8 years ago
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Showoff how you have integrated the Nop Quick Tabs in your store to the rest of the community in this forum.
8 years ago
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I am using the Nop Quick Tabs for our product pages on my website. I have it tabbed for the Overview, Specifications, and Reviews.
Brian Weston
EDCOR Electronics Corporation
5 years ago
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Quick and easy way to make your YouTube videos adjust automatically to the tab width across responsive screens - simply change the width to 100%! I kept my player height at 240 so that most, if not all videos will play back in proper proportions on even the smallest handheld device...

<iframe width="100%" height="240" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe></p>

You can see this video in a related product's tab at:

*NOTE: while the video is initially stretched and cropped before being viewed, it plays back normally with black side-bars on wider display areas, and in my opinion it doesn't look bad to start with so it shouldn't affect customer perception.