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9 years ago

I figured out #3. I was able to update xml file directly.
back to #1, to show ajax filter when clicking a category, it seems I need to make a product belong to both the category and the sub-category. Can anyone shred some light on what's a better way to do that? Thanks!

Is it possible to display specification attributes on mega menu. For example, on website, it displays type, grape variety and country when you select all wines. I know in mega menu, it can display category, manufacture and vendor. Does that mean I have to use vendor to store country, use manufacture to store grape variety?

9 years ago

I installed trial 3.3. I want to achieve something like But there are two problems:
1. ajax filter never shows up on category page, instead, i have to select a subcategory, for example, red wine, now it will show up. My question is how to show ajax filter when I click category, for example, all wine, just like what's done on winerack website.
2. On winerack website, it grays out the attributes if not available in the filter selection. However, in my installation, ajax filter will hide the attributes instead of gray them out.
3. On your documentation, you said ajax filter setting attribute "Include Products From Subcategories", but I cannot find it in my installed trial ajax filter plugin settings. Maybe that is why it caused the problem in my first question?