Responsive Web Design – what it is and why you should care?

The term responsive design has been around for a while now and it has definitely caused quite a commotion. Many say that it is just a hype, while others think about it as a trend that is going to shape the web marketing and development for decades to come.

With the rapid rise of the mobile internet users and the predictions that desktop usage will eventually get obsolete, it is clear now that businesses should respond to this evident market shift. No matter what your online business is, to neglect this tendency will mean to neglect all your mobile visitors and the money they are willing to spend purchasing your products.

This is especially true for the e-commerce business. If you run an online store and if you have been asking yourself what the benefits of the responsive design are and whether your e-commerce store needs to get responsive, we would like to answer this for you.

The most obvious benefit of responsive design is that you are going to reach a bigger number of potential customers. Your mobile customers are not going to bounce off your website but browse through it and shop, without difficulty.

Responsive design is different from mobile web sites as you only have to maintain one website with one markup, which adapts itself and looks good on all devices: desktop, tablet, smartphohe, e-reader, etc.

Responsive design is also an investment in your website SEO. Search engines are most probably going to factor in responsive design in their page rank algorithms in the future. And if they are not already doing so and rewarding your responsive website, the fact that your responsive design allows more visitors to stay more on your website and do more conversions is enough to boost your SEO standing significantly.

The following infographic explains what responsive design is, what its advantages are and why you shouldn’t overlook it.

In the last couple of months we at have been working on introducing responsive design to our nopCommerce premium themes. We are sure that this innovation will help our customers explore new business opportunities and drive more sales and revenue their way.

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