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8 years ago

Hi, when I set up this plugin and select some widget zone countdown timer show on 4 places no meter what I do.
Is there solution for this issue? I use Nop Smart theme  


8 years ago

I just install theme and I think I have some feedback for you:

1. When I use Nop PrevNext Product plugin on Fresh Theme color presets I get blue icons for prev and next. 

2. SEO plugin crash my site until I didn't create Smart SEO Template

3. Mega Menu plugin doesn't look good if I use "Infinite categories sublist" in "Category Menu Settings". 

4. On product page Entered Quantity text and cart part overlap each other ( I use Chrome )

Hope that my observations was helpful!?

9 years ago

Can I move Newsletter and Recently viewed products boxes from right to left column. What I wont to do is transfer my theme from three column to two column layout! Is that possible?

Best regards!

9 years ago

Can I hope to get reply soon??


9 years ago

For example name of product and description doesn't change but price of the product is!

9 years ago

Hi, I use Copy product feature to enter products to store but after I realized that I still have title of product and description of first product that I use to create others.

In admin panel everything looks good titles are correct for products. I try with deleting portal and browser cache, restarting application etc. but problem is still there.

You can look my shop and example on temp address.

9 years ago

Yes, that did the trick!

Great support as always!

9 years ago

Hi, I try your solution but it didn't work.
I have Resource name: sevenspikes.themes.motion.common.featuredcategories and value: Featured Categories but still getting same message on home page LINK

I could use some assistance...

9 years ago

Tnx, great support as always!

9 years ago

What is recommended size for pictures because my category featured pictures on home page does not show good - thumbnail picture show as small. Where can I set these settings or it should be automatic?? (see my site that I'm working on:

Best regards