What's new in nopCommerce 3.0 - part 3 - Nop-Tempalates themes and plugins.

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Picking up from where we left last time we would like to continue our talk about the multi-store support but this time in the context of our nopCommerce themes and plugins. The multi-store support in nopCommerce 3.0 is a big feature and as such it required equal changes to every plugin we have in our valued nopCommerce toolbox. To the store owners and the developers these changes can be summarized by answering a single question.

Will the Nop-Templates themes and plugins support the multi-store in nopCommerce 3.0?

The answer is YES! The configuration of every plugin can now be limited to a specific store or a set of stores.

Take the Nop Anywhere Sliders for example. You can have a slider (with a configuration and a set of images) for one store and another slider (with a different configurations and a set of images) for another store. The multi-store configuration UI in the plugins is consistent with the nopCommerce one. Take a sneak peak at the administration of a slider:

Nop Anywhere Sliders


There is a new tab "Stores", which when required can be used to map a slider to a specific store:

Nop Anywhere Sliders

This plugin multi-store support is available in all our nopCommerce plugins.

What about the themes you would ask? The nopCommerce team thought of this on our behalf and implemented the multi-store in such a way that different themes can be applied to different stores. Combined with the plugins configuration per store, this means that you have no limits to your flexibility and power in a multi-store environment despite the fact that you running only a single installation of nopCommerce.

The multi-store support is a major feature in our plugins and themes. But it is not the only feature you are going to receive with the nopCommerce 3.0 release of our products.

We have implemented numerous new features and improvements in the plugins. In fact by looking at the snapshot of the Nop Anywhere Sliders you can guess one of them? Please do in the comments below and you will receive a free license for the Nop Anywhere Sliders.

Our nopCommerce 3.0 themes are now based on the new nopCommerce HTML\CSS markup, developed by Nop-Templates and contributed to the system. This means that the themes are now modern, optimized, easy to customize and have what is required to be taken to the next level, which is Responsive Design.

The new HTML\CSS markup is what we are going to look at next in this blog series. So stay tuned for more nopCommerce 3.0 exciting news!