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one month ago

Could it possible to have product attributes tab? I have some computer systems configurations that have a lot of customization options and it pushes the overview and tabs way down the page.
Like, have the Tab be something like this.
Overview|System Configurator|Specifications|Warranty|Reviews|Contact Us

Thanks Chris

one month ago

Inspecting the HTML and CSS on the page and sales campaign css file in the plugs in the folder I can't figure out what the ID or class selector is to be able to style the wrapper or the text in it. All the css for it shows up as inline. What are the ID and or class selectors I need to use to style the wrapper and text for the category and product box sales campaign section?

Thanks Chris

one month ago

I notice there is a setting.xml file in the plugin folder.

1. If I make changes to this like color and text settings does it change this for existing campaigns or just the defaults for new campaigns?

2. Is "SaleCampaignProductPageCustomization" for the Countdown timer ( Product page )tab?

3. Is the "SaleCampaignCategoryPageCustomization" for the Countdown timer ( Product Box )tab?

4. For the clock type sections, what is the syntax for the other clock values?
The default value <Value>DaysHoursMinutesSeconds</Value> The syntax for the first 3 choices of "Sales Ends In" is obvious. For the "On Sale Till" though it is not obvious what the correct syntax would be.

4. Can the custom CSS section be put in the settings.xml?
Something like this?
<Setting Name="SaleCampaignCategoryPageCustomization.SaleCampaignCategoryWrapperBorder-Radius">

<Setting Name="SaleCampaignCategoryPageCustomization.SaleCampaignCategoryNumberBoxBorder-Radius">

5. Question on Border-Radius. I notice the custom CSS is only available on the ( Product page )tab and does not seem to affect the Preview on the ( Product Box )tab.
Does this mean Border-Radius can not be used on the Product Box view?

Thansk Chris

Hi,in the version
That all sounds great. How do I enable these in the version I purchased? There is no mention anywhere about these features not being available in the 4.0 version when I purchased it. I purchased this after 4.2 was already available and there was no mention of these major changes in the change log in emails I could find from you.


Not sure if there are major feature differences between the ver 4.0 and 4.3 that are not documented or I'm using a plug-in version that was released before the features I am seeing available on your admin demo site.
I am using the most current available version on my account  
SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.AnywhereSliders, Version=4.0.1399.32560
In the installed version on my 4.0 site, I do not have the slider type options listed in this picture on your web site.
I do not have the mobile breakpoint option.
Once a new slider is created and I go to create a slide it is only the slider image not the drop-down menu choice of Picture/Content like on the admin demo site.

You do not seem to bother to keep you changelogs up to date since the last thing listed is form 2018 and there is no mention of the huge changes between the version I have and the one on the demo site.

I was hoping to use this for displaying a testimonial slider which if the content slider option was there would seem to be perfect for this.

Please clarify why this is not available. I've tried a couple of companies options that did not work well at all and have had good luck with your products so hoping it is something can stay with.

Thanks, Chris

I am creating a Category Product Collection I want to use to display a tab with the sort method "featured" as a way to show featured products on the home page. I also want to have a new/bestseller or featured collection display on each of the main category and manufacturer pages.  Is there a way to prevent NOPs built-in featured products widget from showing up from also showing up on the category and home pages built-in "featured product"?
Thanks Chris

9 months ago

Was hoping there could be a option add seo tokens to blog and or news posts.
Main issue which made ask for this is when a log post gets shared on social media it does not use the Body or Body overview for the description. It just puts in the global generic web site description.
Maybe this is something for the Rich Blog plugin instead?
Have it so that social media posts use the blog posts description or overview description.

9 months ago

Is possible or are there any plans to add SEO Templates for Blog, News and forum posts?
Thanks Chris