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9 years ago

I learned that ajax filter won't work on featured products. My question is whether it's possible to break this rule? I would like ajax filter to be able to filter all products (including the featured products). Thanks!

Yes. Just did. Thanks! :)

9 years ago

What I want to do is like It has a special offers link in its header menu. It links to a page showing only the product on speical offers while ajax filter is also available on the left.

9 years ago

I found this forum is very useful. I truly appreciate your quick response.

Now what I want to achieve is to create a pre-filtered page, for example, instead of a page showing all the products and the ajax filter on the left. I want to create a page showing only the featured products. I still want the ajax filter on the left, only to filter down the featured products. I'm still new to the whole nopcommerce and noptemplate platform. Your reply is highly appreciated!

Thanks a lot for replying. Every country can have hundreds of region, so if we show all the regions from all the countries, the dropdownlist could be very very long...

9 years ago

Currently I only see go to cart button. But on your demo site, I see checkout button. Is this configurable? Thanks!

Does your ajax filter support spec attribute grouping? for example, country and region are two spec attributes, and I want to make country to be a parent of region. Maybe ajax filter is the not the right plugin, do you provide any plugin to support hierarchical relationship of spec attributes?

9 years ago

yes, you are right. I only created featured products in testing database. That's why ajax filter doesn't show up.

Thanks a lot! Shelly

9 years ago

Also, I re-installed ajax cart as well, which works fine. Only ajax filter doesn't show up.

9 years ago

It showed up last week, but today I copied the website to a different computer and this ajax filter doesn't show up anymore. after a few refreshes, it says "you are running a trial version...", if I refresh it again, nothing shows up. I remember in my old computer I've see such notice, but after refreshing, such notice will disappear and ajax filter will show up.

Is that the trial only valid for one week? or i didn't anything in-correct? Please help. By the way, I even tried uninstalling it and re-installing it. I still can't get ajax filter work on my new machine.