2014 Small Business Marketing Trends – what to expect?

2014 Small Business Marketing Trends – what to expect?

With a new year comes the opportunity to re-evaluate your marketing strategy and to work up a plan for the next 12 months. Not an easy task to handle, I am sure. If you are a small ecommerce business building up a marketing strategy can be pretty tough. Not having a big budget at your disposal, you need to be smart about it and think twice before you invest.

To be able to make the right decision, first you need to have the right information. The following infographic shows what will be the 2014 small business marketing trends. Here are some of the main points you might take into consideration:

  • Mobile – 2013 was predicted to be the year of responsive design and this holds absolutely true for 2014. Shopping is already big online and you have to be sure that your online store can be accessible through any device. If you haven’t considered responsive design yet, now is the chance to catch the last train leaving this station.
  • Online Video – why you should consider online video? Because video sells. By simply adding how to, product or explainer video to your site you can increase traffic by 20%.
  • Social – if you haven’t considered social networks for your marketing mix yet, I have one simple advice for you: just do it. It is not necessary to use all social networks. Choose the ones most suitable for your business and start building your presence.
  • SEO and Content – I put these last trends together, because for me they simply go hand in hand. Providing valuable content, will not only attract more visitors to your site, but increase sufficiently the chances of turning these visitors into customers. It is not enough anymore to have the right keyword density and meta tags to rank high in the organic search. Having a relevant content is a must for boosting your ranking.

We at Nop-Templates. com try to keep up with the new ecommerce trends and to create products which can help our customers build a successful online business. For those who have already chosen nopCommerce for their ecommerce stores, we have good news. All our themes are responsive, which will ensure that your customers have a pleasant and ceaseless shopping experience on any mobile device. With our Nop Quick Tabs plugin you can add a video to your products in no time.  It is so easy you will start wondering why you haven’t done it before.  What about SEO? Here comes our powerful Nop Smart SEO, which adds dynamic and relevant content to your meta data tags for products, categories and manufacturers. All that is left for you is to start generating relevant content.

If you are wondering what to expect from us in the next couple of months, we are working on a social suite, which will boost your online store presence in the social networks. We also have one more plugin coming which will give you yet another option to add videos to your nopCommerce products.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from us!


The infographic is courtesy of www.affinityexpress.com