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5 years ago

Thank you very much for the info, the funniest thing I wasn't even using the Popup maker, I just used some code from Mailchimp and loaded it that way. I didn't like the look of the popup maker plugin.

Now that I know it was the issue, thanks to you I have uninstalled it and my buttons are perfectly fine again.

Take care.

5 years ago

Hey guys,

Ok this is an odd one. I have been running my store for a few months now and everything seemed to be working fine. Got all the little changes done I needed.

Today a customer sent me an email saying my buttons were blank on the login page and I check he's right.

Go here -

You will see the register and login buttons show as blank buttons, until you hover and then they become BLUE boxes...

Up until a few days ago they had the regular darker text in them so there were visible without hover and then when hovering it came up in the purple accent color in use on the rest of the site.

Any suggestions on where to go to sort this out?

Modify Title
6 years ago

Valentin wrote:

you change the text in the Rich Blog title you need to go to your theme administration panel -> Configuration -> Languages and click Edit on the present language. In the search field search for this SevenSpikes.Rich Blog.Public.LatestFromBlog. When you find it click Edit and write whatever you want, then click Update and then Save.

To change the font of the title you need to go to Nop-templates -> Themes -> ArtFactory -> Settings and add the following code to your Custom head Styles section and replace YOUR_FONT with the name of the font that you said you already have included in your theme:

.rich-blog-homepage .title strong {
font-family: YOUR_FONT;

Worked absolutely perfectly, thank you very much for your help. Great plugin by the way

Modify Title
6 years ago

Hi there,

Just installed the rich blog plugin and testing it out right now. Two things I would like to know right off the bat.

First of all, "Latest from blog" is not proper English. It should read "Latest From The Blog" or "latest from our blog" where can I edit that?

Plus I am using NOP ArtFactory theme and I would like to change the default font being used on the title.. I believe I changed it elsewhere on the site using css from them.. any ideas?


6 years ago

Well I'm back I'm sure you missed me. I am only asking this stuff because I really don't want to search though thousands of lines of .css

I am wondering where in the styles sheet I would find reference to changing the font size on the product page for the "short description" as there is no editor there to do it.


Accent Color
6 years ago

I don't know how to delete a post.. I ended up finding what I was looking for. It was actually coded at an RGB color and I was looking for hex codes... it's all good now. Thanks

6 years ago

ZornitsaIvanova wrote:
This is the styling of the image squares and there is nothing to be done without breaking the design concept. I will recommend you to apply your solution and left only one or two letters. The only thing that could help to have a better look is to have the images square with 30px width and 30px height.
Hope that helps you

Thanks for your help on this one. I think I am going to stick with the buttons for colors only and the other items I will use pull down menus. Most of my customers are much older and reading those little buttons will be very hard on them. But your support for my questions has been great, thank you

6 years ago

Again, worked perfectly... it's like you guys actually know what you are doing :-)

Thank you

6 years ago

That worked perfectly, thank you very much. Much happier with the product page now.

6 years ago

Hi there, I guess I might as well ask all my questions at once. I think we are on quite different time zones so it seems when I wake up in the morning you have seen my questions. So thank you in advance. I have included a pic of my product page, how do I move the info in the RED box to be up above the stuff in the blue box? Basically I want the attributes right below the description. Thank you.