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When the message is being shown "You are using a demo cloud zoom", the cloud zoom doesn't work. Is this default behavior ? I'm using grand node theme for 3.90 version. I'm using the "inside" zoom, and sometimes the zoom doesn't work and works after I reload the page. I'm asking because if I face the same problem after buying the plugin set, that it would be really frustrating and one more thing is there any way to show message like "You have zoomed X.XX" ?

2 years ago

iliyan.tanev wrote:

The information in the address form and the address in the drop down are two different things. The  addresses in the drop down are the addresses you already have as a customer. When you select one of those addresses the information is populated in the form, but when you change something in the form you are actually creating a new address, which will be available in the drop-down when you complete your order.

That is why we can not make the information in the addresses drop down for selected address to be synced with the changes you make. Because you are actually creating a new address, not changing the existing one.

Hope this explains things!

So the selected option in the dropdown and address information won't sync. This is default behavior? as you are populating the changed address in the shipping portion, isn't it better to show New Address as selected in the dropdown ? So user can understand the filled address information are new.

2 years ago

"Ship to same address" related issue isn't completely fixed.
Please watch the following video

After selecting ship to same address, if we change any billing address information and uncheck ship to same address, shipping address dropdown selected value and shipping information mismatch.
Just as a suggestion, in the uncheck event, you can show new address in the shipping address with blank information or preselect shipping address to make things less complex.

I have tested in base nopCommerce 3.7 and latest plugin(version : 3.7.1132.21010). Please verify.

3 years ago

iliyan.tanev wrote:

Here is a video of our results with your changes on the latest version of the plugin.


Did you check your plugin version from System -> System Information? Maybe something wasn't set right.

Did you clear your browser cache along with IIS server's cache? This is a common problem.

I have checked our system -> system information, it's showing the latest version. I have attached a image below as a proof.

Moreover, you don't need to include my changes in the view. I have reproduced the issue in base nopCommerce 3.7 without any modification.

I have reproduced the bug in your plugin demo. I am wondering why you can't reproduce the issue locally. I believe you missed some steps. Please follow this Video. I am providing you the credentials I have used so that you can check yourself. Email :, password : 123456

3 years ago

iliyan.tanev wrote:

Thank you for the detailed information, but even by following the steps I couldn't reproduce the issue.

As I said in the ticket you are running a very old build version of the plugin and you should update it to the latest version. Just re-download the plugin package and replace it on your nop instance.

We have tested using the latest version (3.7.1049.20893)  of the plugin from Nop Templates Ultimate Collection. This is reproducible in the mentioned steps in my previous comment. Here is another video demonstrating the issue -

3 years ago

iliyan.tanev wrote:

It seems like there is a problem, but we couldn't reproduce the issues ourselves. Do you have custom modifications to the views?

It would be best to open a ticket so we can see your product version, maybe a link to your site where we can reproduce and further investigate this issue.

I have checked it in base nopCommerce 3.7 and Real One Page Checkout 3.7.1049.20893 with no view modification. I have documented the steps to reproduce the bug, hope this will help you to identify the problems.

1. Install realonepagecheckout.
2. In general settings of One Page Checkout enable [i]Preselect Last Customer Billing Address[\i] and [i]Preselect Last Customer Shipping Address[\i].
3. Register a customer.
4. Create two different address in the customer profile(Address #1(for billing) and Address #2(for shipping)). Try to make them significantly different so that you can test easily.
5. Purchase something and go to checkout page.
6. Preselect address will be appeared. Both addresses are same at this moment. Suppose Address #2.
7. Select Ship to same address. Select Address #1 from billing address dropdown and uncheck ship to same address.
8. In the dropdown the previous Address #2 will be shown selected but the shipping address info changes according to Address #1.(BUG 1)
9. Now select new address in the dropdown of shipping address and select Ship to same address again. And uncheck it. Address #1 information will be shown in the shipping address.
10. In this step, select Address #2 in the shipping address and again select Ship to same address and uncheck it. Now select the dropdown both addresses will represent Address #1. The data has been manipulated in the client side.(BUG 2)

Please watch the videos of my previous comment, it will help you to understand the scenario.

3 years ago

While testing one page checkout in base nop(nopCommerce 3.7) I have encountered some problems with the check box Ship to same address. Please watch the following video:

I am using pre-select billing address and shipping address in the checkout landing page. Then I select "Ship to same address" and change the billing address. The selected option in the dropdown showing one address but the filled address is different(the billing address I have selected).

Please watch this video now:

The customer has three address in total. In Address1 two of the addresses have "a" and another one have "0". You can see after checking and unchecking the "Ship to same address" flag, the plugin changing the address data in client side, you can see there are now two address data with Address1 "0".

Please verify.

3 years ago

Suppose, a customer selects an existing address for billing or shipping and then edit the address. After submitting order, it creates an association between the customer and address. Each time a customer selects and edit an address the association happen. Is this a normal behavior?

One more thing, how do you generate the string showing? Like Price: Low to High for PriceAsc Enum Value. When I have added SkuAsc in the enum file, it shows Sku Asc in the admin panel. What's the way to beautify the string we want to show in the admin panel.

hristian.dimov wrote:
Ajax filter provided us the opportunity to select default sort option for category page.

I didn't find the view file for admin panel, so I assume it's embedded. Is there any way to include more sort options in the dropdown rather than the default nop sort options? I just want to know how to populate more options in the dropdown. 


we are using ProductSortingEnum enumaration from nopCommerce, so if you need to add more sorting options you need to make changes in this file: "\Libraries\Nop.Core\Domain\Catalog\ProductSortingEnum.cs" / you need to have the source code version of nopCommerce /.

Hope this helps!

Thanks. It works.