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How to update a NopCommerce theme

Once you download your theme package from and install all the plugins and add the theme in your nopCommerce store, you might need to update the plugins and the theme at some point later for the same nopCommerce version.

Why should you need to do this?

When there are any bug fixes or new improvements to any of the plugins in the theme or the actual theme, we do release a newer version of the theme. The new version of the theme is included in your downloadable package of the theme. This means that if you download the zip package again from our web site you will find the very latest version of the theme with all the latest bug fixes and improvements.

How to do the update?

Once you have downloaded the latest package you need to update your theme installation following the steps below. Lets assume you want to update the Nop Fashion Theme and that you haven't done any modifications to the Razor views and the styling of the plugins and the theme.

Please note: If you have changed any of the Razor views (.cshtml) files or the styling (.css) files or images then you need to back up and then merge them after step 5.
  1. Go to the Plugins folder of your nopCommerce installation.
  2. Delete all the folders that start with SevenSpikes.
  3. Copy all the folders from the Plugins folder of the latest package and paste them into the Plugins folder of your nopCommerce installation.
  4. From the Themes folder of your nopCommerce, delete the Fashion folder and add the Fashion folder from the package.
  5. Restart your web site, so that the new version is loaded and used by your nopCommerce installation.
  6. Optional: Now merge any changes you have done into the Razor views, css or images.
Note: In some cases you might also need to modify your Global.asax file by adding some extra empty spaces in it and save it. 
Also you need to make sure that the newly added Plugin folders have read/write permissions as if you upload the new folders via FTP then the iis user might not have sufficient rights to this newly added folders.

After the update your nopCommerce installation will use the latest version of the Nop Fashion Theme.

Please note that this update will not modify your existing data.