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2014 Small Business Marketing Trends – what to expect?

2014 Small Business Marketing Trends – what to expect?

With a new year comes the opportunity to re-evaluate your marketing strategy and to work up a plan for the next 12 months. Not an easy task to handle, I am sure. If you are a small ecommerce business building up a marketing strategy can be pretty tough. Not having a big budget at your disposal, you ...

Why video marketing is so important today.

Talking about video marketing I can’t help but bombard you with some stats straight away:

  • the prediction is that by 2015 the number of online video consumers will reach 1.5 billion.
  • adding a video to your email marketing can increase the CTR by 96%.
  • having an explainer, how to, or product video...

Responsive Web Design – what it is and why you should care?

The Takeover of Mobile Internet – a hypothesis or a trend?

Abandoned Shopping Cart -The Curse of the E-commerce Business.

I am sure all of us who are in the e-commerce business have noticed the following trend. Clients visit your website, add products to their shopping carts and then disappear never to return and checkout. The three cursed words describing this phenomenon are - abandoned shopping cart. Statistics shows...