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9 years ago

jluis wrote:
Hi, i found a propblem when i want a show one ribbon with one product out of stock. When i track inventory simple work fine but when i track inventory by products attributes don't work.

The ribbon with out of stock must shown when all combinations of atributes has 0 stock but the ribbon not show.

Is possible update the plugin to allow this option?

Thanks in advance.

Hi jluis,

The condition 'Quantity' is working fine as it should check( as the name implies ) only the product quantity. What you suggest is a new condition i.e. "Out of stock", which should check the product attribute combinations etc.

Please suggest your idea for the new condition ( Out of stock ) in our UserVoice portal.

Best regards,
Hristian Dimov
Nop Templates Team

9 years ago

joster wrote:
Yes, that is very helpful. However...

Today, while checking things in the admin area of our development site, where I am configuring this reminder, I found something that makes me sick to my stomach!
I clicked on the Customer Reminders Messeges Report to see what it looks like, and see hundreds of SENT reminder all of my customers this month...this makes me sick because the message template was not even complete.

There have been ZERO orders on this dev site, so even though the customer reminder was enabled, it should not have sent anything to anyone!!!!

Our production site has been live for 3 weeks. The database on my dev site is a backup from my production site from about 2 weeks ago.
It seems to have sent a message to every customer who ever placed an order, though there have been no orders on this development site at all, so it seems like it was just "catching up" by sending to anyone who hadn't yet been sent to.

How can this happen?????

Hi joster,

This is a normal plugin behavior. When you set up the interval it will 'catch up' with the orders that have been completed in that time.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,
Hristian Dimov

9 years ago

joster wrote:
On my customer reminder, I will ask for customers to return to my website to post a review for the products they ordered. I want it to be very easy for them.

I see that  %Order.Product(s)%  token is available in the message template.

I suppose this will make a list of each product in that order?
Will the list be the product names only, or will they be links to the product pages? (this is what I need)

Also, I want to configure it to only send to customers who have received their shipment and had time to use the product..21 days from date of the order...
I am not clear about how I should configure the time intervals.

It's like this...

The task needs to run every day and just send reminders to those customers who ordered exactly 21 days earlier.

How would I set that up?


Hi Steve,

The %Order.Product(s)% token contains the product(s) url(s).

Here are the settings that you need for completed order reminder( I guess you're using this one):

Number of messages to send per customer: 1
Condition Met Date Later than: 22 days
Condition Met Date Earlier than: 21 days
Interval between messages: 1 minute

Hope this helps!

Best regards,
Hristian Dimov
Nop-Templates Team

9 years ago

jeffahart wrote:
I am trying to add a new ribbon for out of stock items.  When I save the condition record for type: Quantity - EqualTo - 0.00.  The record will not save.  It just disappears.   Cannot figure what I'm missing.


Hello Jeff,

I tried to reproduce your problem but everything works fine for me. Can you tell me what version of nopcommerce & plugin version you're using? Also what is you browser( + version ) ?

Best regards,
Hristian Dimov Team

pawrisian wrote:
Hi, I use the Electronics theme together with all your plugins. I have the latest version 3.20.

It looks like the filters are not working. Please take a look at :

Could you please let me know what to do ? I am not a developer and not technical at all but I will forward your reply to my webmaster.

Thanks so much in advance for your help !

Hi Sonia,

Please check the error in the System -> Log as described here. But you can try to uninstall and then install the Ajax Filters and try it again. Then let us know if the error still exists.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,
Hristian Dimov Support Team

pawrisian wrote:
Hi, If I want to send this reminder a week after the completion of the order how should I configure it ??? Sorry I am not sure how to set it up correctly !

Also is there a way of seeing the message template and how it looks like before enabling the reminder ?

Thanks so much for your help !

Hi pawrisian,

Please check out our documentation. There are example settings for completed order reminder to send the email a week after the order is completed.

For you second question - you can only test it locally. Basically you need to create and complete an order and set the reminder to be sent (instead of days) in minutes. Then check the Reminder Messages Report.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,
Hristian Dimov Support Team