Why video marketing is so important today.

Talking about video marketing I can’t help but bombard you with some stats straight away:

  • the prediction is that by 2015 the number of online video consumers will reach 1.5 billion.
  • adding a video to your email marketing can increase the CTR by 96%.
  • having an explainer, how to, or product video on your site can increase the traffic by 20%.
  • your brand recognition can be increased by 76%.
  • video ranks better in search engines, in fact youtube is the second largest search engine.

Why is video so popular? The simplest explanation is that video engages in a way that no other formats can. Visual content is more powerful than words and can quickly capture your attention. Video has a longer “shelf-life”, a high share factor and a great potential to become viral. And one more thing – people just love video content.

Video is a perfect medium to inform, engage and convert. And if just a few years ago people might have thought that it is crazy to use video for business purposes, now it is crazy not to take advantage of this marketing channel.

The following infographic is courtesy of JLB Media Productions and shows some interesting stats how video helps increase brand awareness.

Truly believing in the power of video content we at Nop-Templates are initiating a series of “how to” videos which aim to help our customers give a quick and clear answers to the most common questions regarding nopCommerce. We hope this will be a benefit to you!