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2 months ago

Hi, what's the easiest way of showing topbar, even if we don't use any selectors? Right now there is a widget placed behind the logo, and topbar is not even in the code, so where can we change that? That should've been taken care of in the plugin I suppose? Not everyone has those selectors, but would maybe want to have a top bar...

2 months ago

Hi, thanks for the answer... But, as I wrote in my post, I have placed my widget there, but I want the content placed BEFORE the selectors, on far left side. I did solved it with absolute positioning, but it would be nicer if there was a way of putting it there without css hacks.

2 months ago

I want to create a widget that will show up on left side of upper-header, where language and currency selectors reside. I can only place a widget after those selectors as it is, but I'd rather have my widget on top left, that is pretty much standard place for many sites to show phone numbers, or some other important information. Any way of doing it without needing to hack some new custom zones?

one year ago

OK, I'v just downloaded that and will update to latest version.

Btw, when will you have updated versions of your themes/plugins for 4.10? It seems unnecessary to update everything to latest versions, then again to v 4.10.


one year ago

Today I deleted all our custom-made ribbon images, added few new ones, but it still shows just 1-10 of 10, even tho we have 20 images in the list. All images are standard 24-bit Photoshop made pmg files. They all work fine as much as I can see.
So, anyone got a clue?

one year ago

Hi! I have problems displaying ribbon images in list when I want to chose/edit (both small and big ones). We have 57 ribbon images and there is no problem when we want to show them, or add new ones.
See The problem is with pop-up that is used to show ribbon image from list, it stops at 10 images every time now, see: Paging is not working either, so I wonder what happened. It was working fine yesterday, we deleted bunch of original images and uploaded new ones. What can cause this error?

Umm... I had a screenshot attached to previous post, looks like it's gone now. Trying again.

This doesn't work on products with group discounts. It works only with products where you have old/new price. It should work for all discounted products, you are showing the right price anyway.

We have created 10% discount on all products by one manufacturer (Torkelson in example) but only two of those have old/new price on product level. You can see that only two of them have ribbon on them, even tho all products are discounted.
Is that anything that can be fixed?

We have disabled display of add to cart buttons, shopping cart etc. so  the site is practically in catalogue mode now, but the shopping cart is still shown in mobile view.
Can you fix this in an update, och just point out where in css files it should be changed (and if there is more than one css file too).

Footer info
one year ago

my customer doesn't want to have mobile phone displayed in the footer. In theme resources form it's not possible to leave the input field empty (error msg). It would be nice if the fields could be left empty and be hidden in template, exactly like social accounts.
Can something like that be done? Ant override? I've hide it with css with partial success, but I'd really like it to be gone completely.