purchased it. I purchased this after 4.2 was already available and there was no mention of these major changes in the change log in emails I could find from you.


Hi Chris,

When you have purchased the plugin these changes were not available on our demo site since they were not done yet (we did them during the upgrade to 4.3).
I am afraid these changes can't be applied to previous versions of nopCommerce since they require DB changes, which we are allowed to do only as part of the upgrade scripts executed when you upgrade from one version to another. So in order to use the new functionality you need to use nopCommerce 4.30.
Yes, you are right. The new Slider is perfect for testimonials as you can write your own custom HTML but in the old version, you can still add an image instead of HTML (so simply add the testimonial text in an image).

18 days ago

Razib Mahmud wrote:
Hi, Is it possible to use Nop Ajax filters in topice pages? Or is there any way we can show the filter section in Topic pages?

Hi Razib Mahmud,

Since there is nothing to filter (no products) on the Topic pages then it is not possible to show the Ajax Filters plugin.

Size Variant
one month ago

nakamoto wrote:
I´d like to see how this template shows size variant. Are there any product with this variant ?

Hi Nakamoto,

Please check this product to see how a Size attribute looks like:

one month ago

VicBrit wrote:
Hi, I susbscribed to the newsletter and am planning to purchase the nop venture theme but I don't have the 10% discount code included in the welcome email. Is it automatically applied?

Hi VicBrit,

You should contact our sales for this (

one month ago

Hi guys,

Unfortunately this is not supported in the Ajax Filters.

2 months ago wrote:
I should add we're using version 4.2.575.31113 of Nop Ajax Filters for nop 4.20.

Here is how we get the category id:

if (_requestContext.RouteData.Values.Keys.Contains("categoryid"))
                filtersPageParameters.CategoryId = int.Parse(_requestContext.RouteData.Values["categoryid"].ToString());

where _requestContext is Url.ActionContext and Url is a property of the ViewComponent class.

So you can create a widget plugin and make sure it is integrated in one of the supported widget zone i.e left_side_column_before (also make sure you have these widget zones in your custom category page) and you can debug the code to see what could be wrong.

2 months ago wrote:
Is there logic inside the widget component to only render if the slug matches a category slug? We have a custom route like "/my-route" that is configured to go to the Category action in the Catalog controller, but with some extra route values as well. When this page is rendered, the filters don't show up, but they work fine on regular category pages. Just wondering if it's because the widget doesn't recognize that it's on a category page. Any ideas to make that work?


We do check for categoryid in the route data so if you don't have it then the Filters will not be shown.

2 months ago

michael.lemke wrote:
I have NopCommerce running on an Azure VM. After unzipping NopPavilionTheme_4.3.360.32357, I placed the Plugins into wwwroot\Plugins, and I placed Pavilion folder wwwroot\Themes.

Everything seems to be working fine, except for when I view the site on the largest possible screen size the CSS styling seems to disappear and the home page looks incorrect. For example, the home page displays the text "SEVENSPIKES.THEMES.PAVILION..." for all the links. Had anyone seen this before after installing a theme?


"SEVENSPIKES.THEMES.PAVILION..." these are the keys of the theme resources so it means that they are missing for some reason (it should not depend on the screen size).
It seems like they have not been imported during the installation of the theme.
Please submit a ticket and provide access to your store so that we can check for any errors in the Log and see why the resources are missing.

2 months ago

chrisod wrote:
I installed the free trial, and it's configured exactly like the demo,  BUT for addresses, all I get is first name, last and email address. Even when I specify that I want a new address.

Is this a limitation of the free trial?

Hi chrisod,

I don't think this is an issue with the trial version. The trial has other limitations but this one is not from the trial.
Please submit a ticket and provide access to your store so that we can check it and advise!