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Ajax filter provided us the opportunity to select default sort option for category page.

I didn't find the view file for admin panel, so I assume it's embedded. Is there any way to include more sort options in the dropdown rather than the default nop sort options? I just want to know how to populate more options in the dropdown. 

5 years ago

But when I uninstall the plugin, everything works fine. The sort option change according to the value of the drop down. If I disable the plugin in category page. Shouldn't it perform as per default nop behavior ? 

5 years ago

I have found a bug in ajax filter while testing in base nopCommerce with deafult clean theme. I have unchecked _Show Ajax Filters on Category Page_ option from admin panel.

Then I go to category pages of public store. While I have changed the sort option, the sort order actually doesn't change. You can verify in the images by seeing the _order by_ parameter in the url and the sort option. 

5 years ago

I am using nopcommerce 3.7 and upgraded themes. When I installed the alfresco theme, and refresh my homepage, it shows the following error message.

then I change the shared/_root.cshtml file to render the section 

    if (isHomePage)

        additionalClass = "master-home-page";
        mainSlider = @Html.Widget("home_page_main_slider");

and it works properly. Do you have any suggestion regarding this so I don't have to change your view files.

Style Bugs
5 years ago

I am using plugin version 3.6.821.17491. I have basic nopcommerce NoSource version. And I have installed Nop Sale of the Day plugin. 

In the theme folder under SevenSpikes.Nop.Plugins.SaleOfTheDay folder, I have seen you have folder for four themes : Brooklyn, Default Clean, Motion and Native. 

Your plugin didn't work well for smart theme. I am giving a screenshot of that:

Moreover for Motion theme, the button isn't showing up as it suppose to be. Here is a screenshot:

Colors aren't working fine for most of the theme, it seems they use style applicable for default clean. 
Let me know How Can I fix these.  

I have fresh installed nopcommerce and I installed real one page checkout. Each time, I refresh the checkout page a new value inserted in nop Address table. What's the problem here ?

5 years ago

Yes, I have a custom address type. 

5 years ago

In my testing environment, I am using ten themes including default clean. Is it safe ? 

5 years ago

Here is the tax settings of mine

5 years ago

I am using nopcommerce version 3.6 in my localhost. I have installed the plugin one page checkout. But there I have found some mysterious problem. In the checkout page, I filled all the required form, but when submitting the confirm button, it shows a message Address type is required. I didn't find any clue how to dig this down. 

Anyone facing the same issue earlier ?