Facing problem with demo cloud zoom with 3.90

4 years ago
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When the message is being shown "You are using a demo cloud zoom", the cloud zoom doesn't work. Is this default behavior ? I'm using grand node theme for 3.90 version. I'm using the "inside" zoom, and sometimes the zoom doesn't work and works after I reload the page. I'm asking because if I face the same problem after buying the plugin set, that it would be really frustrating and one more thing is there any way to show message like "You have zoomed X.XX" ?
4 years ago
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This is not a default behaviour. This is a limitation of the free trial of the plugin. On every 5th request you will get the "You are using a trial version..." message and your plugin will not work.
If you decide to purchase the plugin, you will not have this limitation.

At the moment, there is no way to show information. You can, however, suggest ideas like that over at our UserVoice. We choose the best and most voted ideas of our customers from there and implement them so our clients can have the best experience using our products!

Hope that helps!
Anton Ivanov