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10 years ago

Hi support,

I need your help.
I just installed the Cloud Zoom plugin 2.50 to test it and have gone through the manual integration in my skin.

My problem is that the only Zoom Type that works is "inside".
All other zoom types will not load.

I don't get any error when choosing another zoom type but nothing happens when I preview my products details.

I have tried to restart my website without luck.

Hope you can help.

10 years ago

Support wrote:

This is a really good idea!
Would you mind suggesting it here:

Many Thanks

Thanks Support. I'm glad you like the idea.

I have suggested it now here:

People can vote for it.

I'm sure many webshop owners would love that posibility!

Would be awesome to have in the next update :-)

10 years ago

Interactive Product Points on slider image

An great idea that would make your slider even more awesome would be to introduce interactive points on an image in the slider, that points to products in the store.

If you've ever browsed the IKEA website, you will know what I mean.

Here's an example of the implementation using jQuery:

Here's a direct link to the demo of it:

I've tried to implement the above solution as a test on my test webshop, so you can see what I had in mind.
Here's you can see the result:

If this would be possible in your Slider, that would be really awesome and make your slider stand out above the rest. Also it would lead to more sales because a customer can just point and click ;-)

10 years ago

Excellent! :-)

The reason I asked is that I could not see from the Quick Tabs screenshots if there was the possibilty of modifying it in another language.

That settles it, we will buy all the plugins. :-)

10 years ago

Quick Tabs looks like exactly what we need to add additional information about a product or additional information about all the products in a certain category.
Well done!

I only have one question. Does Quick Tabs support multilanguage?

Our webshop has 2 languages and we would need to have the same information in the tabs in both languages. Especially for everyone in Europe, it is pretty common to have 2 or more languages in webshops.
So it would be pretty vital that it can be set up for multible languages.

Ah yes, thanks support! :-)

Hi Support,

Is there any way that I can place the Nop AJAX filters below the "Description" in the category page?

This is would be the same place as the stock filters are placed in the file:
CategoryTemplate.ProductsInGridOrLines.cshtml under

    @if (Model.PagingFilteringContext.PriceRangeFilter.Enabled ||  Model.PagingFilteringContext.SpecificationFilter.Enabled)
         <div class="product-filters">
            <div class="filter-title">
            <div class="filter-item">
                @Html.Partial("_FilterPriceBox", Model.PagingFilteringContext.PriceRangeFilter, new ViewDataDictionary())
            <div class="filter-item">
                @Html.Partial("_FilterSpecsBox", Model.PagingFilteringContext.SpecificationFilter, new ViewDataDictionary())
        <div class="clear">

     Instead of the stock filter above, I wish to insert Nop AJAX Filters here


I tried to use the same code as provided in the documentation but that is code for _ColumnsThree.cshtml file and it does not work in CategoryTemplate.ProductsInGridOrLines.cshtml


Thanks for the explanation.

Ok I see, so in other words the views does not work as of yet under your own defined theme for the filter.

It's not a problem, I will just modify the core views ;-)

I do believe that you should try as much as you can to replicate how the engine works in NopCommerce. So if you implement your own view under your theme in the AJAX filters, that should take precedence over the default view - just as in NopCommerce.

Thus if a developer has an understanding of how things work in NopCommerce, he will also immediately know how he should work with things in Nop Ajax Filters.

Support wrote:

Hi Jon,

Nop Ajax Filters are using the same default Category Template as in the DarkOrange theme in order to show the results with the filtered products.
So if you change the Category Template in the DarkOrange theme then you need to make the same changes in the Category Template of the filters.
You can find it here:

Nop-Templates Support Team

Thanks support for the reply.

I got it to work thanks to your support, however it was under "Catalog7Spikes":


where I changed the paramter from "2" to "3":

   <div class="@Model.NopAjaxFiltersSettingsModel.ProductsGridPanelSelector.TrimStart(new [] {'.'})">
        @(Html.DataList<ProductModel>(Model.Products, 3,
            @<div class="item-box">
                @Html.Partial("_ProductBox", @item, new ViewDataDictionary())

Applying changes only to my theme

After that I wanted to make the changes only in my theme and not the core of the plugin.
I tried copying the view to my theme instead and made the changes there but it did not work.

I tried putting the file from:


to my theme at:


Yet still it only shows changes made in the original views.
Any reason why it shouldn't work?

Hi Support,

I'm evaluating your products at the moment and so far it is looking good!

I'm creating my own theme in NopCommerce and have changed it to load 3 datarows in the product grid.
So you see 3 products per table row instead of the default 2.

With the Ajax Specification filters where can I tell it to load 3 data rows, instead of the default 2?

Thanks in advance,