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amiralma wrote:
I tried to view my store in a tv sized screen by using an android box, but there were some problems with the responsive design.
Some of the features were out of shape and not in the right places.
I would appreciate any help or suggestion.
Thank you for your wonderful themes and plugins.

Hello amiralma,

the Emporium theme is fully responsive and all of the elements should respond to the device width and stretch their own as necessary.

However, that does not mean that all of them would scale e.g. the font-sizes would remain the same, the element heights, too. Only in some cases, e.g. the products images in the product boxes would scale since they need to keep their proportion.

I hope this clarifies things a bit.

Nop Tabs
29 days ago wrote:
Hi I would like to display NOP TABS as one below the other. i,e., the tab headings should display on the top. Contents should display one after another and it should occupy the full width. Say as I have five tabs, Overview, SPecs, Features, reviews and the like, these headings should display on the top.
The contents of the tab should be displayed one below the other. clicking on the header should didplay appropriate information. Please help me to achieve this.


Hello Pradeep,

what you want to achieve classifies as customization and you can use our Custom Work page to submit a quote for this.

Please also elaborate more on what you would like your final result to be, and if possible attach some screenshots or mock-ups. We will get back to you as soon as possible with our time estimation for the task.

one month ago

toanhnt wrote:
Hi, I have created a new category template (full width). Now I want to show 3 products per row. How can I achieve it?
My site is running on Emporium theme version 4.0
Thank you

Hello toanhnt,

this would require a lot of styling customizations on many resolutions and such major layout changes are not part of our scope of support.

If you are interested you can check our Theme Tweaks service which allows you to hire us to do custom work on your site and only pay of the time it takes to complete the task.

For cases like yours, we normally suggest the Theme Tweak option, which is up to 1 hour of time.

one month ago

svm wrote:
I have a question if this is possible to do:

Current behavior:
When we scroll down (on mobile devices) menu disappear and when you scroll up it appear again. I revived feedback from client that they have problem to see it.

Expected behavior:
When you scroll down or up - menu should be displayed always. Can you give me some hint how to do that ?

This is possible also to change color of that menu only on mobile for darkens (on site I'm using light one)?

Hello svm,

to show the mobile menu at all times, you can add the following code to your theme`s Custom Head Styles section:

.mobile.nav-top .responsive-nav-wrapper.nav-up {
    -webkit-transform: none;
    transform: none;

As for changing its color, you can also add the following code:

.mobile .responsive-nav-wrapper {
    background: #YOUR_COLOR !important; /* use the HEX code for the color you want */

Hope this was helpful.

one month ago wrote:
I'd like to remove the "Our Shops" title above the store locator map. It takes up too much space on the page. I have removed it from the two instances in the Resources.en-us within the plugin but it still shows on the screen. Can someone tell me where to find it or how I can remove this?

Update: I found "Our Shops" in the NOP string resources, and was able to edit, but not delete the title, which would be preferred. Any suggestions?


to achieve this, you need to add the following code:

.all-shops-page .page-title {
   display: none;

to this file in your file explorer:

~ Presentation/Plugins/SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.StoreLocator/Themes/DefaultClean/Content/StoreLocator.css

That is you are using only the plugin with the Default clean styling. If you are also using some of our themes, just add the code to your theme`s Custom Head Styles section in the admin panel and you will be good to go.

Style Bugs
2 months ago

jakubz wrote:
Oh, can you tell me if element theme variant 1 is supported?

Hello jakubz,

yes, the Sale of the day plugin is styled and fully supported by the Element theme.

2 months ago

toanhnt wrote:

This change is available for version 4.1 only or 4.0 as well? Let me ask my developer if he can change it.

Hello toanhnt,

to answer your question - this change is available for the current version which is 4.1 and all the future versions.

2 months ago

toanhnt wrote:
Greetings to all,

the localized URL`s for the info-boxes have been added in the Emporium theme and an update has been released.

If you update your theme, the changes will apply on your site too.

Have a nice day!

thank you for the change. Is there a way you can post how to implement the change here. My developer has made so many modifications to the theme. He said it will take much time for him to upload new theme and copy changes. Thanks

Hello toanhnt,

the required change is only in the theme`s plugin so you can replace only that and it will work. Make a back-up copy of it just in case, it is this folder:

~ Presentation\Nop.Web\Plugins\SevenSpikes.Theme.Emporium

Then replace it with the same folder from the theme package that you downloaded.

Hope clarifies things a bit.

2 months ago

Greetings to all,

the localized URL`s for the info-boxes have been added in the Emporium theme and an update has been released.

If you update your theme, the changes will apply on your site too.

Have a nice day!

2 months ago

toanhnt wrote:
Could you notify us here after implementation? thank you

Hello again toanhnt,

for sure we will inform you by posting here as soon as the task is done.

Have a nice day!