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NeoFashion Documentation

Before you can use the Nop NeoFashion Theme you need to do some installation of the necessary plugins in nopCommerce. 

For more information about the installation of NopCommerce Theme refer to our How To Install A Theme Article.

Admin DEMO - see the theme administration.


The theme comes with ten (10) of our plugins:

  1. Nop Ajax Cart
  2. Nop Ajax Filters
  3. Nop Anywhere Sliders
  4. Nop Cloud Zoom
  5. Nop Instant Search
  6. Nop JCarousel
  7. Nop Mega Menu
  8. Nop Product Ribbons
  9. Nop Quick Tabs
  10. Nop Quick View


This is the Theme settings section. It can be accessed by Administration -> Plugins -> Nop NeoFashion Theme -> Settings.


  1. Enable the theme plugin as widget - If you check this opton you will enable the widget of the theme plugin.
  2. Enable Roll Over - Enable roll over functionality on catalog pages.
  3. Follow us pinterest url - Insert your follow us URL address on pinterest. If left empty the icon in the footer will not be displayed.
  4. Remove Copyright - Remove Copyright notice after a copyright removal key had been purchased by
  5. Logo Image - You could upload a new logo image from here. Just click the Upload a file button and choose your image.
  6. Custom Head Styles - Insert your custom css styles that will be added in the head after all other css files. This way you can further customize the theme. Example: .footer { display: none; }

Anywhere Sliders Plugin

As you can see on the demo there is a slider integrated on the home page. In order to add it you need to go to Administration -> Plugins -> Nop Anywhere Sliders -> Manage Sliders and create a new slider with the following basic setting as shown on the screenshot bellow.

From the screenshot bellow you can see the Pictures tab with the images and their sizes.

When you have chosen and uploaded the pictures you would like to show on the home page just map the slider to the home_page_slider_top widget zone from the Widgets tab. For more info on how to work with the Nop Anywhere Sliders plugin you can read its online documentation.

You can check out the configuration of the Anywhere Sliders plugin on our demo store in the Admin Demo.

JCarousel Plugin

If you want to integrate client carousels in your website, you can use the Nop JCarousel plugin. There are 14 predefined data source types that can be used in 14 predefined widget zones specific to the Nop NeoFashion Theme.

Refer to Nop JCarousel Documentation if you want more information about how to configure the plugin.

You can check out the configuration of the JCarousel plugin on our demo store in the Admin Demo.


The theme has a Facebook Shop integration via our Nop Facebook Shop plugin, which allows you to sell products directly on your Facebook page. Your customers can browse your catalog and search for the right product right within Facebook. Every change to each product is updated in real-time. To see a live preview of the Facebook shop for the Nop NeoFashion Theme, click here.