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Smart Documentation

Before you can use the Nop Smart Theme you need to install it.

For more information about the installation of nopCommerce Theme refer to our How To Install A Theme Article.

Admin DEMO - see the theme administration.


The theme comes with ten (10) of our plugins:

  1. Nop Ajax Cart
  2. Nop Ajax Filters
  3. Nop Anywhere Sliders
  4. Nop Cloud Zoom
  5. Nop Instant Search
  6. Nop JCarousel
  7. Nop Mega Menu
  8. Nop Product Ribbons
  9. Nop Quick Tabs
  10. Nop Quick View

Smart Theme - General settings

This is the Theme settings section. It can be accessed by Administration -> Plugins -> Nop Smart Theme -> Settings.


  1. Enable the theme plugin as widget - If you check this opton you will enable the widget of the theme plugin
  2. Preset - You can choose the color scheme of the theme from here.
  3. Follow us pinterest url - Insert your follow us URL address on pinterest. If left empty the icon in the footer will not be displayed.
  4. Follow us vimeo url - Insert your follow us URL address on vimeo. If left empty the icon in the footer will not be displayed.
  5. Remove Copyright - Remove Copyright notice after a copyright removal key had been purchased by
  6. upload a logo to your site.
  7. Custom Head Styles - Insert your custom css styles that will be added in the head after all other css files. This way you can further customize the theme. Example: .footer { display: none; }

Add a Slider to your homepage

For more information on how to configure Nop Anywhere Sliders, refer to this article.

To add a slider to your homepage you will need to go to Plugins -> Nop Anywhere Sliders -> Manage Sliders and create a new Nivo slider


The recommended widget zones are: home_page_slider

Bellow you can see the Pictures section with the recommended Pictures settings.


You can check out the configuration of the Anywhere Sliders plugin on our demo store in the Admin Demo.


The theme has a Facebook Shop integration via our Nop Facebook Shop plugin, which allows you to sell products directly on your Facebook page. Your customers can browse your catalog and search for the right product right within Facebook. Every change to each product is updated in real-time. To see a live preview of the Facebook shop for the Nop Smart Theme, click here.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Have 3 or 6 products marked as "Show on home page".
  2. Have 3 or 6 categories if you wish marked as "Show on home page"
  3. Edit the Home Page Text topic to suit your needs.
  4. There are several locale resources that you may want to change to suit your needs - you can find them by search for locale resource containing the word - SevenSpikes.Themes.Smart.Common
  5. Have a high quality portrait product images so that the zoom on the product page works better.
  6. Have a good quality portrait category pictures.
  7. Have a play with all the plugins and read their documentation to see how you can use them properly and make the best of them.

For more information on the terms used please refer to our Glossary.

Change the proportion of the product image in the item box

If the product images proportions in the original design of the theme doesn't fit your desired look, you could always change it.

  1. Get the dimensions of your product images i.e. in our demo website the images of the products are 280x280.
  2. You should divide the second value by the first value i.e. if your images are 100x200, your result should be 200/100 = 2.
  3. Multiply the result by 100, because you need it as percentage! (NOTE: if your images are in portrait shape the percentage should be greater than 100%, if they are in landscape shape it should be less than 100%)
  4. Now go to Administration/Plugins/Nop Smart Theme/Settings. In the "Custom Head Styles" text area add thisCSS :

    .item-box .picture a:before {
    padding-top: ***;

    and instead of the three stars paste the percentage you got from step 3.