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I've been desperate to make this fix, too.  Can I just download the theme and replace a few files, too?   I've tried to keep my theme modifications to a minimum, but there are always some.
I am also using nop 2.7 and the Fashion theme 2.70.

10 years ago

Thanks for your help, Boyko

But, I am still stuck.  My understanding was that the MiniCart was a nopCommerce feature while the FlyoutCart is a plug-in by SevenSpikes (looking at the source confirms it's part of the Ajax Cart??).  Regardless, I cannot the find the file (for the flyout cart) and edit it to remove the CHECKOUT button.  I'd like only two buttons in the flyout cart (and the mini cart) 'Continue Shopping' and 'View Cart'.  Any button that directs to the first page of checkout prevents order completion, I think because the choice to Register or Checkout As Guest is bypassed.

Also, I edited the setting in nopCommerce for the Ajax Cart plug-in to not show the Add to Cart button on our category pages, but they are still there.

I'm using the Fashion Theme 2.60.

Thanks again, castironcook.

10 years ago

When the Checkout Now button in the flyout cart is used, the user brought directly to the first page of checkout.  At the last step, submitting the order fails.  If the user were to begin checkout by reviewing his cart first, he would be able to enter comments, use a coupon or gift card, etc. PLUS the order succeeds.  Can we remove the Checkout Now button or direct it to a better place?
We are using Fashion Theme 2.6 with nop 2.60.

10 years ago

I'd like to proceed with editing the source for the homepage (Page Title).  Can you/someone provide instructions?  

Thank you for any help as I need to get this fixed as soon as possible.

10 years ago

Currently, I'm not able to optimize my nopCommerce site overall since I must have a well-optimized Page Title for my homepage as well as the rest of the site pages.  Whatever I enter for "Default title" in the nopCommerce settings becomes the homepage Title PLUS is appended to all Category, Product, and Manufacturer pages!  Even though SmartSEO works, my search optimization is quite hindered by not being this conflict with the nopCommerce SEO settings.

Since I am the store owner using nopCommerce 2.60 with Fashion 2.60 theme, my expectation would not be that I would need to edit the source for such basic functionality.

I voted.

How long should we need to wait for nopCommerce?  This issue is affecting me every day.

10 years ago

Thanks All!

Appreciate the quick response and solution.  Makes my website much more effective.


10 years ago


Upon upgrading to nop 2.60, we now have most of our needed features working.  I notice that on the Product Detail Page the name and/or text prompt for Product Variant Attributes are not visible.  Is there a setting to activate them?

10 years ago

The 'View More' feature on the Product Detail Page is great.  It lists and links to all the Categories a Product is listed in.  It also lists Unpublished Categories which are bad links.  We should not show Unpublished Categories, Products, or Product Variants in the Public Store.

Thank you for the update for Product Attribute display!

And, you're right--I edited one page and it was the wrong one.

One remaining issue for me is the fact that multiple product variants do not display. Is this 'bug' close to being fixed?

11 years ago


I am having trouble using QuickTabs as an included plugin in the Fashion Theme 2.50.  When Quicktabs is enabled, products with multiple variants display only 1 variant.  I tried disabling all tabs, then I cannot see the Product Description, Product Specifications, nor Product Reviews!  I just want to display all product info for all products with or without tabs.  Please, help.