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Newsletter Popup Documentation

With the Nop Newsletter Popup customers of your nopCommerce site will be able to subscribe to your newsletter. They will see a modal popup which increases the chance to subscribe.

Live DEMO - see how the Nop Newsletter Popup plugin would look like in your public store.

Admin DEMO - see the plugin administration.

Working with the Nop Newsletter Popup is as easy as configuring a few settings from the administration of the plugin.

Please read the following steps for more information on how to configure the Nop Newsletter Popup.

Newsletter Popup SETTINGS

  1. Enable Nop Newsletter Popup As Widget - Specify whether the Widget of the Newsletter Popup will be enabled or disabled. This is a global setting that will take effect in all of your stores.
  2. Enable Nop Newsletter Popup - Specify whether to enable the widget for the Nop Newsletter Popup Plugin, thus enabling or disabling the plugin. This is a store specific setting and can be set per store if you are running multi-stores.
  3. Newsletter Popup Delayed Show - The number of milliseconds after which the popup will show up (1 second = 1000ms). Set to negative if you do not want the popup to show automatically.
  4. Newsletter Popup Opener Selector - Set the selector for the element(s) that will open the newsletter subscribe popup on click.
  5. Newsletter Popup Background Image - The image which will be shown as popup background