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5 years ago

I like that idea.

7 years ago

Yes, I know about the schedule. How do you make it override another scheduled slider? As I see at the moment, If you have a slider you would want to show up on February 14, you would have to create a slider for February 1 though the 13, a slider for the 14, and another slider from the 15 to 28. What I am asking for is to create a slider that is for the whole month of February, but create a new one that will override the February slide and show one just for the 14.

I have created sliders for each month. I would like to be able to add a slider for special days that will show up on those days instead of the monthly slider.

7 years ago

It would be nice to have a way to have a slider override another slide. For instance, you have a slider that show for the month of February, but you want a specific slider to show on February 14 instead of the standard February slider.
It would be nice to be able to set up sliders to show up on specific days and override any other slider scheduled for that day in that widget zone.

8 years ago

Is there a way to have it email you when someone submits a ticket?

8 years ago

I have been using your themes and extensions and find them top notch.
A couple of suggestion for you Nop Attachments extension.
First, it would be nice to have a filtering system in the Manage Attachments. This would help when managing a large number of attachment. Like a filter for the name and file extension and even if possible the mapped products.
It would also be nice if under the Automatic Conditions for selection, you could select a Specification Attribute. This way, if you have a specification attribute for a dimensional drawing, it could automatically map the attached drawing file to the product.
Another nice feature would be is a page search for customers. Like a support page where they can search for manuals, drawings, ect. The customer can enter a product or drawing number and get a result with download links. This would also be great for other document downloads like compliance document, QC manuals, or document for employment and employees.
It would also be nice to go down you list of attachments in the Manage Attachments and see what attachment are mapped to products or not. This way if a product has been deleted, but the attachment is still there, you can take care of it easily.
It would also be nice for some statistics of what files are being downloaded. You can then judge what file you really need on your site. For instance I have a PDF, DXF and DWG of a drawing for each product. If I could see that the DXF files are not being downloaded. I could remove them.
These would be great for a pro edition of this extension. Just a few thoughts.

9 years ago

I am running nop3.2 with ShopAll theme. When I view the site with FireFox I am getting the menu bar on two line instead of one. When I view it with IE, Chrome, Opera, or Safari it renders correct. The text in the menu also seems to be floating to the right instead of the left. Any ideas?

10 years ago

Nop 28 did add custom values, but they do not allow you to ad a link to them. I agree it would be nice to have a section or quick tab that would allow you to ad downloadable document to a product page. I have over 1000 products each with it's own manual and drawings. Right now I have to put them in the Full description, but they should be under specifications or a section for downloads.

10 years ago

I have the Shop All them for version 2.8 When I go through it I do not see the wishlist button on the product page or sub catalog page. Am I missing something or a setting? When I view the Quick View pop-up page it is there.

11 years ago

I would have to say, that plug-in would be nice. I could see it being used as a way to replace the standard "related products" and what "other also purchased" products at the bottom of a product page. Some of my products may have 5 to 10 products that are related to it. I really try not to add more than 6 related products because of the number of rows it adds and the product page become very long. By having a slide bar of say 3 to 5 product would keep the page length down and would allow the customer to scroll through them if the wish. This would also be nice for new products added. You could have a slide bar at the bottom of your home/catalog page where you could have a slider of the recently add products.

Could you please supply a link to add and vote on this type of plugin?


11 years ago

I am sorry, I miss understood. No, I do not think this would work for you.