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bhavikm20 wrote:
Can it be possible to show om home page header? It is very convenient for user point of view.

Hello again bhavikm20,

unfortunately - no, you cannot show it on home page only. This would be a serious customization to the theme`s styling and markup.

Hope this answers your question.
Have a nice day!

18 days ago

bhavikm20 wrote:
Right now Emporium has a grey colour font in all pages but I want to change it with black font. how Can I do this?

Hello bhavikm20,

unfortunately, you cannot change the font color.

This is an overwhelming task since it would require for you to go through the entire theme`s styling and changed the values for only the texts that are using the grey color. And this has to be done all by hand since the same color is used in other elements of the theme, too.

Hope this answers your question.

prisma menu
25 days ago

develalexandr wrote:
Hello! We would like to create our website using NOP TEMPLATES. We sell furniture and home accessories. We choose Prisma for our store. But we have a question about it's categories... It looks like in "Kitchen" and other main categories there are just 4 subcategories :  Kitchen Cabinets, Dinning Tables & Chairs, Utensils, Dinning Set. Can we add more subcategories there and how much?

Hello develalexandr,

yes, you can as many sub-categories as you wish, you need only to edit your menu`s settings to show whatever number you like. Please look at the attached image.

one month ago

lllambias wrote:
Hi, I have nopCommerce installed with several stores running other nop-templates themes (Motion and Allure). Mega Menu works ok with them. I have just created a new store with Poppy theme, and when creating a menu for that store it is not displayed. Tried using a menu that works on other store, and it is not displayed either. No error logged. When I disable mega menu and enable nop menu to display Home, Contacts, Main categories, etc. nop menu is displayed correctly.

NopCommerce version 3.9
Poppy theme version: SevenSpikes.Theme.Poppy, Version=3.9.425.23986
Mega Menu version: SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.MegaMenu, Version=3.9.425.23986

Any ideas?


Hello lllambias,

please submit a ticket for this issue and include a link to your store and admin credentials for it so we can investigate what the issue might be.

Do not post your credentials here because other users will be able to see them too!

one month ago

Redby wrote:

we would like to use Prisma theme for our NopCommerce eshop. We already purchased this theme, but during implementing we found this bug.

In ProductReview view during writing review there is a problem with rating stars. For example if I click on 4 stars, only two are hilighted, click on 5 stars is hilighting only one star etc. When I submit review the correct number of stars is stored in db.

We are using version 4.0 of NopCommerce and the latest theme. I looked at version 4.1 which is using different view code. If I will replace element for rating with element from version 4.1 then it is working fine, only with wrong styles.

For me it looks like a bug. Can you give me some info how to fix it.

Thank you

Hello Regby,

thank you for pointing that out.

We have released an update for version 4.0 with the product reviews fixed.

You can safely update your Prisma theme and the Quick Tabs plugin and everything should work normally.

one month ago

bhavikm20 wrote:

Emporium is one the best theme on mobile view so far but header wishlist icon (besides Cart icon) is not showing.

Hello bhavikm20,

thank you for your kind words.

During the design phase of the theme, we decided that we should leave only the main features of the header visible at all times, that is why we move the Wishlist inside the menu on mobile.

2 months ago

baloghc wrote:

Is there a reason why the Ajax Filters plugin does not show on mobile devices (screen below 769px wide)? Is there an easy way to restore these or would it cause issues?

Hello baloghc,

the reason why the Ajax FIlters are not shown at all times on mobile screen is mainly better user experience. They would take up too much space on the page that you would need to scroll in order to reach the products.

That is why they are made to show when the filters button is clicked. Please refer to this  image

Hope this claries things a bit.

Basic Changes
2 months ago

swap_roy wrote:
I want to the mega menu stick on the top when scrolling down.

Thanks in advance.

Greetings swap_roy,

we can suggest a possible way to achieve this but have in mind that since this is not part of the original design of the theme - it has never been tested and if you encounter any issues in the future you would need to deal with them yourself.

Having that in mind, try adding the following code to your theme`s Custom Head Styles section:

@media all and (min-width:1025px) {
    .header {
         position: fixed;
         width: 100%;
         top: 0;
         left: 0;
         background: #fff;
         z-index: 1000;
    .admin-header-links {
        position: fixed;
        top: 0;
        left: 0;
        width: 100%;
        z-index: 1000;
    .admin-header-links ~ .header {
         top: 35px;
    .master-wrapper-page {
         padding-top: 163px;

dimitrishd wrote:

My website needs to display the categories in the main menu, but under them not the subcategories but some products in that categories with pictures.

Is this possible?

Hello dimitrishd,

there is no such possibility in the default nop-commerce system.

However, if you need any modifications done on your site you can look at our new service called Theme Tweaks.
It allows you to hire us to do any customizations you need on your site and only us for the time it takes us to do it.

3 months ago

JRon wrote:
Hi, I am wondering why is it not possible to have custom product list in the Category Product Collection (just like a tab with custom list in  Custom Product Collection)

It´s much easier to add the products that way, rather then using featured products.

How does the feature product list work, I thought, that products marked "show on homepage" would be categorized as featured product but my products that are marked "show on homepage" do not show up if I select featured  as a sort method

Hello JRon,

In order to have a Category collection, you need to have a Category and products associated to it. You need to be able to access that Category's page, too.

With Custom products you have no such page. This is precisely why the Smart Product Collections plugin has a separate section for Custom Product Collections.

You can always create a custom category with the products you want to show and then use the Category Product Collection functionality, otherwise, the Custom Product Collections is the only way to go.

As for the featured products, you are correct, the Show on home page option marks them as featured. There must be another issue there. You can submit a ticket for that so we can investigate what the problem might be.