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6 years ago
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It's true that when the add to cart button is disabled the user may not have information why the button is disabled.
Unfortunately, there is no such functionality in the Ajax Cart plugin and we have not planned to implement such a functionality in the near future.

As I can see that you have a license for the Product Ribbons plugin, I would like to suggest you try using that plugin to create a ribbon for the out of stock products. You can notify your customers that a product is out of stock with that ribbon.
You can create an out of stock ribbon by creating a ribbon with a condition:

Condition Type: Product
Condition Property: Quantity
Operator: Equal To (it can be Less Than if the value is higher than 0)
Value: 0

Hope that helps!
Anton Ivanov
3 years ago
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Hi, we actual change theme to pacific... and when Client miss information from ribbon... not see after Add to cart information "product is out of stock".

Maybe it's possible to add on this pop up window also information about availability? I found something old
 @await Html.PartialAsync("_Availability", Model)
                if (Model.DisplayBackInStockSubscription)
                    <script type="text/javascript">
                        $(document).ready(function () {
                            $("#back-in[email protected]").on('click', function() {
                                displayPopupContentFromUrl('@Url.RouteUrl("BackInStockSubscribePopup", new { productId = Model.Id })', '@T("BackInStockSubscriptions.NotifyMeWhenAvailable")');

                                // Close the Quick View window.
                                var kwindow = $(".quickViewWindow").data("kendoWindow");

                                if (kwindow != undefined && kwindow.content() !== "") {

But i'm little worry to use it. Is easy way to add this to add to cart view? maybe this should be "option" to enable/disable i admin settings. Earlier we do theme tweak, but now it's not possible.
3 years ago
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To earlier post. We add it to: _ProductVariantOverview in NopAjaxCartCatalog