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10 years ago

Hi support,

I would like to create a sitemap for the footer of the webshop, that shows the top level categories of the webshop dynamically.

Much like this site (scroll to the bottom):

Then I thought, hey the categories header menu can access my categories for the websop.

Problem is that I already have the header menu set up to a specific layout for the header. The CategoriesHeaderMenu.cshtml is in use for the header layout.

So my question is, would I be able to load another instance of the plugin for the footer using a different layout page that fits with the footer layout?
Can I for example copy and paste "CategoriesHeaderMenu.cshtm", and rename it "CategoriesFooterMenu.cshtml" and use that instead for the footer?

Thanks in advance

10 years ago

Well ok.

I managed to figure it out  :-)

10 years ago

Hi guys,

I realize that this question is not directly in relation to one of your products but I since I've experience such good support here I was hoping you could point me in the right direction to solve my problem.
Especially since you already have solved it in the "Shop All" theme.

My problem:
I'm customizing my NopCommerce skin at the moment, and when shoppers are browsing the webshop I would like to have the Breadcrump showing just below the horizonal menu navigation.

In your "Shop All Theme" you have customized it that way, that's why I'm posing in this forum section ;-)  

Can you tell me what code I need to put in which view so I get the same result as in your theme here? :-)

Thank you

10 years ago

Thanks very much support. Fast as always. Now it works ;-)

10 years ago

Support wrote:

Thank you for pointing this out.
It seems that we don't limit only the Home Page Feature Products for some reason :)
We renamed it to "Maximum number of items" and now limit the Home Page Featured Products to this number. Please download the zip package again to get the new version (it should be uploaded in about an hour).

That is great service!

Thanks it works now.

Support wrote:

If you move:

Then it should work.

I've done that :-)

Please take a look at my screenshot.

As you can see my file is under my theme at:

On the screenshot you can also see that Visual Studio seems to not recognize this

screenshot in Visual Studio wrote:

@model SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.JCarousel.Models.JCarouselModel
@if (Model.Products.Count > 0)
    var skin = Model.Settings.Skin;

    Html.AddCssFileParts(Url.Content("~/Plugins/SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.JCarousel/Themes/" + Model.Theme + "/Skins/" + skin + "/skin.css"));

10 years ago

I'm testing your latest plugin jCarousel and love it!

At the moment I'm customizing it to suit my theme. So I copied the NopClassic theme and renamed it to my own theme name.
I have however 2 things that I've found.

I've added it to the front page (homepage) containing the front page products and in the plugin settings you can set how many items you want in the slider.
It seems however not to work properly.
If I set it to only show 3 items, there is still 8 products showing up in the slider?

I wish to modify the view of the carousel.
I tried copying in the "View" folder from the root folder of the plugin and into my Theme folder.
Unfortunately it does not seem to read the View under my custom theme, when I make changes to it.
It still only reads the View in the root folder of the plugin.

Am I doing something wrong?

10 years ago

Thanks you.

It was the
SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.AnywhereSliders\Views\AnywhereSlidersAdmin\EditorTemplates\SliderCategory.cshtml that was missing.

When I added that everything worked.

My problem was that I was using WinRar to extract the plugin and had extracted into a folder path that was very deep with many characters.

Apparently WinRar has a limit of how deep into a folder structure you can extract files if the chracters of the path exceed a certain limit.

This causes Winrar to not extract those files, which in this case was

To solve the problem I simply extracted the plugin on the desktop instead and then all the files was extracted correctly by Winrar. No missing files.

10 years ago

Support wrote:

Hi JonJJ,

It is still a dropdown we haven't changed it.
Could you check if this view file exists:

Also did you run the upgrade script for the Sliders if you have upgraded from 2.5?

Best Regards,
Nop-Templates Support Team

My NopCommerce website is a new 2.6, but the database has been upgraded from 2.5 to 2.6.

Before when I was running 2.5, I also had your slider for 2.5.
When I decided to upgrade to 2.6, I uninstalled the core and all the other plugins from you.

I assume that when I uninstall your plugins, the tables created in the database are also deleted, right?

At least that was my assumption that they were, and when I would install the plugins for 2.6 it would be a new install with newly created tables.

If the tables are not deleted upon the uninstallation of 2.5, then that might be the problem. That would mean I need to run the upgrade sql script for 2.6.

I will also check that the view file exists... thanks

10 years ago

I just installed 2.6 Nop Cloud Zoom, first the core and then Cloud Zoom which is working great.

Now I installed Nop Anywhere Sliders 2.6 but I can't see any dropdown list of the categories when I create a slider for a category.
See screenshot.

No dropdown for category...

Did you change it to be a textbox in 2.6?

If so, how do I map it to a category?

10 years ago

Hi Support,

I got the problem solved. Not sure what solved it, but I upgraded my webshop to 2.6 and modified my skin accordingly.

Installed the latest core and cloudzoom for 2.60 and now it works!