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How to upgrade a theme

Once a new version of nopCommerce is available and you want to use it, you must upgrade all third-party products to the same nopCommerce version.

Why should you need to do this?

The new version of nopCommerce has many bug fixes and new improvements. All the hard work is focused on it, so it is considered as a better version than the previous. When a new version of nopCommerce is available old plugins/themes are not compatible with the new version.

How to do the upGRADe?

All Nop-Templates products are released for the new version few days after it is released. The new version of the plugin/theme is included in the downloadable package of the plugin/theme available on our web site. This means that if you download the zip package again from our web site you will find a version of the plugin/theme for the very latest version of nopCommerce.

Now follow these steps: 

Please note: If you have changed any of the Razor views (.cshtml) files or the styling (.css) files or images then you need to back them up and then merge them manually.
  1. Go to your database manager and back-up your current database.
  2. If you upgrade from version 4.2 or older then we should run the upgrade scripts. If you upgrade from version 4.3 or above you should skip this step as the new versions do not need running any upgrade scripts. Now  Briefly run the nopCommerce_upgrade.sql, the 7Spikes_upgarede.sql script ( if there is one).
    Please note: You need to run the upgrade scripts on your database using the same database login as in the connection string (located in the ~/App_Data/dataSettings.json file).
    Example: Now, let`s say we upgrade from 3.50 to 3.80. We need to run the nopCommerce upgrade script, then ours for each version in-between. For 3.50-3.60 run the nopCommerce upgrade script, then run our(containing "7Spikes" in its name - if we have one for this version), now repeat the step for 3.60-3.70 and for 3.70-3.80.
    Upgrade Scripts: For your comfort we have combined all upgrade scripts - both nopCommerce`s and ours - in one zip file. They are ordered by version, so you start from your current version and finish with the new desired version. You can download the zip from this link.
  3. Go to your old nopCommerce folder > AppData and copy these two files: InstalledPlugins.txt and Settings.txt (dataSettings.json and installedPlugins.json if you upgrade from nopCommerce 4.0 or above). Now paste them into the new nopCommerce installation into the AppData folder again.
  4. Go to the official nopCommerce site and download the desired version of nopCommerce.
  5. Optional: You can right-click on the ZIP and see if it is blocked - click "Unblock". Some browsers do this for security reasons.
  6. This next step differs depending on whether you are using nopCommerce version 4.0 and above or not: 
    • nopCommerce version 4.0 and above - After you download the package of our theme from our website, go to Administration -> Configuration -> Plugins -> Local plugins. Click the Upload plugin or theme button. A popup will appear asking you to choose a file to upload. Click on the Choose File button, navigate to the downloaded zip file and select it. Click on the Upload plugin or theme button
    • nopCommerce version 3.9 and below - After you download the package of our theme from our website and unzip it, you will find folder Themes and folder Plugins inside. Copy the content of the Plugins folder and paste it into the Plugins folder inside the nopCommerce installation. Then copy the content of the Themes folder and paste it in Themes folder inside the nopCommerce installation.
  7. Optional: Now merge any changes you have done into the Razor views, css or images.
  8. Start the application! 
Please note that this upgrade will not modify your existing data. You will not lose any data you already have!
For example if you have already created any sliders or have translated some resources they will not be affected.
Note: When you upload the plugins package directly through nopCommerce, your old files get deleted before the new ones are uploaded. This means that all your code modifications to our products will be lost. We suggest you back up your old files before uploading a new plugins package.
Note: It is not recommended to use the Upload plugin or theme functionality in nopCommerce 4.00 if you are hosting your web store in Azure. You can find more information here.