The Takeover of Mobile Internet – a hypothesis or a trend?

If just a few years ago the big question was whether to put the E in front of your business, now the more adequate question is whether to substitute the E with the more relevant M. If you are one of those retailers who are still pondering on the former, then you are obviously ignoring or even not aware of the M evolution. In this case, the chances are you are going to be left behind.

With the rapid growth of the mobile and tablet internet users it is now obvious that a major shift in the market is taking place, one that is already having a huge impact on the whole E-Commerce business. It is predicted that eventually by 2015 the mobile internet users will surpass the desktop internet users. Not only more and more users access the internet through mobile devices, but they are doing it with the intention to buy. The following infographic shows how this tendency is shaping up and whether or not in recent years we will be witnessing the last days of the desktop computer.

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