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4 years ago

I recently tried to upgrade a Nopcommerce 3.4 site to 3.6 and had some issues. After I ran the upgrade scripts, the upgraded site came up, but had multiple customer roles for the system roles. Administrator was duplicated about 10 times, and the guest roll had a couple dozen repeats. You can not delete duplicate system roles inside of nopcommerce, so to fix would require directly making changes on the database. NOT GOOD. After looking at a similar issue posted on the nop forum, I can be fairly certain that the cause of this was due to plug-ins. I do have a couple other plug-ins installed that are not NOP-Templates, however I wanted to check to see if it is recommended to uninstall all plugins BEFORE doing a nop upgrade on a live site. This certainly adds to the pain of performing an upgrade!

Let me guess. Your hosting provider is Arvi$$?  Good luck with them. I had same issues, and never got NopCommerce to work with Nop-Templates plugins installed with their hosting plans even after upgrading my plan. They refused to increase app pool memory to needed level even with their best hosting plan. Would have to go to VPS plan to get required app pool memory (they tried to upsell me to VPS after all else failed). Lots of $$$ for that (like $250 per month to start!!!).  Now I host all my nopcommerce sites on MY OWN SERVERS (I have a rack of 8 servers). I figured that I would rather invest in my own equipment than pay for VPS from a provider, since I am a certified network engineer, and a Bizspark Partner.  Invested over $30K in equipment, and now have my own hosting business. My servers have plenty of horsepower and bandwidth to run about 500 nopcommerce sites WITH ALL NOP-TEMPLATES INSTALLED! WE SPECIALIZE IN NOPCOMMERCE HOSTING.  Also offer Azure hosting if desired. One way or another, you will need to find a provider who will give you adequate app pool memory.

5 years ago

A customer wants to have the Nop-Sliders display below a small text block on the home page. I thought the easy way to do this was to create a HTML Widget, have it display on home-top zone with display order of 0, and then set the NOP Slider to display on home-top with display order 1.  This did not work, as the slider still displays on top of the HTML Widget. Does the display order not work between widgets? What would be another way to accomplish this?

One of the reasons I mention this is because I have licensed the developer version of the Ultimate Plug-In Pack, and I manage and host a number of client sites using your plug-ins. I know that you guys are very active in fixing bugs and updating your software, so I want to keep all my client sites up to date with current plug-ins as a matter of routine maintenance, just as I do with patching my servers.

Thanks. I was aware of how to check the loaded assemblies, but it was good to mention it here as reference. I was referring to the current version available for download from your website. The version number and/or the version release date on the my downloads page would be great. The release date would probably be even more helpful than the version/build number to see at a glance if a download would be required.
A "Check for new Version" feature in the plug-in itself would be pretty cool as well, but would take quite a bit more to implement. Having the info on the my downloads page will suffice.

It would be very helpful if you would show the current software versions on the My Downloads page along with the license status, so one could see at a glance if an update is available. I have not figured out how to even find out what the current product versions available are, without doing a download.


5 years ago

Boyko wrote:

I'm using NOP Playground 3.3 with no other 3rd party plugins or code.

I'm on a shared hosting plan.

I'm having app pool restarted several times and then stopped.

My hosting company, Arvixe is telling me this is due to either the code or my website is hitting the memory limit (600MB)

Do you have any calculation of memory consumption of the Playground theme and if the 600MB limit is really not sufficient to run it.

Also is there any way that I can know for sure what the real reason behind this app pool restart?


Hi Hayco83,

The memory consumption does not depend on the theme but on the data (products/categories) you have in your store. Please read this post about memory consumption in nopCommerce.
The new version of nopCommerce 3.4 will have a lot of performance and memory improvements and it might need less memory but if you want to be sure you won't have any problems my advice is to not use a shared hosting. Here is a thread in the nopCommerce forum for the new improved version that will be released in a couple of weeks.


I had Arvixe hosting for a while as well, and had constant problems with app pool restarting.  Finally after many support tickets, they said that the application (nopCommerce with the plug-ins) took more app pool memory than the hosting plan I had would allow, even after they provisioned that highest amount of app pool memory they would allow, and wanted to up-sell me to the "business class plan", which I did. Same problems. Then they wanted to up-sell me to VPS plan.  I dropped Arvixe, and decided to host on my own servers now. NO PROBLEMS AT ALL.  I ASSURE YOU THAT THIS IS A HOSTING PROBLEM where they are not provisioning enough server resources.