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3 days ago

sksoni wrote:
I want to change the fontsize as well as fontfamily of whole word. From where I can change it?

Hello sksoni,

in order to change the font of the theme, you need to have some CSS and HTML knowledge.

First, you need to open the following file in your text editor:

~ Presentation\Nop.Web\Themes\ArtFactory\Views\Shared\_Root.Head.cshtml

and you need to change the following links to the google fonts, with link(s) to your new font(s):

<link href=',latin-ext&display=swap' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
<link href=',cyrillic&display=swap' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Then you need to open each of the files in the following location, in your text editor:

~ Presentation\Nop.Web\Themes\ArtFactory\Content\css

and replace each reference to the "Open Sans Condensed" and "Kelly Slab" fonts with the names of your new font(s).

If you are having trouble with the implementation of your new font you can use our Theme Tweaks service, which allows you to hire us to do custom work like that for you and only pay us only for the time it takes to complete the task. In this particular case, you need the Theme Tweak ($69) option. In its description you can see the following:

"... - Adding custom font to the store (font provided by customer)"

9 days ago

Jcomp wrote:

I'm not sure that this is related to Emporium Responsive Theme, most likely it is about the whole product including plugins.

Is Russian language pack available? I have about 1170 records in [LocaleStringResource] table where ResourceName started with 'SevenSpikes%' and ResourceValue is in English (For LanguageId = Russian).

Hello Jcomp,

unfortunately, we do not have language packs available. You would need to translate those by yourself.

However, most of the resources you mentioned are for the admin panel. If in the resource name there is the word admin, it means it is used in the admin panel. You do not need to translate those.

toanhnt wrote:
Hi, After I upgraded to version 4.2, the JCarousel displaying manufacturers is no longer blur (overlay) like before. In version 4.0, the logos are blurred, then clear on hover. Is there a way I can get this feature in ver 4.2?

Hello toanhnt,

thank you for reporting this. Indeed there was an issue with the opacity of the images, which we have now fixed and released an update of the JCarousel.

If you update your Emporium folder in the JCarousel plugin you will have the opacity effect as before.

Jcomp wrote:
I have a difficult time to add Font Awesome (or any other icons font) to the theme.
The problem is related to the fact that theme is using a pseudo selector for all element to change font-family:

*:before, *:after {
    font-family: "emporium-icons";
    box-sizing: border-box;

And if I comment out that, Font Awesome start working, but theme icons stop. What would you suggest?

Hello Jcomp,

we have done this because in general most of the pseudo-elements in the Emporium theme are used for icons, therefore it saves a lot of time to set the font-family for all of them at once, instead of repeating it over and over every single time.

In your case, since you are using FontAwesome, you can use some of their specific markup of class-names to write a more specific selector and override the font-family property e.g.

.fa:before, .fas:before, .far:before, .fal:before, .fad:before, .fab:before,
.fa:after, .fas:after, .far:after, .fal:after, .fad:after, .fab:after {
    font-family: "Font Awesome 5 Free";

Have in mind, that depending on the type of license you have for FontAwesome, the font-family name can vary. Please refer to this link - FontAwesome

Hope this was helpful and solves your problem.

OTH wrote:

The problem seems to be that the header of your website sticks, which is not a default functionality of the theme. Maybe you should consider calculating the height of the window and adding a scroll to it. The theme is not developed with a sticky header, and it is customized after the purchase, so we can not provide you with a fix for that. For such questions, you can submit us a ticket through our ticketing system and we would be happy to help or advice where needed.

Hi Valentin,

Actually I am using a code that you offered in another topic forum for the "Emporium Theme" - Under this link: that made it possible to stick the Header on the top.

But you say it would be better not to have the code for this to work?

I mean that Valentin was the one that offered the code.

Hello Odinn Thor,

and as I have mentioned in my post in which I offered the above-mentioned piece of code:
"... it has never been tested and if you encounter any issues in the future you would need to deal with them yourself."

This is a customization to the theme`s original design and is not in the scope of our support to handle issues connected to it. It works in the majority of cases but you cannot have both sticky-header and such long category-lists in the theme.

Hope this clarifies things a bit.

15 days ago

OTH wrote:

Can you tell me how I could make the letters be bigger or bolder?

Hello again OTH,

in order to make the letters bigger, bolder, or have any other specific styling, you can use the same selectors I previously gave you and add some CSS rules to them e.g.:

.is-in-stock {
   color: green;
   font-size: 18px;
   font-weight: bold;


.is-out-of-stock {
   color: red;
   font-size: 18px;
   font-weight: bold;


26 days ago

jakubz wrote:
Hi, maybe you know is it possible to don't show in ROPC tax, in order total?

Hello jakubz,

in order to hide the Tax in the Order totals section of the One-page checkout plugin you need to go in your admin panel -> Configuration -> Settings -> All settings, search for this setting name taxsettings.hidetaxinordersummary and set its value to True.

sksoni wrote:
I am implementing Alfresco theme in nopcommerce 3.80. In local Alfresco theme is not getting in full screen just like nop template Alfresco theme.

Is this noptemplate bug or problem in local only.

If local then what is the solution of that?

Hello sksoni,

there is no issue locally, the reason for this is because the Alfresco theme has been refactored since version 3.9 - the width of the content has been widened and some other improvements have been made.

And since you are using version 3.8, you have the narrower version.

If you like to have the wider version, as on our demo, you need to upgrade to at least version 3.9.

toanhnt wrote:

Is it possible if I want to make category collection of smart collection all to face from left to right? Also, if possible to have space between collections, maybe about 10px

Hello toanhnt,

unfortunately, this is not possible out of the box. Some customizations would have to be done to the theme and plugin CSS files.

Such customizations are not part of our scope of support but if you are interested you can take a look at our Theme Tweaks service which allows you to hire us for cases like this. We will do the theme customizations you want and you will pay only for the time it takes to complete the job.

In this case, the time required would be around 1 hour, so you should purchase the Theme tweak option.

Looking forward to your answer!

one month ago

toanhnt wrote:

Does this method work for version 4.2?

Hello toanhnt,

for the latest version of the theme, the above mentioned styling needs to be tweaked like so:

@media all and (min-width: 1025px) {
    .product-grid .item-box .add-info {
        opacity: 1;
        position: relative;
        height: auto !important;
        border: 0;

    .product-grid .item-box .product-rating-box {
        opacity: 1;
        margin-bottom: 10px;

    .product-grid .item-box .buttons {
        opacity: 1;
        position: relative !important;
        bottom: auto;
    .product-grid .item-box .description {
        display: none

    .product-grid .item-box .buttons a:hover, .product-grid .item-box .buttons
input[type="button"]:hover, .product-grid .item-box .buttons .ajax-cart-button-wrapper:hover * {
        height: 32px;

    .product-grid .prices {
        margin-bottom: 10px;

Hope this is what you are looking for.