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10 years ago

Using Firefox or Chrome for Android on a Nexus10 tablet, the main product page image disappears when a ribbon is applied on the product page. Issue noticed on the themes demo page:

10 years ago

Similar issue just raised on NC 3.3 forum (here) ...,

To make replying to a quick-tab contact us email easier, is the "commonSettings.UseSystemEmailForContactUsForm" = "false" setting supposed to work for tab-generated contact us e-mails? If not, can we change the "from" e-mail field to reflect the customer's address and/or do any other template modifications?


10 years ago

Sensitivity issue with jCarousel on chrome browser after fixing previous issue. Basically, now it's too sensitive and swiping the screen up or down with a carousel underneath the swipe path gets translated to a touch action.

10 years ago

Hey Bob, I appreciate the discussion and the time you took to look up how my site lays out for IE8 customers. I do agree with you that there should be fundamental cross-browser support and since IE8 is still in use, this makes sense. Thanks again!

10 years ago

[email protected] wrote:
I am surprised with your statistic that 25% of the browser activity is IE 8 -, but this is not the goal of our discussion.

What I tried to explain in my previous post is that the theme works on IE 8 - you can open the demo and browse freely the theme. My main goal was to explain that no mobile devices use IE 8 and that is why resizing the browser as seen on your demo does not make sense. I doubt that any customer will open a site and normally will start resizing the browser. If you browse normally the theme in IE 8 without resizing the browser, the theme works fine.

But we are going to fix these issues so that even when resizing the browser in IE 8 the layout will not change even though that this is not a real live scenario.

That's great news and truly appreciated.  In response to your other comments, this is going off-topic now so Ill try to keep it short.  

1. Its a huge mistake for developers to assume the "right" way users should be using their software, or that how they use their software should be whats considered "normal."  I have no idea how others will use my software, but it has to work right regardless.

2. Your stats are skewed because they focus on browsing, not e-commerce which is what we really care about.  Its changing, but most e-commerce still occurs on the desktop which IE8 still dominates:

Anyway, off-topic rants aside, thanks again for the great support.  Its much appreciated!


Hi Bob and Boyko, et al,

I follow this post because I did have some issues with initial release that have since been resolved (thanks guys!) and I couldn't help but witness the last few posts and Bob's closing argument.

I actually watched your video captures and checked my Google analytics data to see if this is ever a scenario for my customers, because it would be in everyone's best interests to fix it if it were.

My findings, especially from your video examples, were on the same page at the Support team in that, if anyone still uses IE8 and decides they need to narrow the browser that far on their laptop or desktop, they should already have seen that it looks better when it's slightly wider and know (from their experience with IE8) that it may very well be an issue with IE8. The customer basically isn't going to nit-pick the layout as much as we do as site owners.

As far as your percentages on how many "desktop" users still rely on IE8, that's (thankfully) no where close to any data I've pulled from actual, real-world google analytics in a live and thriving website, over the course of 3+ years. The actual count of IE8 users was more like 2 in 1000 total visitor, or 2 in 100 desktop browser users (2%) the highest being Chrome, Safari, Firefox & IE10+.

Getting to your comment that desktops still dominate ecommerce - that's actually not the case anymore, as my data has consistently shown a spike in the number of visits by and purchases from mobile devices has eclipsed desktop visits and sales and has been trending that way for nearly 2 years now. Especially now that I'm using a fully responsive website.

Taking in consideration the time these developers have put into designing compatible solutions based on real-world, current trends - I'd say they're focusing their energy in the correct direction and may be spinning off course by going back to add support for a browser segment that does not pay most website owner's bills.

I hope I didn't offend you, I just needed to throw my findings into the discussion because I too wondered if this was going to be an issue for my customers. And it hasn't been. =)

10 years ago

Quick and easy way to make your YouTube videos adjust automatically to the tab width across responsive screens - simply change the width to 100%! I kept my player height at 240 so that most, if not all videos will play back in proper proportions on even the smallest handheld device...

<iframe width="100%" height="240" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe></p>

You can see this video in a related product's tab at:

*NOTE: while the video is initially stretched and cropped before being viewed, it plays back normally with black side-bars on wider display areas, and in my opinion it doesn't look bad to start with so it shouldn't affect customer perception.

10 years ago

Boyko wrote:

I'm having a customer issue that was reported twice now and I am not sure how to fix it

Here's is what has been happening with two customer issues so far

he problem I am having now is when I go to "checkout", it wont let me go any further. Two days ago, it let me put in my address and enter my other info. but when I went to enter my debit card number it wouldnt go any further. it keep going back to the same screen (the one where I enter my card number).

It looks like its looping back - its the second time I've heard the problem in only launching 2 weeks ago and i'm just wondering if its a bigger problem than I know and I'm losing orders because of the looping problem.

Please advise

Hi doyoubake,

We can't really say that this is a problem in the template most probably it is not as the template itself is styling + additional functionality with the plugins but none of the plugins is related to the checkout process.
The possible reasons to your problem could be the payment method that you are using or any modifications (if you have done any at all).
If you can provide us a link to your web site we should be able to take a look and advice.
Any additional information would be much appreciated i.e what browser are you using and the steps to reproduce the issue.


Try having the customer delete the browser cache and cookies. And you should also clear the NC app cache & restart the program in admin - especially if this happened after changing the checkout style, a shipping plugin or payment plugin. Hope that helps!

10 years ago

Boyko wrote:

Hi Matt,

Yes, it was helpful. Seems like google has changed some of their events in a recent chrome update. It is fixed now. You need to update the Core plugin only to get the fix.
Please let us know if you have any problems.


Works PERFECT!! Thank you :)

10 years ago

Milen wrote:

5) Chrome mobile/tablet browsers - touching jCarousels products does not take me to the product page (it does nothing). works fine on firefox browser app.

---> We are currently looking into it. It is a strange behavior which is not always reproducible.

this issue only happens to me on android Chrome browsers, not webkit (stock) or firefox. what appears to be happening is a sensitivity setting on chrome is set too high and it thinks a user is trying to slide to the next carousel item instead of clicking to follow it's link. I can successfully go to a jcarousel product page only when I make an exact touch gesture - with not even the slightest movement in any direction.

hope that points you in the right direction. :)

10 years ago

FYI - there is a deformity issue with the bottom bar on Re-Captcha (privacy & terms) that displays wrong unless you use the following line in styles.css to remove the privacy block:

span#recaptcha_privacy {

Is there a way to make it display correctly while keeping the privacy & terms at the bottom? either way, it's not that important for most users to have that link.

- Matt